Call Center Campaigns: Important Metrics That We Track

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  • Feb 15, 2023

Year after year, researchers conduct customer surveys that conclude calls as the most preferred communication channel by customers. If the customer calls are not handled carefully, there is a high possibility of them switching to competitors. Considering it all, customer satisfaction has become a common aspect that helps measure a business’s success. As a result, businesses started hiring agencies like Xcentric to manage their Call Center Campaigns and increase customer satisfaction.

Surely, getting our Call Center Outsourcing Services can help improve customer experience. But not to miss out, it also helps generate more leads and sales – by selling the product or services the right way. Although a business can improve customer experience on its own, managing the call volume gets overwhelming often. A call center campaign can only be effective if it is handled by trained call center agents. You must be thinking – how can a call center track and improve its performance? We do so by simply setting up certain call metrics and KPIs. Keep on reading the blog, as we are going to walk you through the metrics that we track to measure our call center performance.


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4 Metrics We Track To Measure & Improve Call Center Performance

Well-strategized Call Center Campaigns help businesses set milestones, monitor their progress and make data-driven improvements – to maximize sales. We are a Top Call Center in Lahore that sets particular call tracking metrics or KPIs, through which we can see the progress of the call center agents. It helps us measure how their performance affects our client’s business. Below, we are going to give you an insight into the metrics that help us provide the best Outsource Customer Services to businesses in different industries.

1. First-Call Resolution

This call center metric specifies whether a customer is fully satisfied with the customer support provided or not. If the first-call resolution rate goes low, we consider thinking of a new strategy. When managing Call Center Campaigns, our team makes sure to know if the calls from customers are being received without any delay. For instance, customers who wait more than 5 minutes are more likely expected to switch toward competitors.

Hence, to avoid this from happening, we always check the call volume and ensure full customer support. Other than that, at Xcentric, train our Call Center Representatives to sell our client’s products or services without keeping customer calls on hold. We provide proper training and tools to help our agents answer every call timely and satisfy customers.

Outbound Call Center Services - Xcentric

2. Missed Calls

Customers are always looking for quick assistance because they are usually busy and don’t have the time to wait. So, if a customer is calling for support, it is obviously an urgent matter. Being one of the top Call Centers in Lahore, we keep track of peak hours so that our call center agents can assist customers accordingly.

In addition, when managing Call Center Campaigns for businesses, the call center agents at Xcentric pay proper attention to peak calling periods. Therefore, ensuring that the call volumes are properly handled. Moreover, we use different progress-tracking metrics that define each agent’s activities, how quickly they are answering the phone, and how much time they are spending to improve their missed call rate.

3. Answered Call Frequency

The average time for call handling is approximately 6 minutes – which may differ depending on the industry. So if agents spend too much or too little time on each call, we put additional call center training in order. For the agents carrying out Call Center Campaigns, we set a target of calls that they have to attend to measure their performance.

Every customer is important to our client’s business. Therefore, the agents at our Call Center Outsourcing Company are trained to handle maximum call volumes. We measure their performance against the answered call frequency metric, which is reviewed to give back agent feedback and improve call center performance.

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4. Returned Missed Calls

Sometimes due to some technical or other reasons, call center agents may miss a call from customers. When this happens during the Call Center Campaigns we are managing, the agents are bound to call that customer back as soon as possible. This makes the customers feel valued. We provide Outbound Call Center Services in which our agents make sure not to neglect the customers and answer every missed call. In addition, we set a daily target for our agents, so the chances of sloppy or slow work are taken care of.  Moreover, every agent’s progress and missed call metrics are tracked to determine which agent needs extra training.

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Final Words

By now, you must have gotten completely familiar with how we manage Call Center Campaigns to help businesses boost their sales and lead generation. By outsourcing call center agencies like us, many businesses are not only selling their product or service but also connecting with customers on a personal level. Hence, get the outbound and Inbound Call Center Services that we provide at Xcentric to boost your sales and improve customer experience.







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