Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies which are a MUST to try in 2019

Mahum Khalid

  • Dec 02, 2019


Conversion Rate Optimization is structured to make your content work smarter, not harder, for your business. Over-simplification is the term that you might use for this, but the Marketing Playbook goals strategies towards driving more traffic, rather than focusing more on sales. A lead audience is enclosed out of the traffic generated. Later on, Conversion Rate Optimization comes in for the win, by surrounding extra traffic, from the previously generated leads.

Adding more detail to how you can tweak your Conversion Rate Optimization, here are some show-stopper strategies of 2019.

Text-Based CTAs for the Win

Digitally, the Millenials have become so accustomed to watching around CTAs; Buy Now or Click Here, added to the end of website pages and social media that half of them are now scrolled over. This act failed to entice them from taking any action, which means a new strategy needed to jump in. That’s where Text-Based CTAs get you to win!

Text-Based CTAs are subject to a stand-alone line of text added between your page’s content, linked to a landing page. Style them at Heading 3 or Heading 4, make them prominent and see the magic.

Add Lead Flows on your Website

Lead Flows are tools that can dramatically capture new leads for your business, ultimately optimizing your conversion rate. Surprisingly, lead flows like; Pop-up Forms, Slide-in Box, and Drop-down banner are now a high-converting design for your website.

Lead Flows on your Website will surely add value. In other words, these boxes and forms will get you the needed information about the audience. As a plus, this helps in deciding where your niche is, in-return guaranteeing you an optimized conversion rate.

Convert Leads to Marketing Qualified Leads

Captivatingly, converting Leads to Marketing Quality Leads is not as easy as it sounds. The key to a smooth conversion and optimization is by building friction between the business and the targeted audience. That being said, the tactic to get you this friction, apart from using thoughtful and innovative CTAs is, conversing with your audience.

Occasionally, visitors coming over your website are confused about certain things, which may have them leave the website, but what if there’s a sales representative present to help them out over your site? The best take away is to have an action-based chatting plugin. Be it Magento Development or WordPress; both have extensions that can provide you an online chat system to interact. Run a test over this strategy and convert your leads to MQL.

Marketing Workflows Automation

A crucial part of this digital world is automation. Similarly, automating your marketing workflows is very powerful. So, if you want to manage your leads, without wasting any time, consider this as an optimization strategy. Automating gives you a wide range of options that can make you and your team happy and satisfied.

For instance, your Email Marketing campaign requires you to send in emails at a specific time, or your Content Marketing campaign requires that you post a blog at a particular time; both tasks can be taken care of easily with workflow automation. Master the strategy to optimize your conversion rate!

Leverage Retargeting

Retargeting is something that can work in the best way if you know the answer to how can your business retarget its audience? Consider these ways to retarget people, on your high-converting pages that have left without any action and leverage retargeting. As a result, retargeting will target these customers with ads all over the web, on almost every site they visit, without making it reasonable. To summarize it, create a well-crafted copy of your retargeting plan and have your take on optimization.


Once you’ve gone through all these strategies, give each one of them a trial, to decide on which one works the best in your business’s favor. But if you’re new to these strategies, an ambiguity may affect your structure, so be at the safer side and hire a Digital Marketing Agency. Let the professionals plan these strategies for your business.







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