Changes Made In People Counter Technology

John Smith

  • Jan 31, 2019

The people counting camera is a new way to analyze and keep a record of your business. Many improvements are made to technology in the past few years.

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Infrared Beam People Counter

In this type of technology in people counting camera a horizontal line of infrared beam is set across the entrance of the building and whenever the connection of beam is broken the sensor counts a person. This technology is not so accurate but it is common nowadays in malls and stores.

The reason of inaccuracy of the technology is because it counts only one person whenever the beam is broken even if two or three people entered in the area at the same time, still it will count one person. It is said that the accuracy of infrared beam people counter is approximately 60% to 80%.

2D People Counter

2D people counting cameras are little bit different from infrared beam technology but the purpose is same. The 2D people counter is fit at a reasonable height to view at the targeted area and then people are counted from the video data collected from the device, the movements in the video help the device to count people.

The idea of its accuracy can be measured that the device cannot differ between objects and humans. If everything goes right the maximum accuracy might be up to 80%.

Thermal people counter

Thermal people counters work as they check the temperature of the bodies of people passing, the heat radiations from the bodies may vary the temperature of the surroundings and with the help of heat sensors available in the device creates the data of counting people.

These type of cameras can be linked together to cover more area and with the help of heat sensor in the device, the camera can be used in more crowded area and the dark areas because the device can detect in dark as well. Thermal people counter are best at malls and stores because there is a proper flow of crowd in such areas. Their size is like a mini smoke detector.

Wi-Fi people counter

These types of counters are available in various sizes. Wi-Fi people counter operate with the help of wireless access points and the camera is installed in the nearby of area that is chosen to be monitored. It is seen that the cameras are usually installed in the ceiling of the room of the area. As the size of the devices differs, the range and the accuracy of these cameras also differ from each other. The counting by this device is not so accurate because the counts are made according to people not using the Wi-Fi on their devices.

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3D People Counter

3D people counting camera is a combination of 3rd and 4th generation of technologies plus Wi-Fi counting allows users to get accurate data from the device. The stereoscopic vision helps to detect the height and the fourth generation technology reduces the fear of getting inaccurate data from the device because the third generation devices were not so accurate. This technology gives the maximum accuracy of 95%.

These are some old and new technologies working to improve the performance management and to create authenticate data. Xcentric Services provide the best people counting camera price. Moreover, being the partners of Microsoft partners, Xcentric Services have a new range of Xbox Games in Pakistan Now.







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