Changes added to new Windows 10

John Smith

  • Jan 29, 2019

Microsoft is dominantly known for the series of operating systems for our computers. With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has set new targets for the business.

Windows is the series of operating systems created by Microsoft and the latest product of this series is Windows 10, it was released in 2015 and the launch of Windows 10 was a massive success for Microsoft. The operating system was created to work on all Microsoft devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers, it also works in Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console.

The new update in the series of windows has great new changes Internet Explorer the traditional browser from the early times is now replaced with the new web browser Edge. Other than this many new features are added to Windows 10. The users who experienced Windows 8 know that Microsoft skipped the traditional classic start menu and added a title screen menu but some users did not like it that much so keeping that in mind in Windows 10 Microsoft added single column classic menu and added tiles in the classic start menu demonstrating the combination of the traditional and modern start menu.

Microsoft also teased Apple and Android by creating a Windows store for the users. Not only apps but the Windows 10 user can buy games, movies, music, apps, and TV shows from the store. That means you don’t have to switch online markets to buy these things, in fact, you can get them all just by entering to windows store and the stuff you buy will work on all your windows 10 supported devices.

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Cortana is also introduced in this version of Windows, Cortana is voice assistance that was first experienced in Microsoft Windows Phone but later they added the feature in Windows 10 also. This personal digital assistant is the area of Microsoft and in the field of digital assistants Microsoft is leading, the voice assistants such as Siri and Google Now are overrated after Cortana. Windows 10 is trying to put it on the desktop for the first time and Cortana is enabled in many applications. In Microsoft, Edge Cortana is enabled to set reminders, make reservations and get the directions but this all is based upon what page you are using in the Microsoft Edge.

The big change is that you can now switch devices while doing any task. If you are working on your computer and somehow you can’t continue your work on it you can just switch to your laptop or tablet and start over exactly from where you left in the previous device. Xbox application is added to the PC so if your computer is busy or occupied you can start from Xbox and your progress and game data will all be saved in your PC as well.

Microsoft did great in the latest Windows 10; these were some of the main changes they have added to the new version of windows. Microsoft Windows 10 allows you to do any kind of work and help you to add creativity and enhance your productivity. Talking about enhancing Microsoft also has a DataBase Management System DBMS known as SQL Server. The software helps you to add your data in a way that you can recall it anytime you want. Like other DBMS SQL Server is not so hectic to use. With the new updates in the software, the working on it is easier. You will get different costs for the software but get best SQL Server 2017 price at Xcentric Services website.

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