Digital And Social Media Marketing Trends Of 2021 That Nobody Is Talking About

kashif ali

  • Aug 13, 2021

We know that you are ready for the Digital and Social Media Marketing trends of 2021 because you have clicked on to read this blog, right? Here is the thing – being an agency, Xcentric Services covers many blogs on these trends and provides marketing services. From what we have noticed in the digital world, not many marketers are talking about the current trends that will go beyond this year.

Certainly, they do talk about the importance of Google going mobile-first and voice search. Moreover, marketing automation might have also been mentioned. BUT, there are many more interesting trends that our marketing team is tapping into and are affecting the marketing campaign results. Let us take you through them!

Trend 1 – Relying On Google Analytics

Every marketer loves Google Analytics. Being a Digital Marketing Agency as well as Social Media Marketing Agency, we also log into it at least twice or thrice a day but the results are only updated once a day. Well, this would probably have anyone wondering – Is something wrong with Google Analytics?

Nothing is actually wrong with the great free too. However, the face of marketing is changing and new channels are coming forward. Online transactions are no longer someone simply coming to a website through an Ad and making a purchase.

Retargeting, upselling, down-selling, and repeat purchases and some of the trends that we tap into for our clients rather than just relying on Google Analytics. On top of that, there are many other ways too that we generate revenues for their online businesses, such as influencer marketing, webinars, and affiliate marketing.

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Trend 2 – Alternative Communications Channels To Emails

Emails are something we are all habitual of using in the Digital and Social Media Marketing world. Now let us tell you something interesting about them. We are sending emails on behalf of almost all our clients in different industries. Guess what we have noticed? The open rates for the emails are roughly similar and that is because we optimize them before hitting the SEND button. However, the click rates still went down.

If you are thinking that email is dead, well, of course not. BUT, businesses now need to leverage other alternative communication channels too. One way we have started doing that for our clients is by integrating Chatbots with their websites – and they are taking off. Hence, do not wait longer and get them integrated by us to generate leads and provide the BEST customer service.

Trend 3 – Optimization Is The New Normal

Whenever a new entrepreneur invests gets in touch with us to get Digital Marketing Services, we turn them towards SEO. At that point, investing in Ads budgets just like their competitors is not an option. Over the years, digital media has become much stronger and there are many channels out there for newbies to join the bandwagon.

In simpler words, the field of marketing is getting even. If a business wants to do well, they need to leverage Artificial Intelligence, automation, and especially SEO. However, with everyone leveraging the same channels and technology, beating competitors often gets difficult. To beat that competition and win, count on team Xcentric Services.

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Trend 4 – Optimizing For Marginal Gains

In the previous years, many businesses were built using only one Digital and Social Media Marketing channel. For example, Dropbox was all about referral marketing – where you invited more friends and got free storage space. An email address that was used to create a Facebook account. And how can we forget Quora and Yelp, which are based on SEO?

Let us say it straight that you can no longer launch a business and service by being on just one marketing channel. New channels are coming through very fast – have a look at Tik Tok and Snapchat. Even if you work on one marketing channel and grow, it will only last for a short time before the competitors make it hard to stay in the competition.

So, the conclusion is that marketing now is all about marginal gains. Hence, when marketing a client on digital media, we focus on improving their presence through multiple channels. From adding title tags to improving the rankings, posting consistently on social media, and placing paid Ads, we do it all to optimize a client’s presence on digital media.

Trend 5 – Personalization Is The New Trend

With marketing that exists today, 70% of the website visitors do not turn into actual customers. Most of the businesses keep looking at the 30% that converted. However, what they do not notice is that the same message is not fitting every kind of visitor. Therefore, with personalization, we help our clients convert more of their visitors into customers.

Besides, because marketing is now a game of personalization, every business is using the same strategies, and the customers are getting wiser. Hence, it takes a smart marketing brain to personalize strategies – all while sounding like a live person rather than a pushy business.

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Get Digital NOW!

The trends that we have mentioned above are currently taking over the marketing world. As a business, you need to be prepared for them. Now here is the tricky part – why not act on them before your competitors do and get ahead? Xcentric Services help you succeed and beat the competition on different marketing channels. Whether you are a big company or a small business just starting off, hire us as your Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan. We have what it takes to maintain a strong digital presence for businesses on digital media. Let us do it for you by investing in our Social Media Marketing Services.







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