Chromium Powered Edge First Look Out!

John Smith

  • Mar 29, 2019

Microsoft claims that Windows 10 is the most powerful and reliable operating system right now and to maintain the position new updates are rolling out.

It was known for a while that Microsoft is cooking something and revamping Microsoft Edge browser on Chromium. The software creator, Microsoft already put the browser’s different versions on the test and it internally tested new Edge browser at Microsoft. A couple of days ago the first look of the chromium powered Edge browser is out and now you can have a look on the exclusive first look of the new Edge before the official launch of the browser.

Recently out screenshots of the Microsoft Edge browser look almost same as Google Chrome browser, but Microsoft added some new personal features and animations to give the Chromium powered browser a look of Microsoft Windows browser.

If you are not using Windows 10, you are missing all the fun part of using the best operating system in the world. You should upgrade your computer to Windows 10 to enjoy the updates that are launched for features also for the smooth user interface.

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Getting back to the Microsoft Edge browser installation procedure. When you are installing Chromium version of Edge for the first time, you will be allowed to import your favorites, passwords, and browsing history from Google Chrome browser or a previous version of Edge browser that you were using. The installation setup screen allows you to select a style as the default tab page before you start using the browser.

Almost all of the user interface of the new Edge browser is based on Chrome and Edge, and Microsoft has just tried to add its own little changes here and there. There is a read-aloud ease option, and it just reads the page loudly this feature was already present in the current version of Edge.

Some features that the customers were demanding are looking missing in the new version of Edge. For example, Microsoft has not executed the browser set aside tabs feature yet, and the option of writing on the browser with a stylus is not available as well. Although the new Microsoft Edge browser has a dark mode theme.

The new Edge browser also supports extensions and a dedicated page for extensions is approved to come. You will be able to install all the Google Chrome extensions from Google Play Store, just by overturning a switch in the extension’s settings of the browser.

Chromium Powered browser allows users to sync the extensions in the settings for this new version of Edge, but this offering may not be available with this update right away. Some Edge new features that are mentioned now will be available for all users in a few months. You will be only allowed to sync our favorites with this update later after some months you will be able to sync your settings, history, extensions, open tabs, passwords, and auto-fill information.

The early version of Edge based on Chromium is said to be light and runs quickly with the new look the browser looks polished. If Microsoft is planning to bring some good improvements and tries to keep Edge optimized in the future, I do not think there is any reason to use Chrome on Windows 10 anymore. The previous version of Edge was never recommended as Edge before as it was usually slow, heavy, and didn’t work properly with all websites. This new Edge looks entirely different, the reason behind the change is the backend.

It is not announced that when is Microsoft launching the Chromium Powered Edge browser for all users but it is said it will be out in a few months.

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