Content Marketing: How Is Machine Learning Transforming It?

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 30, 2019

The indispensability of content marketing is not an alien concept. Its importance and usage keep on evolving as we speak. However, the real challenge here is keeping your content and Social Media Management relevant to your targeted audience. People will tell you that finding the right content writing is crucial, and time-consuming as well as it puts a dent in your pocket, but being a Digital Marketing Agency, our question here is, are we still living in the Stone Age? In today’s tech world where we have machines surrounding us 24/7, why bother doing it all on your own or employing an extra labor force to help you when you can easily use machine learning?

AI practically has its hands on all the industries and fields out there, helping people do their work more efficiently. Be it a Social Media Agency, an Automobile, retail, finance company, etc. However, Content Marketing seems to have more innovative ideas for AI and ML usage. You’ll see further, how cool AI and Machine Learning can be in helping content marketing, strategizing, cutting costs, and bringing out the best content for specific demographics.

However, before you begin figuring out HOW Machine Learning can help with content marketing, first understand WHAT it does. Basically, ML is an algorithm that is programmed to learn on its own using new and large data. They analyze based on previous data and form new patterns and insights that help the marketers to develop content on content that not only shows higher on SERPs but will also get more audience engagement. Being a tech-driven agency, in this article, we’ve covered some ways through which Machine Learning can transform the Content Marketing game. Let’s go through them!

1. Productivity improves when you work smart.

You can either work hard or you can work smart, it’s totally your call! If you choose to work smart, you are more than welcome to delegate your mundane, repetitive work like keyword analysis to Machine learning and let intelligent automation work its charm.

Finding the right keywords that hit your audience is crucial yet tiring work. And if that is taken care of, you are left with more time to focus on the content marketing itself. Quality content is a priority regardless of what area you are targeting with content marketing. ML has you as far as the tedious work is concerned, provided that you are able to feed in the correct information. There are several tools fully capable of helping you with the curation, distribution, monitoring, and sourcing of content. Moreover, they will also provide you with business plans and also help manage activities.

2. Personalization is the HOT trend

In a self-obsessed world like ours, everyone wants to be prioritized and personalization weighs way more than anything else. Content marketing strategy has always been focused on developing content that satisfies the specific needs of the diverse population we are targeting.

Digital Marketing has amplified this trend in recent years by using ML to obtain peculiar data about your potential and existing audience. And perhaps, how people engage with your content marketing strategy will help the algorithms predict future topics and subjects of interest. Thus, improving your chances of catering to the specific needs of these individuals.

The machine categorically divides your potential clients on the basis of their response to specific events. It helps your content be personalized at every stage of your buyer’s journey, which is a vital feature when it comes to one-to-one marketing. Plus, some tools that can work as your partner in crime are OneSpot, Open topic, and CaliberMind.

Content Marketing

3. ML can help with Right Content too

Why your audience is searching for a said thing is an important element to consider in order to create the right content. Artificial Intelligence helps to gather data on popular search queries and the latest trends to figure out what your audience might need in the near future. Thus, helping you to walk ahead of time with a content marketing strategy. 

Rather than finding the topics yourself for the article, you can take AI’s help in sorting out subjects and content marketing that received the highest social engagement to help you understand what suits your target better.

4. Don’t Guess, just Analyze using Machine Learning

Just imagine, you put all your effort into writing an article with perfect English, pictures, alignment, and information. That is THE best out there but no one reads it! What a waste, right? If your content is not what your audience wants, it makes it a big waste of your time and effort. Needless to say that it is the last thing you want. So to avoid an incident like this, you can make use of machine learning. Considering that it helps you analyze what your clients are looking for, and what they want to read about so you give them what they need. Rather than what you thought they wanted.

Curata is one of the tools that help you go through the entire creation procedure within one single platform. From finding keywords to creating content, ML will handle everything, leaving you with a lot of free time. It uses NLP to find high-quality content. Plus, it also offers data-driven insights to measure the impact on your audience at large.

Content Automation is the new Cool

Content can improvise with the use of ML algorithms, pointing out passive voice or excluding clichés. Automation plays a vital role in helping small and medium-sized businesses to stay in the race with competitors. This becomes a key player in boosting ROI and reducing costs. So when you implement resources that take care of user management, planning, and more automatically, the productivity will consequently enhance along with the revenues and save you both time and resources.

When you talk about Digital Marketing Services, SEO Services in Lahore have their own standing and to complement it, your content marketing strategy must be top-notch. However, it’s perfectly fine if you don’t feel too confident about using ML technology to ease up your work. Being a Digital Marketing Company, we’ve seen many businesses make their way through this technology, though we suggest, you should consider getting assistance from a professional. And for that purpose, get in touch with some reputable Digital Marketing Companies in Chicago because they can surely walk you all the way.







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