Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid: Are You Watching Out For Them?

kashif ali

  • Feb 21, 2022

Simply launching a fully-functioning website does not work anymore. Fair enough, websites represent businesses online, which is why it needs to be attractive and well-designed. Otherwise, no one takes them seriously, and for the same reason, you will come across businesses that have hired Xcentric Services. As a digital marketing agency, we can help you too in improving the website and getting more visitors by focusing on the common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2022.

Five SEO Mistakes The Experts At Xcentric Avoid

Many agencies promise to drive a high volume of visitors to websites through search engines. However, because the internet is chocked with them, not every optimization strategy is effective and can backfire. So why take the risk, especially when we are living in a digital era? Below, we have discussed all the SEO mistakes that we avoid as an agency and rank our clients on the #1 rank of the search engines.

Google Analytics Data

1. Google Analytics Data

To track the user interactions and traffic on a website, Google Analytics is a very popular tool. Using it, the SEO experts at Xcentric Services keep an eye on where the traffic on the websites of clients comes from, track the conversions, and see the way users interact with different pages.

The analytics also enable the experts to see which pages of the website are underperforming and highlight the pages that have started doing well. Most of the clients that get on board with us complain that their website traffic does not increase. Guess what? They used to re-optimize the pages that do not even need SEO. Hence, by leveraging the data in Google Analytics, we make things work for them.

2. Less Or Duplicate Content

Just one of the Common SEO Mistakes that gives the worst results. You must have heard all your life that content is the KING and that is very true when it comes to ranking on search engines. Pages that have less content are difficult to understand for the crawlers and have no place for targeting important keywords.

Commonly, this mistake of uploading less content happens on pages with products or services on them – and the target audience usually does not understand such pages. Hence, on the websites of our clients, we add content using natural language, targeted keywords, and without plagiarism. Therefore, increasing the chances of the page getting found.

Besides, there is no exact count of words that we follow to rank all the pages of a website on the search engines. It all depends on the topic of the page, content type, and most importantly – what the target audience expects.

Unfortunately, many business owners take the wrong way by adding copied content on their websites, without even considering the word count limit. However, to increase the inbound traffic on the websites and save our clients from getting penalized by Google, we avoid making such mistakes in the content.

SEO Common Mistakes

3. Shady Link Building

Getting backlinks in unnatural ways is a quick way to get the website a manual action penalty from the search engines. Even though building links the wrong way is not a common SEO mistake these days, if it’s done, the results can break the game for rankings of a website. Yes, marketers do buy links and create links between different websites, set up their own blogs for backlinking, and go for guest blogging. However, it is now a technique of the past because the algorithm has changed.

Google now considers the link-building scheme as illegitimate and discourages the optimization technique. Hence, we at Xcentric Services have added back-linking to our link of SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2022. Instead of it, we now draft user-friendly, high-quality, and authoritative content that gets organic links. To point out, we avoid the following practices when ranking our clients on search engines:

  • Paying other websites to give our client’s website a backlink
  • Writing content for other websites and requesting backlinks in return
  • Purposely trying to get backlinks from websites not related to our client’s industry
  • Overcrowding the content on the website with multiple links to one page

4. Submitting Sitemap

Making a sitemap is just the first step but making Google crawl the map is a MUST, and that is where agencies and businesses make a mistake mostly. So, one of the best practices we follow when optimizing client websites is submitting their sitemap in Search Console. It makes finding important pages easy for the crawlers and the Google bot does not waste time on crawling the unimportant or duplicate links. Submitting the sitemap is also one of the important SEO Common Mistakes to avoid because it indicates which pages of a website are vulnerable to rankings and can be indexed.

Most Common SEO Mistakes

5. SEO During Development

One of the most important SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2022 begins even before one thinks of doing it and that is – thinking about optimizing the website when it is too late. When setting out for creating a new website or revamping an existing one, technical SEO, on-page, and off-page elements need to be considered.

For instance, elements like mobile-friendliness, website structure, JavaScript, page speed, and URL conversions need to be on-point. However, because SEO during website development is quite complex and comprises of many factors, you cannot keep a check on all of them. Therefore, hiring an agency like us to avoid this mistake in optimizing your website for the search engine is the safest way ahead in 2022.


Search engine optimization is crucial in this digital era where countless websites are launched every day. Unfortunately, many of the owners of these websites make BIG mistakes and do not integrate SEO in their marketing strategies – resulting in little to no traffic on the websites. It severely hurts their rankings on the search engine, the traffic, and eventually sales. Hence, let the professionals at Xcentric Services help you go high up in rankings by avoiding the Most Common SEO Mistakes and targeting result-driven website optimization strategies.







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