5 Worthy reasons to connect your Odoo ERP and Odoo CRM

Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 13, 2020

In this tech-driven era, where we get the news of an innovation every day, realistically, digital transformation is a long-drawn obstructed path. So if you’re the one who is the in-charge of this transformation, your supervision involves dealing with employee aversion to alterations, adopting software solutions that are power-driven to suffice the specific requirements of teams, and securely integrating Odoo Oriented ERP Solutions and Odoo CRM, after Odoo Implementation.

Amid the Odoo ERP Implementation and Customization, solution frictions that can occur within a company, Xcentric Services has noticed the dilemma between Odoo ERP and Odoo CRM. On one hand, we have a global operations management tool that can seem rather complicated and inflexible. But at the same interval, aims to structure and connect the company’s workflows. On the other hand, there prevails a functional customer relationship management solution. The one that makes it achievable to regulate commercial management, enhance customer relations, and implement indicators.

Ever thought about what if this dilemma could hush away? In this article, we’ll be giving you five reasons why we bridged the gap between our Odoo ERP and Odoo CRM.

Advanced Data Quality Management with Odoo Implementation

As the name hints, Data Quality Management efforts to assure that the data flowing within a company is high-quality. But do you know how? By engaging appropriate indicators that better measure the quality criteria.

While analyzing the indicators utilized to assess data quality, the following should be taken into consideration;

  • Uniqueness – How many intricate patterns of data exist within the Information System
  • Completeness – Is the entire data recorded?
  • Consistency – Does the recorded data have identical values across multiple data systems?

Connecting your Odoo CRM and Odoo ERP is an influential milestone in enhancing your company’s data quality. Interconnecting this couple of Odoo ERP Solutions in Pakistan and Odoo CRM advances the circulation of data and sequentially improves information flow connecting the sales teams and the rest of the company.

What are your thoughts on Data Quality Management? Let us know!

Odoo Implementation

Dynamic Data Retrieval and Increased Productivity

*Hey! Did you follow up on the CRM?*

These sorts of questions usually apprehend in offices when inquiring client follow-up information. By connecting the Odoo CRM to the Odoo ERP, you ensure that all company data is accessible. On a separate interface with a uniform file organization.

Uniting the data means being capable to efficiently and promptly analyze what you are scanning for. This spares your reliable time when researching information.

Dynamic Data Retrieval and Increased Productivity

Look at the bigger picture of Business Operations

To effectively envision future alterations within your company, it is essential to have the strength to take a step back and look at the more prominent picture. By connecting your Odoo ERP to Odoo CRM, your Odoo ERP Implementation Services finally become the power tower for data management within the company; as it should be. Surprisingly, the Odoo ERP Development Services allow you to achieve a regularly updated status report on employee movement. Production, for instance, is now merely a few clicks away from grasping how many sales were made last month and preparing future projections. It’s up to you to take account of all the possibilities proposed by this connection.

This connection also makes it attainable to stimulate collaboration between your teams by breaking down the boundaries present within the company. Marketing, sales, finance and all other departments can now see the actions conducted by other teams and more competently coordinate their activities.

Logistical Sales Team Integration

What is the inventory situation?

Where are we with production?

When will the customers receive their shipment?

In assumption, your sales team would have to investigate the answers to these. And many other questions to secure a stable and competent customer relationship. Why terminate your sales team with inadequate data available in the Odoo CRM when the company has an Odoo ERP that is promptly accessible and competent in accommodating continuous comprehensive data? By connecting them both, the sales team can answer customer inquiries without having to communicate with a medium.

Of logistical follow-ups to the freshest price updates, thanks to the connection between these two Odoo Solutions. The sales team now has advanced perceptibility for sounder customer responsiveness, all without having to steadily shift tools.

Logistical Sales Team Integration

Urbanized Information Systems – All Thanks to Odoo Implementation

Netflix’s favorite Marie Kondo will let you perceive you that you have to discard anything in your house that doesn’t appeal to your satisfaction. Likewise, same is accurate for a company’s information system. Duplicate data does not bring pleasure and should be deemed ineffective. So what’s better than throwing it out?

The regime of your information system requires definition so that you can promptly locate the data you are recovering. And for that reason, connecting your Odoo CRM to your Odoo Implementation ERP is a significant step ahead in the urbanization of a company’s information system.

Urbanized Information Systems

Perhaps, if you’re still eager to know about some more benefits of connecting your Odoo Implementation Project Plan with Odoo CRM, connect with our Odoo certified team of professionals providing Odoo Consulting Services at Xcentric Services.







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