Why use Chatbots in your 2020 Digital Marketing Strategies?

Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 09, 2020

Chatbots are conversational systems integrated by business in their Digital Marketing in Pakistan strategies. In 2019, according to research, around 65% of businesses used chatbots as customer support representatives. Fast forward to 2020, the ways businesses communicate with their audience have evolved. Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are some of the show stoppers, which now rule the world of Chatbots.

Ever experienced a conversation with a Chatbot? Ever thought that these script-driven bots could rule the Digital Marketing world?  2020 is the year when this thought will become a reality.

Surprisingly, the audience is gravitating towards this bot technology super-fast. Hence, considering this, savvy marketers have turned their faces towards the path of this smart conversing technology. So to be sure that the audience is seeing your brand’s message, consider integrating a cool Chatbot in your next Digital Marketing strategy.

However, if you’re one of those businesses still functioning with the long-standing customer service team, here are some good reasons encouraging you to make chatbots a part of your strategies.

Chatbots Provide a Human-Like Conversing Experience

Even though chatbots are used for business interactions, yet, they need to be informal. And that’s exactly where businesses misunderstand Chatbot-human discussions. In this ever-evolving era, a bot that responds to commands faster, and best understands the queries, is considered as the most successful tweak to a business’s digital marketing strategy.

Fortunately, AI and Machine Learning have made this human-like conversing features in a Chatbot, a reality. However, if you’re not into AI and ML, here’s how you can tweak your backend, to create a conversational robot for your digital marketing strategy.

  • Write Inviting Bot-Welcoming Messages; They amaze Customers
  • Program the Bot to ask Open-ended Questions
  • Train and Update the Bot, after all, it’s a Human’s replacement

Rest assured, if you have a Chatbot powered by AI and ML, or a code-operating bot, they’re both going to contribute a lot in the success of your Digital Marketing strategy, so why talk when you have Chatbots?

Here’s an example of how health care providers are benefiting from human-like conversing chatbots.

Chatbots Provide a Human-Like Conversing Experience

They Qualify Leads

Chatbots have been in popularity since the end of 2019. The reason? They get a business more virtual visitors and complete customer databases. Considering that the businesses are always struggling to ask customers to fill their web forms.

However, engaging and conversational chatbots are a solution to this too. Even though web forms are considered to be too lengthy and boring, chatbots are smart enough to get them completed by starting intellectual conversations. This way, a business gets more conversions. Hence, increasing the return on their investment in Social Media Marketing Services

Meet the new HR – Chatbot

Developing businesses, with massive workforces, have started using chatbots for their internal workflow processing. The savvy marketers have a vision that by the end of 2020, chatbots won’t only generate leads. However, they’ll play the role of the very important person in organizations – The HR.

Chatbot powered onboarding of employees is the new trend, and surprisingly, it’s very cost-effective. A Chatbot is a one-time investment, and a human HR requires a monthly salary, so what’s the smartest decision? Investing in a clever HR-Bot. These chatbots carry out the basic interviewing sessions and answers any questions the candidate has. Sounds too virtual? It’s going to be the reality, hence, invest in one, and make your digital marketing strategy work wonders.

Bot Users face lesser Cart Abandonments

Being very true to the fact that a lot of customers abandon carts. Unfortunately, the digital teams can only retain them through prolonged email; journeys, which sometimes won’t be effective.

However, the hero of Digital Marketing Services in Lahore – Chatbot, is known to lessen cart abandonment, and surprisingly, in some cases, they’ve also completed a whole sales process. Technically, when a customer abandons a cart, to reach them back, you need their email. However, with a Chatbot, this isn’t necessary. Hence, being a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we’d suggest, integrate a Chatbot in your strategy to improve your sales conversions.

Bot Users face lesser Cart Abandonment

Combine the Forces  – Messenger Apps and Chatbots

Earlier, applications like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, preferred by businesses to answer customer queries, were handled in a typical way. Digital teams would sit back to answer any queries just to make sure that the conversations are more humanely.

Fair enough, this was wasn’t too bad either, but what’s better than saving up some time and investing it on other workflows that need more human attention?

Considering that the Millennials and Gen Z are already much into virtual reality and artificial intelligence, they’re at ease with chatbots and the messenger applications. Hence, being a Social Media Marketing Company, we combine these two forces to make marketing a hit for clients, not a miss.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots and Digital Marketing strategies integrated, make a perfect pair. And without any doubt, Chatbots are the to-be-future-heroes of generating qualified leads and increasing conversions. This article, combined with the tech-advancements makes certain that if you haven’t integrated a Chatbot in your strategies, now is the right time.

Sure, we know you’d need some help with this integration. Hence, feel free to get in touch with us at Xcentric Services today. We are a Social Media Marketing Agency that helps businesses integrate chatbots in their marketing strategies and make them work. 







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