6 Actions to react to Covid by Digital Marketing Strategies

kashif ali

  • Apr 14, 2020


Amid the pandemic, businesses have either already been influenced, or will be in some way by COVID-19. Hence, they are striving to measure the impact it may have on their Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan, and for that reason, Xcentric Services is here to help you with your strategies!

Right now, it’s challenging to predict all the irregularities and outcomes that will come as a consequence of the WHO-declared pandemic. However, we’ve put together this valuable article on how we take action on digital marketing and advertising strategies being a Social Media Marketing Agency


Being prompt in your response to the Corona Virus is essential. And according to our digital professionals at Xcentric Services, one of the smartest ways you can accommodate variations in your business’s environment is through marketing. In this particular time, getting some Social Media Marketing Services in Chicago could serve as an escort against the influences of the COVID-19.

Halting all your digital marketing and advertising investments may not be the most suited solution for now, but re-allocating resources into Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan could be your safe step forward. Plus, this could be your chance to explore opportunities you hadn’t noticed before!

However, if you’re a business who already has some association with online Digital Marketing Strategies, and you’re assuming that these tips aren’t for you, consider your views again. Because the fact that you’re involved digitally doesn’t ensure your strategies being productive as they were before the pandemic hit. Hence, let’s have a glance at some actions that might help you accomplish the most out of your strategies as the market fluctuates.

1. Re-Evaluate your Acquisition Strategies

First of all, re-evaluate and re-do your acquisition strategies. And take into consideration factors such as the detail that people are buying online and that they may be hitting into new markets amid the corona virus pandemic.

Hence, being a business, you should be on the mission of searching for how markets might influence or are already influencing your business. So we suggest it’s the perfect time for you to benefit from Facebook Marketing Packages in Pakistan, to boost your advertising strategy promptly.

Digital Marketing Packages in Pakistan

2. Already Invested in Paid Online Acquisitions? REVIEW THEM!

Amid the pandemic, as the values are fluctuating, being a business, you should consider reviewing your accounts. And modify the active click and impression.

To do so, rigorously monitor the inclinations in clicks or impressions in your promoting channels. To detect signals that something is emerging. You’ll seemingly have to evaluate your Instagram Marketing Services, and advertising accounts to make adjustments and additions daily to prevent draining money and forecasting falls in conversions.

3. Are your Ads appearing on irrelevant Search Queries?

Presently, some businesses have noticed they are receiving queries linked to corona virus that aren’t acceptable for business. For example, some streaming businesses have encountered queries like – Live Streaming Wuhan.

Therefore, with clicks and responses, you should rigorously analyze the search queries your Ads are acting for. And revive your adverse keywords if required.

4. Nurture Customer Relationships with COMMUNICATION 

Right now, there is a lot of information being spread digitally, and some fear-based remarks can divert your potential buyers. Hence, communication is something you should be focusing on right now. Because it’s worth an effort as people are panicking, and you might nurture some customer relationships this way.

Rest assured, communication is a key to maintain and nurture relationships. Hence, in all circumstances, focus on building trust with both; Current and potential buyers.

Moreover, if you are a business impacted by the Corona Virus, we suggest, communicate with your audience via Email Marketing Services in Pakistan, Online Reputation Management Services in Pakistan, and through your website launched by a Web Development Services Provider in Pakistan. Plus, consider updating your Google My Business profile with your current business hours. Moreover, if you ask us as a Social Media Marketing Company, we will also suggest adding information modified amid the pandemic.

Online Reputation Management Services in Pakistan

5. If you are a Brick and Mortar Business – LIMIT YOUR BUDGET!

If you’re a brick and mortar business, you might not have other choices. Other than modifying Digital Marketing Strategies by narrowing your budget. Or halting non-essential campaigns until the circumstances improve. Though for now, consider focusing on branded products due to the immense quality traffic they support.

Especially for online retailers, and businesses with limited budgets. The adjustments of marketing and ad spend approaching the most productive marketing periods could be necessary. For working or even surviving through COVID-19.

6. Keep your Stock Up To Date 

Momentarily, people are massively ordering some stocks, and also supply chains might be influencing business produce. Hence, consider updating your store and Ads. If you are currently not retailing something you did, because of the prevailing situation. Here’s what the savvy Online Marketing Companies in Pakistan suggest – Exclude the out-of-stock products from your campaigns temporarily.

Online Marketing Companies in Pakistan



Many businesses are currently under the influence and consequences of the Corona Virus. However, not each of them is effected the same way. Hence, staying up-to-date and investing in Social Media Marketing Services is essential for your business; to cope up with the consequences of COVID-19.

At Xcentric Services, we’ve been continuously observing the situation, markets and their response to the pandemic, so we can keep you informed. Hence, if you need some help in dealing with this situation through Digital Marketing Services in Chicago, get in touch with us today!







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