Changes To Look For In Latest Windows 10

John Smith

  • Apr 24, 2019

People who are connected to Microsoft since the old versions of Windows know very well what Windows 10 is capable of and how powerful the Operating System is.

The year 2018 was not a prosperous year for Windows 10, things happened such as users lost their data due to broken updates and that added a bad impact on the users. It is said that this year will be a great year for Microsoft Windows 10 because the company is coming with some latest updates and new features.

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Here are some major updates that are said to be released in Windows 10 in 2019

Pause Windows Updates

The most important update that is coming in Windows 10 this year is that users can now pause the Windows update for up to 7 seven days. This will like pause updates option on the Windows Update screen and will give users more of a chance to get informed about a given update.

Lighter Windows

Microsoft was struggling to make an operating system lighter than the presently working Windows 10 but with failures and a series of experiments, Microsoft created an operating system that is actually lighter than the original Windows 10. The operating system is named as Windows 10 Lite and it will give Chrome operating systems a tough competition.

Right now the company did not share any update about the release of the light operating system but rumors are spread that Windows 10 Lite will be out soon in 2019.

Hello Chromium

Microsoft Edge was a disappointment to the company and users were not pleased with its working so the developers thought to create something new rather than improving the Edge browser by sending updates and patches. While the market is taken by Chrome browser by Google and so Microsoft also stepped into it and created a chromium-based browser. The announcement of the browser was made in 2018 by Microsoft but it is not out till now.

According to the updates, the chromium-based browser will be out this year, yet no official date is announced about the release.

Changes In Built-in Applications

With the new update, the users will experience the separation of search and voice assistance Cortana. The search will help the users to get results from the internet and Cortana might be dealing with the internal search results.

Moreover, Microsoft is now allowing users to remove the built-in applications in Windows 10. Before this users have to keep all the built-in applications. Now the Windows 10 users can free up some space from their computer and if needed they can reinstall the built-in applications from the Microsoft store.

Enhanced Phone Synchronization

The phone integration feature of Windows 10 was limited and confusing so far. Before the latest changes users have to install the phone application to send messages and to connect to their personal computers.

The company just changed it all the things regarding smartphone connectivity as they are adding some features to the Windows 10 and phone companion application that the users will be pleased with after using it.

Still, there are many things to fix and things that need improvement and it is going to be a long year for Microsoft to improve their position for the public. Everybody is hopeful that at the end of 2019 Microsoft is going to satisfy us all, by bringing new and improved features to Windows 10.

Although the operating system needs some changes still it is the most used operating system of the world till now. So if you are planning to upgrade your Windows come visit Xcentric Store to get Windows 10 price in Pakistan.







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