Digital Marketing As A Boost For Your Business

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  • May 16, 2019

Advertising is a great tool to make your product or services public and enhance brand awareness, but Digital Marketing is long-term and serves you better. Many physical businesses are getting into the online world as well and for that many digital agencies are working to successfully convert their business to online mediums as well. There are some strategies shared below that are followed by the marketing team at Xcentric Services and other digital marketing agencies nowadays. Check them out!

Market Research

Market research is an important part of creating your marketing strategy. It is all about gathering the information that provides an insight into your customer’s mindset, buying preferences, and location. In addition, it can also help you to take on initial sales predictions, note all the market trends ongoing and keep a special eye on what your competitor is doing.

Target Markets

Promoting your products or services to everyone sometimes can turn expensive and unsuccessful. Segmenting your customers based on certain features will help you to focus on your marketing efforts. Usually, segmentation is created on factors such as:

  • Geography – The location which you are going to target, people related to that particular area.
  • Demographics – It is explained as the education level, age, gender, income, and occupation of your targeted audience.
  • Behaviour – Customer behaviour relates to his loyalty, attitude, readiness to buy, and usage rates.
  • Lifestyle – One of the most important divisions of segmentation is the lifestyle, such as social class, personality, and personal values of the people you want to target.
  • Intent – Your targeted market should need your product or service and be willing to pay for your offerings.

Target Markets

Identify Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

A Unique Selling Proposition is a reason why your customers buy things from you and not from the competitors. This is what makes your business stand separate from the crowd. It is very important to outline what you do differently and you should be able to deliver that to potential customers. Usually, this shows your special knowledge or skills.

Your Unique Selling Proposition USP may have a new or unique offer or provide a special service. Start creating your USP by answering the following questions:

  • Which products and services do you love most?
  • What knowledge or special skills do you have?
  • Why do your customers come to you rather than the competitors?
  • What else do you offer customers after they buy your products or services?
  • Which are your business’s highlighted aspects to tell to an unknown person?

Develop a Business Brand

Every business, no matter big or small, is likely to need to launch a brand. It is a lot more than just a logo, colour, or tagline. A well-expressed brand is emotionally connected with your business with the targeted customers and conveys who you are being a business.

Choose Marketing Avenues

There are many marketing avenues available, think about your targeted audience when you are deciding which one to use. Options include a business website, social media marketing, blogging, booklets, flyers, events, advertisement, and even letter drops.

Set Marketing Goals And Budget

Marketing goals help express what you want to gain through your marketing stunts. They should be specific and measurable. Moreover, a budget needs to be allotted to carry out the marketing activities for achieving the goals. The budget needs to contain elements such as:

  • Business Website Development and Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization Strategy
  • Design and Branding
  • Printing of Promotional Material (business cards, brochures, and signage)
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorships
  • Hiring Marketing Experts

Set Marketing Goals And Budget

Nurture Your Loyal Customers

Your customers are the important key to your success so it is your main duty to look after them and encourage their loyalty. Providing special customer services can keep people coming back to your business and set you apart from your competitors.

Xcentric Services offers Digital Marketing services for businesses that are struggling to make their way on the internet. Want to know more about the importance of using digital media for marketing and advertising your business? Keep reading the blog.

7 Reasons Why Investing In Digital Marketing Is Important For Businesses

In the past, Online Marketing used to be just a different and unique way to market a business as it opened ways to many types of media where products and services could be sold. However, now, its importance has grown into something BIG, making it an integral part of every business’s growth strategies.

Well, this also means that having a website and running un-focused Ad campaigns is not enough now. Have you not put any digital marketing strategies to work for your business yet? Time might get against you then as the internet is getting tangled with everything we now do and the importance of investing in digital marketing is clear. To convince you of the importance of investing in digital marketing, let us tell you why your business needs it to thrive and grow.

Online Marketing

1. Reach People Where They Are Spending Money & Time

In the year 2019, users of the internet had accounts on at least seven accounts on digital media and 95% of adults under the age of 65 are there on at least two or three social media platforms. Even more, the majority of the users of the platforms are on them every single day for personal use, connecting with friends or family, and as means of customer care.

Generation Z is slightly more interactive with brands on social media platforms than the millennials and older generations. Right now, the trend is that every person spends more than two hours a day on such platforms – with teenagers spending over nine hours.

Social media has been integrated into everything we do, from work to school, hanging out with friends, and even entertainment. It is where the people are, but do they shop things from there? One of the reasons that people give for being on social media platforms is for buying products or services that are advertised on them.  They spend half of their time interacting with the branded content posted because social media has made Ads more relevant now.

