Confused About Buying Xbox One Or Xbox One S

John Smith

  • Feb 07, 2019

The gaming console firm, Microsoft launched Xbox One which seems to be a mighty gaming console. Xbox players were pleased at that moment and imagine what else could be added to the console.

After a while, Microsoft noticed some new upgrades that can be added to the Xbox gaming console. Having the best gaming experience Xbox One was still not that massive and powerful as Microsoft wanted to create. After years in 2016 Microsoft announced that another gaming console will be in stores soon, the Xbox One S. The console was said to be the most powerful gaming console of that time.

Some new players and other users who are willing to switch to the new Xbox One or Xbox One S are a bit confused in choosing between these two gaming consoles. For their ease, I would like to share that Xbox One S is the best gaming console to start your gaming journey. If you are planning to buy Xbox One S or Xbox One you can visit the Xcentric Services website store to get the gaming console and Xbox One games in Pakistan. Moreover, you can check out the people counting camera price also. This is a new tech tool as the performance management solution.

Let’s take a brief tour of the main features and specifications of Xbox One and Xbox One S.

Microsoft launched the Xbox One S couple of years ago and it still is the backbone to the Microsoft Xbox family even in 2019. Xbox One S is actually the result of continuous adjustments to the original design. Xbox One S made its own place among other Microsoft gaming consoles and after the Xbox One, the Xbox One S is said to be the standard of gaming consoles. The Xbox One S has a sleek and pointed aesthetic look in shape. The console is much smaller than the previous Xbox One version. Other features consist of vertical positioning, an internal power supply, and a physical power button not like the old touch-sensitive key.

The third-generation controller is packed along with the console. The controller is also improved having Bluetooth support gives it the ability to connect to different devices. The phenomenon of the Kinect motion sensor ends here in Xbox One S. If anybody still wants to use it they have to buy an adapter for it. This change does not affect anything on the console.

There was a misunderstanding with the launch of Xbox One, that Microsoft is putting the efforts to create online streaming devices rather than the best gaming console. Later it was revealed that Xbox One was one of the best gaming consoles plus it allows online streaming and you can enjoy your television with the gaming. So the same question is raised for Xbox One S, is it good as a gaming console?

The Xbox One S has compatibility with all the Xbox One games and upcoming games for the future. With the Xbox One S, you can expect the best gaming experience resolution up to 1080p at 60 frames per second (FPS).

It is obvious to say that Xbox One S is the might gaming console you can count on. Best resolution and the supported space will never ruin your gaming experience and a console like that available at so reasonable price that’s another plus.

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