Why Connect Your Odoo ERP And E-Commerce Site?

Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 13, 2020

So, you’re the impressive brains behind a new and very successful E-Commerce marketing services site or the subtle manager of a committed space in a marketplace like Daraz or Amazon? Maybe you’ve even mingled the pair? Placing new products online, assuring compatibility between Odoo ERP and E-Commerce Platform Integration Services in Pakistan, and controlling inventories, and suppliers; All these tasks are fairly time-consuming, aren’t they?

Hence, you need to have the plan to streamline everything. So have you thought about how to increase productivity and aid the management of your complex sales channels? Xcentric Services is a provider of Magento E-Commerce Development Services in Pakistan, and an Odoo Partner in Pakistan suggesting – Connecting your Odoo ERP with your E-Commerce site. Though we understand, you can’t make this choice in a go. Hence, we’ve covered this article compelling you to go forth with the decision. Let’s get through it!

Enjoy the Power of Odoo – Connect Odoo ERP And E-Commerce Site

Even though Odoo Oriented ERP Solutions offer robust and accessible to use E-Commerce plug-ins, a business takes into attention the ones who have determined to manage their website along with other technologies like  Magneto, Shopify, and WordPress. And for those who manage only online marketplaces, you haven’t been neglected either. There’s positive news;  You too can experience the power of Odoo ERP Solutions in Pakistan – All Thanks to the plugins created by Odoo’s active community. Simply connect your E-Commerce site to Odoo, and voila, you’re all sorted out. It is always suggested to get it done by Odoo Specialists in Pakistan.

Preferring an integrator is more obvious because they’re able to pick the appropriate connectors. Plus, they will be able to make the essential alterations to synchronize the Odoo ERP Development Services with your selling channels, consider any platform variations, and import internet consumer data to your CRM. Though it sounds like a lot, an integrator doesn’t panic!

Preferring an integrator to combine your Odoo ERP Implementation Services with your E-Commerce site doesn’t certainly indicate that you have to set aside limitless funds. Contrarily, integrating with Odoo ERP Development Service for Businesses will enable you to begin on the best path and spare you a lot of time and dollars in the long run.

Odoo ERP Development Service for Businesses

Maintain Up-To-Date Products Catalogs by Centralized Management

Centralization and Automation – A pair of significant bonuses a business gains for connecting their E-Commerce site to Odoo ERP Solutions in Chicago. This modernized connection requires you to sustain an exclusive, up-to-date product inventory. As soon as you modify the inventory information, everything is automatically revived on your E-Commerce site. This is a time saver for data management tasks, hence, there’s no more need to double-check each platform to validate that there’s an accurate revive in information.

Technically, it is a more competent idea to make Odoo ERP Implementation your data master, as objected to your E-Commerce site. If you manage your E-Commerce site as a data container, it can soon become burdened as a consequence of the marketplace’s high capacity-driven goal. Because regrettably, websites don’t deliver on such high dimensions. Though on the other hand, your Odoo ERP will be able to manage the pressure. And perhaps, the orders and consumer data in Odoo are also centralized – All Thanks to its CRM and Sales Module. Once the transaction has been executed, the buyer’s data is conveyed in one agile modernized action.

Odoo ERP

Automatically Linked Production and Inventory

The Odoo charm doesn’t stop here – All Thanks to Odoo’s very comprehensive practical coverage. Businesses now have the dynamism to connect their E-Commerce sites to their production tools. Perhaps, businesses can now set up as many rules as they require. Odoo ERP, for instance, lets you execute make-to-order production and smallest stock rules. So whenever a customer places a purchase order on a sales channel, Odoo conveys data to your production services. Which then drives the essential manufacturing orders.

Moreover, a business can also centralize inventory management by connecting Odoo ERP and E-Commerce sites. Even if they have three E-Commerce sites with complex builds, currencies, or languages. So wait no more and connect Odoo ERP and E-Commerce Site to update product data in real-time.

Odoo ERP

What’s the Odoo Advantage for E-Commerce?

Odoo convinces you to have an adequate reference in the marketplace. It offers an extensive quantity of customization opportunities. So you can supplement the number of product fields you want for a specific product. Dimensions, color, weight, and whatnot, Odoo empowers you to settle a stable list of well-defined criteria online. The most beneficial part is that you won’t have to record this data multiple times for several selling platforms. Hence, it saves you a lot of time while ensuring product visibility.

Odoo Implementation Services

Xcentric Sevices is an Odoo Official Partner in Pakistan supporting businesses in Odoo ERP Implementation and Customization for years. So if you need some help with connecting your Odoo ERP and E-Commerce site, schedule a meeting with us today!







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