Even after considering all the stats and facts mentioned above, only a few businesses think that their digital and Social Media Marketing efforts pay off. Definitely, there are some winners and even losers on digital media, which means that only having a profile on them is not enough. To thrive on it, you will need to plan and target social media marketing and advertising strategies that maximize ROI and win you BIG. We at Xcentric Services can plan and target them for you because they are very important. If your question is HOW then reading this article till the end will get you all the answers.

2. Levelled Playing Field For Small Businesses

We all have seen it happen before when a company like Walmart came into town and wiped out hundreds of local shops. Another one is Starbucks which closed down many shops selling bagels and coffee by selling both things at one place.

Amazon is also another example that can never be ignored. It is now really hard to compete with them, given that they have put millions into online reputation management and Digital Marketing. Actually, this is a guiding light of hope for small businesses, brick-and-mortar stores, E-Commerce, and personal brands equally.

Marketing on digital media enables small businesses to hold on top-ranking positions like we helped one of our clients in outranking Daraz and Amazon using our expertise. By spending a small advertising budget and managing it effectively, we exposed the client to a wide audience base on digital media. With this type of control and data supporting the decisions, you can grow with us on the levelled playing field of digital media.

Social Media Marketing

3. More Targeted Marketing

When running a magazine Ad, you definitely focus on targeting and knowing if the target audience read through the publications. Moreover, you have control over its size, placement, and the message shared. In fact, it may even reach more than one million readers. However, the real question is that how much percentage of the million did you target in the first place? A fashion magazine might just target a demographic of 60% females between the age of 32-35 interested in fashion. However, such demographics are HUGE.

One of the biggest gifts that targeting a Digital Marketing Strategy can give you is the ability to segment huge demographics. Carve them down into highly targeted groups for super-focusing on specific kinds of people who are likely to buy what you are selling. By targeting at this level, you get to create advertisements that are relevant to the market you are targeting. And, because it is quite relevant, people connect more with your brand, as much as traditional advertising cannot. Therefore, giving you the ability to influence without using those annoying old advertising techniques.

In simpler words, you will not be showing the same Ad for over thousand times all through the month or jumping between programs again and again. So, what kind of targeting is actually possible with marketing on digital media? You will be surprised with our answer, but being a Marketing Agency, here is an example from us – search advertising. It includes AdWords which helps target people searching on Google.

65% of the traffic on the internet comes from search results. Hence, more than 80% of the traffic comes from there on the websites of businesses that have focused on SEO. Search advertising which is also known as pay-per-click allows businesses to position themselves on the top of search results. When advertising on the search, people can be targeted according to their:

  • Goal
  • Education Level
  • Age
  • Goal
  • Challenge
  • Profession
  • Buying Behaviour
  • Location

By bidding on the search queries representing the specific targets, you can build landing pages and Ads around the targeted traffic and convert it. Similarly, social media marketing and advertising also allow narrowing the target audience and using the data collected for targeting the strategies.

For example, take Facebook for showing your Ads to the people with specific behaviour, location, age, interest, or any other identity. You will not have to spend thousands on just one Ad and they will run indefinitely – with just a few tweaks here and there. With other marketing channels, you are never going to get this control level on how your Ads perform and where they show up.

Marketing Agency

4. Hyper-Personalisation Capability

In regard to targeting, we have just begun discussing how important it is to invest in Digital Marketing Services. Talking about email marketing which is yet another aspect of marketing on digital media, it’s targeting abilities go down to individual level. Marketing pros at Xcentric Services and other agencies call it personalized segmentation.

Even more, 70% of the consumers these days prefer businesses communicating through emails. They give people more sense of control and make them comfortable to sign up for the newsletter and buy from a business like you. In case they do not like whatever you send them, they can simply unsubscribe.

However, being a business that wants to thrive on digital media, you have to send them highly relevant content that keeps them on your list of subscribers. As subscribers, they are likely to shop from you repeatedly and become lifetime customers.

Basically, there are basic email marketing programs that allow adding the name or information of a person automatically in an email. However, right now, we are talking about an approach that is more advanced and has got amazing results for our clients. It includes segmenting, automating, and personalizing the emails.

In segmentation, the data about the email subscribers are collected. It is then used for sub-dividing the list based on some behaviours and traits that are identified from analytics. When divided, you can send personalized content to every segment, which is more relevant and reached people more effectively.

Besides, automation allows sending content, emails in this case, at the perfect time for achieving desired results. Therefore, taking repetitiveness and manual work out of the way. However, the trick here is to learn about the optimal time throughout the process of data collection. It can be a specific time of the day or right after a certain message.

