Currently Running Windows 10 Features

John Smith

  • Mar 14, 2019

Are you using windows 10 on your personal computer? If not here I am to give you a brief tour of the inside world of windows 10 created by Microsoft.

Windows are the series of operating systems developed and launched under the trade mark of Microsoft. First ever operating system was launched in 1985 by Microsoft. With the passage of time and many changes were made to improve the working of the windows and to make it good for users. The previous operating systems never looked the same.

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Let’s have a look on the built in the built in features that Microsoft added in their latest operating system.


Cortana is the voice assistance of Microsoft just like Siri in Apple products. Microsoft added Cortana to the list of new features in windows 10. As we all know the voice assistance is not so new because we all know its previous presence in the windows phone. As a feature in operating system this is a new one.

Cortana is present in the start menu so if any user has anything to ask or search he/she can find Cortana there. Cortana can come up with search result from your device as well as internet.

 Start Menu

In windows 8 live tile concept was introduced in the start menu and separate screen is displayed once you click to the menu, with lots of live tiles. The feature was not that much appreciated so Microsoft redesigned the start menu in windows 10 and created a combination of traditional and live tiles together. Half classic and traditional style and the other part consists of live tiles. They tiles can be sized and positioned according to you.


Microsoft launched new web browser in the windows 10. In this operating system Microsoft discontinued the traditional browser Internet Explorer. The browser itself has its own feature and it is much more reliable than Internet Explorer.

Xbox App

Not only for windows users but Microsoft added some great stuff for gamers as well. An Xbox app is added to windows 10 which will help the Xbox gaming console users to sync their achievements and progress in the app. This will reduce the chances of losing your game progress when it is saved in two different places.

Design And Look

All the color schemes and designs are freshly designed for a very smooth user interface and to comfort the user. The desktop can be personalized along with the lock screen and the start screen.


You might have seen or used the hybrid laptops which can be converted into tablets. Keeping this new technology in mind Microsoft created Continuum. The features automatically detects physical mouse and keyword so it can work as a laptop. When the laptop screen is removed to be used as a tablet, the application automatically switches to the tablet mode.

Single Windows Settings

Microsoft decided to merge all the settings in one place either than having a control panel and other setting options for windows. Microsoft just put it all together in one place in a beautiful way so that users don’t get confused in finding the required setting.

Light and dark themes are also added to beautify your display.

Windows 10 is said to be the most famous and most used operating system right now. It is also said to be the most powerful windows of its own series.

It is time for you to get a windows 10 for your computer because Microsoft is ending support of windows 7 in 2017. This means you will be running an insecure version of windows after that.

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