Data Analysis With Staff Exclusion Improves Footfall Count

John Smith

  • Apr 18, 2019

Footfall Counting Technology : Retailers nowadays are getting people counting software to analyze in-store insights of their retail business, without proper knowledge every step is useless.

The retail people counting cameras and collecting in-store insights data software are available all around the world but the accuracy of these devices are different. Only V-Count is the manufacturer that creates 3D Alpha + people counter with an accuracy of 98% and Wi-Fi enabled devices. If you want to get people counting camera prices, you are welcome to visit Xcentric Services.

We welcome retailers and industry experts connected to different fields of business to share a word with us. People Counting Cameras are a new concept in Pakistan so we allow people to discuss all things regarding people counting and concepts of customer behavior.

The data is collected from every person who enters the store, with every person I mean staff as well. It is very important to exclude staff members from the store otherwise you will get less accurate data and it will be tough for you to take certain steps to improve people count. For this purpose, Bluetooth beacons are used that are scanned by the sensors in the devices and after reading them the staff member is deducted from the data. So you get full accurate data from the people counting device.

So many people ponder how a people counting machine can increases our business or revenue? Their thought is right and it is not the device only. People counter will only help in counting people and tracking their journey in your store, but the software that is connected to the device gives you a wide range of data. Such as what were peak hours of your store. How people engaged in your store during promotions.

Moreover, did you get any new visitors or customers in your store during promotion times or in normal days or not. With the help of these insights, you can analyze your store performance and manage things accordingly. This all management will help out your retail business to create more revenue.

Here are a few ways to use footfall data to add a reasonable advantage by the retailers.

Track And Understand The Customer Journey

Making a meaningful improvement to your shoppers’ experience is really difficult if you have a limited understanding of their current journey through your stores. Traffic counting can help you build a clear picture of who, what, when and where your customers are engaging with your store.

Discount Your Staff In The Number Crunching

If the nature of your store is to have employees in close proximity to your footfall counting technology, this can cause great consternation for your store teams, impacting their conversion rate. Investing in staff exclusion innovation, as part of your footfall counting technology means you can make decisions based on even more insightful data.

Improve Customer Experience

Once you have a reliable blueprint of shopper behavior, you can focus efforts on improving customer experience. Where are the pinch points impacting the conversion rate in your store? What are the peak entry and exit times? How does the store layout impact traffic? Footfall data can help answer all of these questions and confidently inform your strategy for change.

Look At The Impact Of Promotional Periods

Testing special offers and discount periods can be costly if you have a limited overview of who and when customers are taking advantage of these deals. Approximately 38% of shoppers look for offers before they shop, and footfall counting technology can provide a real-time, before and after overview of the footfall success of your promotional periods. This data can help you make decisions about when, where, and which similar offers should be deployed again.

Consider Conversion Rate Performance Against Competitors

Insight into your markets is a valuable indicator of success, highlighting performance versus your competitor landscape at a set point in time, or over a longer period. For big retailers with global or national reach, this kind of data can indicate which locations need more attention, whether it’s better marketing or even further research.

Identify Best Practice

For the retailers with a significant portfolio of stores, identifying which locations perform best regarding attracting the greatest people counts and driving impressive conversion rates and then defining the learnings that can be shared among the lower performing stores, is incredibly valuable.

These were some key points on which you can use people counter devices and software to boost up traffic in your store and to lower the bounce rate of the store. If you want to get some tech tools to boost up your business do visit Xcentric Store and get people counting camera price. Moreover, you can get guidance about better business management solutions as well.







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