Finally, now we have personalization which allows recognizing people on an individual level and recommending them the BEST products – because you know their buying history. It is YOU who will know when they got on your website and abandoned the card. By referring to them in the emails with their name, show that you are respecting their individuality.

We do know that these three things are different, but when working together, they deliver great results. However, what about the revenues and sales? Segmentation, automation, and personalization are a lot of work and to justify the efforts put in, they need to give a high ROI. It is not something that every business can do on its own.

These take a huge investment in tools that are monotonous, time-consuming, repetitive, and cost-prohibitive for small businesses and even growing businesses. This brings in front yet another advantage of hiring a Digital Marketing Company like us. While it does carry a cost too, the result will be worth it, because successful businesses are doing the same.

Digital Marketing Company

5. Accessing Advanced Analytics

Think about if you can know how an Ad on TV performed? Yes, the best time to air it and the frequency can be determined, but you cannot know how many people saw it. It might require creating a focus group for drilling down the data.

However, generally, you will only get to know about its reach through the agency and whether it caused a buzz, met a marketing goal, or increased sales. In comparison, look at how marketing on digital media works. After targeting Digital Marketing Strategy, you can get answers to the following questions:

  • Did the audience see the Ads or not?
  • Were there any interactions with the Ads?
  • Did they like the Ads?
  • Were any of the Ads shared?
  • Did the Ads prompt any action?

Apart from getting answers to the questions listed above, you will also get to learn a lot more about the audience interacting with advertisements. It will include knowing:

  • Who is interested more in the Ads
  • What is likely to make someone take an action on the Ads
  • Which potential customer is easier to convert
  • Who might spend more
  • What is the customer doing online
  • Which terms were used for finding you online
  • How did they lead to your Ad

Everything mentioned above can be tracked easily using analytics software such as Google Analytics and if you want more insights, invest in paid tools. Explore which Ads are not contributing to ROI and cut costs by tweaking them. Spend your budget and efforts where you can get results and keep streamlining the campaigns for optimizing results.

6. Easily Adaptable & Scalable

With any kind of marketing, an initial investment is required for getting the traffic flowing. However, digital marketing is easily adaptable and scalable as a business grows. For instance, in social media advertising campaigns, search ads, and display ads, a daily budget can be chosen, which means you will know how much the campaign will be costing.

Once the Ads campaigns are LIVE, you will start seeing results, and that too without having to negotiate for an Ad spot to keep it running. They will continue running without any interruption while you keep converting traffic, increasing the daily spending, and generating revenues.

Got a big order and there is a chance of getting backlogged? Easy, just scale back the Ads. Something is not working for your marketing goals? No waiting for a contract to end or having to start from scratch, just pause the Ads. You have all the power in digital marketing, just do a few changes and re-launch the Ad.

Digital Marketing Agency

7. Aligned With How People Shop Today

These days, almost everyone considers going through online reviews before making a purchasing decision. More than 20% of people visit a business or shop from it after reading positive reviews about it. From the millennials to generation Z, spending hours on digital media is the norm – including the time spent on the internet for school and work.

45% of millennials and generation Z do not watch TV and many of them have canceled their cable connections. Sales through newspapers and magazines have continued declining but on the other side of the coin, more than a trillion searches are performed online every year. Google is holding on to the monster share of 3.5 billion such queries.

Definitely, most of the consumers now search for services, products, and everything else online. They are also impatient and do not go beyond the first few search engine result pages. Hence, do not stop at just having a presence on digital media. Get ahead of your competitors with digital marketing techniques like SEO that help optimize websites. This way, you will get discovered easily by people when they search for keywords that are relevant to your brand.

Right from the doctors to restaurants, software for bookkeeping, and the modern selling process now starts online. Whether it is something shared by a friend on social media, a search query, or a newsletter, everything starts there. Hence, the more you integrated digital media with your business, the more easily it will grow.

Now, the next question after knowing that you need a strong digital presence is how you can get relevant. For that, you should:

  • Launch a user-friendly website
  • Invest in SEO services to appear in search results
  • Have profiles on social media platforms
  • Leverage paid advertising tools like AdWords
  • Advertise on platforms like Facebook and Instagram
  • Manage your online reputation and get positive reviews
  • Integrate touchpoints connecting every place you work online
  • Engage target customers on brick-and-mortar stores and online too


The importance of investing in digital marketing is very clear now and every business needs it to compete in this era. Internet is where the potential customers are and they prefer you to reach them there. Buying processes also begin online. However, after all this and you getting the importance of marketing on digital media, implementing strategies is not easy. Being a Digital Marketing Agency, we at Xcentric Service can help you use digital marketing for growing your business. Contact us TODAY at connect@xcentricservices.com or call at 0300 800 2094 to schedule a consultation!







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