Data Management with Microsoft SQL Servers

John Smith

  • Jan 30, 2019


Microsoft is an American-based technology company and its products are world-famous among these featured products there is a series of SQL Servers.

The Microsoft SQL Servers are a series of a database management system which help the customers to store their data in an easy way and recall it whenever they want it. The first-ever SQL Server by Microsoft was launched in 2014 but the concept of data management systems was started in the 1970s. Microsoft SQL Server is created on the basis of Relational Data Base Management System R DBMS, not like other technologies such as DBMS.

The enhanced technology in the SQL Server gives it more strength to add and store more data. The stored data can be later recalled or revised via the internet on any other computer as well. Microsoft has launched many features and suitable versions of SQL Server according to the workload of companies of different levels.

Microsoft always looks forward to easing their customers and right now data management and data security is the main issue almost every company is facing. So Microsoft SQL Server is right under your mouse clicks. Xcentric Services are Microsoft partners and they have a huge range of Microsoft products if you are willing to get something that will help you secure your data visit the website to get Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Prices. Microsoft Windows 10 updates can also be checked on the Xcentric Services website.

The working of Microsoft SQL Server is simple the data is stored in the form of columns in tables. The R DBMS which is supported by SQL Server allows the user to add data of different types like Integer, float, decimal, char, varchar, binary, and text. These all data types are supported by SQL Server and the security of your data is the priority.

The series of SQL servers has an additional feature that multiple clients can use a database at the same time. Handling of the parallel use of the database is well controlled by the SQL Server as the data is read by one user while the same data is being edited by another user. In this case, the system can collapse or the data can be lost but Microsoft SQL Server has two methods of concurrency control, pessimistic concurrency, and optimistic concurrency.

In the situation when pessimistic concurrency control is used, the server controls concurrent accesses by using locks. Locks can be shared or limited. Limited locks grant the user inadequate access to the data. Other users cannot access the data as long as the lock is kept on. Shared locks are used when some data is being read. Multiple users can read from the data even having a shared lock on it, the users can read until there is a shared lock on the data but if a limited access lock is applied to the data only one user can access the data.

The feature of multiple access and then enabling locks on the data is added to ease the client and to secure your data. SQL Server is so massive software that you can take your data with you anywhere and its security is definite. If you wish to have such a data management system visit to Xcentric Services website there you can find a good range of Microsoft products such as Microsoft Windows 10 Price in Pakistan and Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Prices.







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