Digital Commerce trends to watch in Pakistan in 2022

Mahum Khalid

  • Jan 21, 2020


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) were dismissed in the past because they were considered too futuristic for being practical. But hey! We have a Surprise – The time is now over in 2020. Today, Digital Commerce experiences are much faster, seamless, and personalized, which is ultimately the result of this tech-savvy generation’s contributions to technological advancements.

As a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we’ve identified for you the Digital Commerce trends of 2020, primed to have a direct impact on the success of your business – or what may sound like a fear factor, a positive influence on your competitor’s company, in case you don’t adopt the trends. Ready to prepare yourself for what’s going to be coming down the Digital Commerce pipeline and incorporate the trends with your Digital Marketing strategy? Let us being a Social Media Marketing Company take you deeper into the details. 

Switch to Headless Commerce Platforms

Headless Commerce is the decoupling of the front-end and the back-end, of E-Commerce experience. However, if we take a concise technical view of it, headless commerce is building the front-end and back-end stand independent of each other. In other terms, it enables businesses to provide accessible and shoppable content to their customers in real-time, flexible, and personalized experiences.

The content today has become too robust and dynamic, unlike the content on a traditional E-Commerce platform, which was far more static and less responsive. To compete in today’s Digital Marketing world, using traditional ways won’t get you fame, so the only way out is to invest in Headless Commerce Implementation. Deliver your terrific products in 2020, in a shoppable experience, with the wealth of an opportunity – Headless Commerce. 

Personalized Content and Intrusive Content; Know the Difference!

Relying on blanket offers and advertisements is not enough in the world of Digital Marketing in Pakistan. The 2020 trends are to revolve around Personalization, which is compelling the customers by simplifying the buying process and making it fit for their use. This way, not only the customer is satisfied, but also the E-Commerce store owner gets an insight into how to develop their product’s marketing techniques.

Personalization, aka one-to-one Digital Marketing, is a key for businesses to stand out in the cluttered world of Digital Commerce. However, crafting personalized content can be a bit tricky because you need to evaluate the precise line between intrusive and personalized content. Unluckily, around 74% of customers online get frustrated because they’ve been getting popups and ads offered, which have nothing to do with their needs and interests. So get your teams on work and assume a line smartly, between what’s savvy content and what’s creepy. To sum up, the trick is to provide customers with unique and personalized content that is of interest. 

Actionable Content for the Win

In 2020, the tech-savvy consumers demand not only text in the name of content. Instead, they want every piece of content to be shoppable at the very moment. Considering the fact, your Digital Commerce Platform will surely get you a long term customer engagement. Considering, you’re providing them with actionable content at each step of the shopping experience.

If you wish to be a part of the Digital Commerce industry as a strong player, you need to be confident that you’ll be able to capture your audience’s attention through your actionable content. Here’s a pro tip; Fine-tune your content and connect it to some relevant actions, giving your customers a unique buying experience. Also, if you cannot do this on your own, invest in our Social Media Marketing Services

Adapt Progressive Web Apps

In 2020, adapting Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is going to spread like steam because they’ve been accelerated much in 2019. Throughout the years, the technology has evolved from static web pages to desktop webpages, and then to responsive mobile pages. But are Progressive Web Pages different from the traditional ones? Yes!

Twitter and Starbucks have already joined the league of PWAs. Without any doubt, they’ve been successful in offering their customers quick access to their services and push notifications. Even when they’re offline. PWAs are much faster and work great in countries with low bandwidths too. Moreover, we have great news; Building a PWA is not time-consuming, because you just build it and deploy it everywhere. Surprisingly, without having to code separately for an IOS and an Android. Though PWAs will take a little while to trickle down, they’re going to be the project which everyone is going to take up in the Digital Commerce house of 2020.

Change the Digital Commerce Landscape with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality isn’t the new cool boy in town; it has always been there for years. The only new thing about it is that we realized its existence in 2020. For example, you’ve been sharing pictures with a filter on your face. This in itself is the usage of Augmented Reality. Surprised?

Though we’ve been using it unknowingly for quite a long now, some of its qualities are still overlooked by businesses. On the other hand, top-notch brands and businesses have already taken their step forward. They’ve the landscape of their Digital Commerce platforms using Augmented Reality. In 2020, give your customers a successful AR and VR experience. See how they both will work wonders in a multi-sensory approach, helping you succeed in trends.

Digital CommerceThe tactics you follow make up the most of your Digital Commerce success. Therefore, the best practice is to watch out for trends. And if you need any support implementing them, our professionals at Xcentric Services are reliable. We take pride in being Magento Solution Partners and Magento Professional Partners, following our excellence in the approaches of Metro Cash and Carry Marketing, NGents Marketing, and The Vitamin Company Marketing. Are you ready to scale your E-Commerce sales with the help of a Social Media Marketing Agency? Let’s get in touch.







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