Call Center Business Process Outsourcing: How Does It Support E-Commerce Fulfilment & Increase Sales?

Mahum Khalid

  • Apr 14, 2022

In the past few years, the E-Commerce industry has been growing rapidly. With the pandemic accelerating the adoption of digital and social media, the growth has skyrocketed and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. However, the competition has also increased because of the boom in the industry. Hence, to stay ahead in the competition, E-Commerce brands are investing in Business Process Outsourcing service provided by Call Centers in Lahore. The services help in taking care of product quality, customer experience delivery, and order fulfillment. Because all these factors cannot be ignored, being on top of them helps win battles in the online retailing industry.

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We cannot stress enough on the importance of Call Center Representatives and order fulfilment as they are dependent on each other. Without seamless fulfilment of orders, the customer experience will get affected, leading to a drop in the reputation of the brand. Researches show that:

  • 94% of the consumers these days blame retailers for poor order delivery.
  • 38% of online buyers abandon their carts because the delivery time is too long.
  • 79% of online buyers are influenced by the Free Shipping policy.
  • 84% of buyers claim that delivery is most important for them when shopping online.

In a nutshell, for retaining customers and making them come back repeatedly, businesses need to offer the best customer support by having an Outsourced Call Center team on board. It will help process orders more seamlessly and help customers get information on their order fulfilment without any hassle. Now, before we get into the details of how Call Center Outsourcing Companies help in delivering great customer service, let us make you understand the process of E-Commerce fulfilment.

E-Commerce Service

What Is E-Commerce Fulfilment?

It is the E-Commerce operation that enables delivering products to the customers. Technically, the process of E-Commerce fulfillment comprises the following:

  • Integration of E-Commerce store and fulfillment center
  • Receiving and managing inventory
  • Order fulfillment
  • Processing returns

How Do E-Commerce Call Center Services Help Deliver Best Customer Support?

To provide your customers with a great fulfillment experience, you have to connect it with the right customer support at every stage. Hence, hire a Top Call Center in Lahore for Business Process Outsourcing and ensure a great customer experience.

Still not sure how Call Center Outsourcing will help in providing your customers with accurate information about their orders? Here is how a Call Center Out Sourcing Company helps in delivering the best customer support at every step of the E-Commerce order fulfillment phase.

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Call Center

✓ Order Processing

Investing in Call Center Services will help provide customers with seamless order processing, as the outsources team will take their orders, process information, and inform you when to fulfill them.

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✓ Order Tracking

When orders are in the fulfillment stage, a Call Center BPO can process the requests for order tracking by the customers. From providing them accurate information related to the fulfillment stage of order to offering an estimated delivery period, the agents doing Call Center Job in Pakistan will do it all. Providing accurate and timely information for the orders this way puts the customers at ease and improves their shopping experience.

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Proactive Communication

In case there is a delay in the delivery of orders, the Call Center in Pakistan team will reach out to the customers proactively and inform them of the delay. They might also provide them with an estimated delivery time, which will improve the satisfaction and ensure a superior Outsource Customer Services.

Customer Service

✓ Returns

In the E-Commerce industry, it is not only about selling and processing orders but also handling return and refund requests. It is the last phase of the journey of any customer and a good refund or return experience can make or break the game. So, to make sure that your customers come back and do business with you again, get Call Center Outsourcing Services. The team handling Business Process Outsourcing will never let refund or return experiences make customers switch to competitors and deliver an exceptional experience for retaining them.

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