Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques We Use At Xcentric

kashif ali

  • Feb 18, 2022

https://www.clutch.com/Ever heard about the term Analysis Paralysis? It means that multiple choices can change the ability of a person to make decisions. The visitors on your website can experience the same because there are too many places to look at products or services. In such situations, the visitors do not convert and you do not want that, right? Well, let the experts at Xcentric Services end this problem for you by putting Conversion Rate Optimization strategies into action. Naturally, you now want to know HOW? Get the answers to all your concerns by reading this blog!

5 Ways We Increase Conversion Rate For Websites

Launching a website and taking the back seat is not enough, because after all, every business wants sales – which only come after the visitors convert. Therefore, to increase the conversion rates for the websites of our clients and reduce their cost per acquisition, we do the following:

1. Shorten Lead Forms

One reason why the visitors do not convert is less friction in the conversion process. For instance, if your lead form is long, no one would want to fill it. Hence, for reducing the hesitation of the visitors in filling the form, we shorten it and create trust. Plus, short forms take less time to fill and visitors are likely to fill them completely.

Conversion Rate For Websites

2. Including Social Proof

Do you know that more than 90% of the consumers these days check reviews online before buying something? A study carried out by Trustpilot – a customer review site, also found that 50% of buyers consider the reviews that are positive as the top purchase influence.

So, undoubtedly, your online presence and reputation will surely decrease or Increase Conversion Rate. Therefore, for clients at Xcentric Services, we make sure to include social proof on their website. For that, we link their Yelp, Clutch, or any other directory page where the customers have left reviews.

Additionally, our team also adds the reviews and testimonials directly on their website so that the visitors do not get irritated when navigating to a third-party website. Overall, it needs to be apparent that the customers have enjoyed using what a brand offers because if it is not, the conversion rate suffers.

3. Tracking Interactions

Without tracking how the visitors are interacting with a website, it is hard to Improve Conversion Rate. BUT, the question is that – how do we see where the visitors on a website are ripping? Using the website analysis tools, our dedicated team watches the screen recording of those who come and go on the website.

In them, they notice where the visitor clicks, if they skipped a popup, or stopped filling out a form right in the middle. Additionally, we also ask our development team to add heatmaps on client websites as they allow us to see which elements on the pages are standing out. Following a complete analysis of the recording, we then work on those areas of the websites that need improvements and tweaks for boosting the conversion rates.

Increase Conversion Rate

4. Adding live Chat

When visitors to a website do not convert, there is a possibility that they have a concern. And you do not want to lose a potential customer just because they had a question and they were not answered? Absolutely NOT. To end this problem and guarantee that the query of every visitor on the websites of our clients will be answered, we integrate the live chat feature. With this Conversion Rate Optimization technique, the customer service representatives can answer the concerns of those who are just on the fence about converting into sales.

5. Testing Offers

Often, it feels like everything is on point, from high-quality content to social proof, optimized lead forms, and everything in between, BUT your website still does not convert. When this happens, the first thing our team does is check what the content is offering by getting answers to the following questions:

  • Is it aligned with the target audience?
  • Does it compel the visitors to take an action?
  • Are the offers in the content making sense?

By getting answers to all these questions, we tweak whatever needs improvement. In our experience, content that is tangible and compelling always boosts conversions. So yes, that is what we leverage by analyzing, testing, and then boosting conversions.

Conversion Rate Marketing

6. Strong CTAs

An important component of conversions is call-to-actions. They need to compel the visitors to download something that is being offered on a website, subscribe to its newsletter, or share the brand’s post on social media.

Whatever the action is, the team at Xcentric Services makes sure that CTAs are included throughout client websites – especially the landing pages. They are clear and easily navigable. Normally, we add only one CTA on every landing page but it is incorporated several times.

Another thing we keep a check on is that the sooner a CTA shows up on a page, the better the conversions. However, no matter where the visitors are on the page, the CTAs are made accessible. Thus, removing the risk of losing a visitor and increasing the conversions.


All of us have been website visitors at some point in our life. So, taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture by stepping into the shoes of customers is important. If you have not done this yet and your conversion rates are not increasing, hire Xcentric Services for Conversion Rate Marketing. By making necessary changes to your website and optimizing the elements on it, we will increase your conversions to double.







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