CRM and E-commerce: The most Empowering Pair of 2022

Mahum Khalid

  • Dec 17, 2019

No matter how sure you are about knowing your customers well, there is still room left behind. The fact is, you can always know them more, by getting an insight into their behavior, through different tools. In 2022, CRM and E-Commerce have proven to be the most empowering pair, which go together like a perfect pair that can conquer the world. You might be thinking that to serve your business’s needs, you need to have an army of salespeople, but that’s not the case.

CRM and E-Commerce together, have made the sales cycle much shorter, more effective, and the target audience larger. Consider this pair for the success of your crm and E-Commerce store to serve your customers in the best possible way. And if you’re still not convinced of their power, here are some reasons why you should give it a second thought.

They get you a Unified View of Customers

As a CRM and E-Commerce store, if you wish to sell products to your customers to convert them into loyal customers, you need to know their choices and demands, as much as you can. But before that, we want to answer some questions, let’s see where your E-Store stands and to what extent it can help you.

Where’s your detailed customer data?

Consolidated data is present?

Your customer information is likely spread over five different systems if you’re out of answers to these questions. This way, your Digital Marketing campaigns are the risk of failing at execution. Though every system works in the best way possible and is planned smartly if the data exists in silos, it won’t help. Contrary to this, you’ll have all the customer data unified in one place, for a single view, if you have a CRM integrated into your CRM and E-Commerce platform. 

Personalized Marketing for your E-Commerce Store

In this digitized world, convincing the audience to buy your product or services is a real effort. To make things more complicated, as the audience is becoming more demanding, a tactic called Personalized Marketing has jumped in. Today, consumers only wish to buy products from brands who recognize them by name, recommend them products that cater to their needs, and know their purchase history. This may seem spooky, but with personalization, as a brand, you need to keep an eye on every step your customer takes. But how is this possible? CRM to the rescue for your E-Commerce store!

CRM and E-Commerce paired together, enable you to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. This way you not only get access to the basic information but you’re also enabled to make dynamic segments that allow you to;

  • Identify customers from previous interactions
  • Understand what the customer is looking for
  • Have access to real-time customer information

Target your audience through CRM, on your E-Commerce store, to better target your audience and increase sales.

Improved Customer Service

Customer Service is the biggest pain point that a customer has when they contact brands, for any question or complaint. We all know how many times we’ve tried explaining the same problem to different representatives from scratch.  But don’t worry, CRM and E-Commerce together have it all sorted out.

An E-Commerce and CRM provides your customer service representatives access to every single interaction a customer has had with your business. With all the data the access provides, a business can give more satisfactory customer service experiences. Using this technique will allow you to build a great customer relationship. Prefer driving repeat sales rather than customers banging your door with sparking complains and queries. Consider getting the most advantage out of this empowering pair that can surely leverage your E-Commerce business.

To sum up, all these powering reasons ultimately prove that to tailor your customers according to their preferences CRM and E-Commerce are the only solutions. The power of customers in your hands, and seamless marketing strategies tied together, sounds perfect? The only step you need to take is getting your hold on this pair. Thinking about which CRM Solution to choose from for your E-Commerce Store? Microsoft Dynamics 365, HubSpot, or Salesforce? If you’re confused, the safest way is to hire a Digital Marketing Agency to get some help in having your take on this pair of 2019.







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