6 Metrics Are Leveraged To Improve Call Center In Pakistan?

Mahum Khalid

  • Aug 15, 2022

Call centers can do wonders when it comes to customer experience – only if the agents perform well. It is important to track the performance of a Call Center in Pakistan for getting an insight into how the customers are perceiving the sales and support. If you ask us about the KEY INGREDIENTS to improving the performance of a Top Call Center in Lahore, without thinking for a second, we would scream Call Metrics and KPIs.

By tracking these, the data can be leveraged to identify loopholes and improve the Call Center Campaigns. In this guide, we have discussed how we being a BPO Company track the performance when businesses outsource our call center team and how we can make this work to your benefit.

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First Things First – Why Do We Measure Call Center Performance?

The performance of a call center in Pakistan measures how well every call center agency is performing individually, as well as how the whole team is managing the customers overall. Quite obviously, if you outsource a Call Center in Pakistan for your business, you would want it to operate as efficiently and productively as possible. The more call center in Pakistan agents achieve daily, the more your customer satisfaction and revenues will skyrocket.

While the bottom line is everyone’s favorite showstopper, a productive call center does not only benefit the customers but the Call Center in Pakistan Representatives too. Surely, customers, these days value businesses that go above and beyond the standard to provide them with a smooth experience. If the call center agents accommodate them well, they become loyal brand ambassadors for the business – potentially widening the reach and boosting sales.

Call Center in Pakistan

In addition, performance tracking also allows engaging the call center agents through rewards and feedback that make them more actively involved in their Call Center Job in Pakistan. Combined, all these efforts motivate the call center agents, improve customer satisfaction and reduce the problems that come when you Outsource Customer Services.

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6 Metrics We Track For Improving Call Center Performance

To set milestones, monitor the performance, and make data-driven changes, we track certain metrics and KPIs when providing Call Center Services. We apply the metrics to individual call center agent performance, team performance, and the business’s goals behind hiring an Inbound Call Center in Pakistan or Outbound Call Center in Pakistan.

All you have to do is share the goals with us to show a bigger picture. Though right here, we too want to show you a bigger picture of which metrics are tracked by team Xcentric to provide Call Center Consulting and ensure better call center performance.

1. First-Call Resolution

A metric that indicates whether customer issues are addressed satisfactorily or not during their first call to the business. In case this rate is low, as a Call Center Out Sourcing Company, we miss a second and start analyzing the trends.

Are the customers getting return outbound calls timely?

Are they getting transferred to relevant representatives?

Does every agent have the tools needed for solving problems?

Positive answers to all these questions are what our Call Center BPO agents aim at, as it helps in figuring out customer concerns and addressing them timely, and in the right manner.

2. Missed Calls

Often, customers have concerns that are urgent and important, perhaps the reason behind them taking out time to contact the business. Those are the calls that you dare not miss – and that is where Call Center in Pakistan comes to the rescue.

Call Centers in Lahore

In case lots of inbound calls are missed when providing Inbound Call Center Services, at our Call Center Agency, we use this metric to identify whether there is an issue with efficiency or staffing. Particular attention is paid to the peak calling period to analyze if enough call center agents are there to manage the call volume or if the process needs to be scaled.

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3. Average Call Length

Around different industries, the average call handling time is around six minutes. Even though your benchmark should be lower or higher depending on the industry, this metric indicates the efficiency and effectiveness of the call center agents and inbound plus Outbound Call Center Services. If they are spending too little or too much time on calls, we get a call center agent training session in order at our Call Center in Pakistan.

4. Count Of Calls Answered

Call center agents approximately take the same count of calls during their shift but if the call answering count is decreasing, we work on their call handling capabilities and speed. Or, if they are answering too many calls, it is not necessarily alarming – but can sign rushed work. Hence, to balance it all, when providing Call Center Outsourcing Services, we share the expected call count with the call center agents and set up goals for them so that their progress can be measured.

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5. Average Wait Times

No sugar coating here – you are bound to lose customers if they have to wait more than five minutes for a response. So, whenever we find out through the metrics that the customers are waiting in the queue for several minutes, the breakdown point is evaluated. It involves checking the call volume to make sure that the Outsourced Call Center team is scaled properly for the shifts.

Pro Tip: Overlook this metric at the business level – as a delay from one busier department’s side can impact the wait time of customer calls.

Call Center Outsourcing 

6. Call Frequency

Usually connected to the first-call resolution, this metric shows how many times a customer has called – which can mean that their problem is not solved. Through customer satisfaction surveys, we check why the customers are calling back; whether it is a defect in Call Center Outsourcing or service/product of the business.

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