Did you know that AI can help connect right Recruiter to the Right Job Candidate?

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 28, 2019

Recruiting new talent to the business more often will land you with a bad headache. It’s tricky because one wrong hiring will cost you a lot more than doing business without having that employee altogether. So, you need to be at the top of your game when hiring to make sure that you’re making a smart choice for your company, and AI might help with this.

As a recruiter, if you don’t strategize your recruitment drive from the beginning, your Online Reputation Management will doom you for good. Any mistakes in the application or interview experience can repel the finest of candidates from the organization. And unfortunately, that calls for a bad name for the company.

AI – Artificial Intelligence is not something only out of a Batman movie. Surprisingly, businesses these days are actually making the best of it by revolutionizing through Digital Marketing. And even making a move at bringing great talent on board. Recruiters save both; time and effort, in connecting with the best applicants using the new hiring programs in the market and through Social Media Marketing. The cool part? It not only helps the employers but the potential employees too. Hence, getting the best out of the recruiting technology and bringing out the best candidate experience.

Curious to know how you can mingle AI and the recruitment process to hire efficiently? Read On!

A candidate isn’t finding a job?  YOU find them

In this competitive world, people are fighting tooth and nail to end up with a good career. And a job that pays them well monetarily, as well as psychologically. However, there are still people who are not actively looking for a job or aren’t finding a way out of their current job. But the fact is, this will definitely interest them if they find something that fits their needs. Now being someone who is looking for talented individuals, you have to find these candidates and talk them in to start working with you.

FETCHER  is one of the sneaky apps designed to spot these gems using AI and NLP. By scanning their resumes and profiles and reporting back to the recruiters, this tool not only creates a rich profile of the potential candidates. It also sets a record of when and how these candidates were touched upon. And at what stage do certain people stand in the recruitment process?

Yes, this is a lot like modern-day stalking. But why bother when all the involved parties benefit at the end of the day? So, for candidates, it’s a good idea to keep their resumes updated even on their Social Media Platforms because that’s essential in this tech era. Considering that people are seeking out information, why not give them what benefits you too?

Move past Matchmakers that aren’t Career Matchmakers

Finding the right career and getting into the right firm is far more important these days than finding the right spouse. Jokes apart, with recruiters all over trying to find a suitable match for their business. You really want to have a profile worth spending time over not only for your secret admirers but also for the recruiters who want to offer you a job. The more detailed and informative your profile is, the greater the chances of the right recruiter finding you.

ML and AI yet again make life easier for job seekers to ameliorate their profiles and make them more visible to the headhunters. One way to go about it is through Eightfold. It creates customized career sites for every candidate. And then uses AI to scan through multiple job options and match you with the job that helps you with your goals and ambitions.

Chatbots are taking Soft Interviews

Talk about AI helping recruiters find the best postulant and it has now taken over the short interviews that help narrow down the pool of applicants. There are a number of tools that can take the initial interview through chatbot texts.

During this dialogue, the system decodes the skills a particular candidate possesses. And the likelihood of his qualifying for the second stage of the interview. NLP plays an important role here when AI chatbots ask questions. It works on analyzing the person’s answers using the POS tagging you created earlier.

The flexible nature allows the aspirants to revert to the questions in their own time. Since there might be candidates who are employed and scheduling an interview within normal business hours is impossible for them. It saves the recruiter from an unnecessary interview and will only be talking to those called for an in-person interview.

AI lacks Human Emotions

Once the shortlisting is taken care of, the face-to-face interviews rely on the candidate’s first impression and the recruiter’s gut feeling. If the applicant is presentable and knows how to market himself through words. The chances of him landing a job are much higher than someone who cannot speak for himself. Credentials aside, unfortunately, the recruiter’s bias becomes a major game-changer here.

To help make an unbiased decision, we would require someone devoid of human emotions and that’s precisely where AI kicks in. Artificial Intelligence makes decisions based on facial expressions, body language, and knowledge for smarter hiring. Some big businesses are using HireVue to analyze candidates during an interview. After the interview is completed, HireVue analyzes the data points and generates a report. That would help you as a recruiter to make an educated decision.

The Verdict

Being in the Digital Marketing Services in the Chicago industry, we’ve seen many companies harp on the fact that automation might steal jobs. It’s a general phenomenon these days that AI recruiters set out to replace jobs from humans. But if you look it in a positive light, you will agree with us on the fact that AI, if used properly, will make job hunting as well as talent acquisition a party. Rather than a chore.

Of course, there are still many things that humans do better. However, AI is here to assist recruiters in the hiring process, as well as those who are finding career opportunities. The machine can do so much if given the correct instructions.

So if you’re looking forward to growing your business into a tech-savvy one, consider embracing AI. And make the most out of everything it offers. And perhaps, even for AI to work wonders you can take professional help from a Digital Marketing Agency if you find it hard to explore it yourself.







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