Building a WEB STORE and PRODUCT PAGE that converts into ONLINE SALES

Ali Kazmi

  • Jun 12, 2020

You might have an incredible range of products on your Dynamics E-Commerce web store, but have you ever analyzed how your product pages are serving to sell your products? Maximizing conversions requires businesses to optimize each product page. Hence, the safest practice is to benefit from Best CRM for E-Commerce and Web Design Services

Optimized product pages are essential, considering that it is all a user notices before they decide on making a purchase. If you offer an obscure user experience, they won’t be convinced to check out the well-composed pages of your web store. So, what’s your GOAL; Letting your customer just hit the BACK button or driving them to the ADD TO CART button? We assume the latter. 

If you are serious about generating more dollars from your Magento E-Commerce Development business, begin with tackling every product with more care; More than just uploading a grainy product image and a muted one-sentence description. In this article, we’ve shared some tricks and tweaks from our Web Development in Lahore team that help build a product page that generates sales, utilizing apt Web Development ServicesBranding and Graphics Design Services, and Digital Marketing Services.

Satisfying Customer Expectations

When composing an optimized product page, the brand needs to continually be aware of whether it is satisfying customer expectations, or not. As a brand, you might be assuming that you’ve designed an eye-catchy product page. But, the power of a page is defined by how well it navigates a visitor.

The argument in point – If your product page is cluttered and confused, this can have a dramatic influence on whether or not it boosts conversions. Confused customers seldom make purchases, and are considerably more likely to abandon their carts, if only for the fact that they’re experiencing the signals of unprofessionalism and probably insecurity.

When a customer clicks onto your website, it’s your responsibility to satisfy their expectations; Design automated product pages with minimum spam, clearly viewable options, and details just like landing pages. And perhaps, there’s no doubt to the claim that every time a customer views a product online, they wish to be sure of being in good hands and the authenticity of the product being the same as advertised.

You don’t satisfy those concerns by merely uploading a low-resolution image of your product or hitting the visitor with loads of popups and ads. Question yourself; If a customer visited one of your product pages without having ever heard about your brand’s name or even without perceiving your Home page, would they click the BUY NOW button?

Though we assume a NO as the answer, if that’s a confident YES, there’s some serious work to do; Let’s begin with satisfying the customer expectations by designing an efficient product page.

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Essential Components of a Product Page

A well-designed product page consists of various significant details that come together to generate a unified message. The ultimate goal of any product page is to sell the product. However, it’s not as simple as just advertising a product and placing a BUY NOW button. In every case, you need a precise balance of Digital Marketing Services in LahoreSEO Services, and E-Commerce Website Development to securely bridge that gap and persuade a store visitor into a buyer. Follow through this article and discover how these elements fuse to build a dependable product page;

1. Optimized Product Pages

Before a visitor even views the product page, it needs to be designed with the precise SEO Services in Lahore protocols in place. Otherwise, it’s rare to rank higher on Google and expect the audience to discover you. The above fact means that you need to optimize everything showing up on the product page, including the URL. 

The URL of every product needs to be illustrative, but not stuffed of words. Most importantly, it should consist of a long-tail keyword for the product in the subject, along with any significant descriptors, if relevant. Are you aiming for the best possible SEO Services in Chicago results? Clear and concise URLs are the way.

2. Reflecting Product Descriptions

The next most significant aspect of a product page is the product title and description itself. Precisely, the product title needs to reflect what the product is. Though you can still improve the display with some elaborations and filters, while the description perfects specific details and purposes of the product.

The product descriptions need to include a particular keyword you want to rank for, concerning the product that it is representing, and incorporate loads of relevant information that the visitor might need to know.  Precisely, this is where you need to be ahead of other brands in competition. Hence, the product descriptions need to cover every parameter of the products, as well as its applications and benefits, just as you would optimize for landing page conversion.

This way, not only does the reader, but also the search engines are informed of your work. Technically, everything with SEO Services in Pakistan is contextual; When the search engines are crawling information, and they don’t find any related keyword that you rank for, you won’t make it to the visitors’ search results; Concluding you as a weak brand.

3. Eye-Catchy Product Photos

Another domain where a web store usually strive is their product photos. While everyone can’t be assumed to be a trained photographer to get some worthy content for their website, it’s more accessible than ever to capture high-quality photographs of your products.

In this era, everyone owns a cell phone equipped with a high-resolution camera that’s decent enough to take incredible pictures. So if your website still displays low-resolution product photos, there’s some serious work you need to do.

Often, eye-catchy product photos do much more to sell your product than the product itself and loads of product information. Not only this, but Google also prefers the website that boasts incredible and eye-catchy images. Though for that, you need to be sure of a few things;

  • Upload photos with long-tail keywords as their name – Avoid random strings of numbers and letters.
  • Fill the relevant Meta Data such as Alt Tags.

Rest assured, if you’ve filled in all this relevant information precisely, you’ll look safe and professional, giving you an edge over others.

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4. The Over-Looked Element; Interlinking

One notably overlooked element of product pages would be the interlinking. How are you supporting your visitors in locating what they are looking for across your site? Once a visitor clicks on one of your products, how readily can they discover related products through links in the product description?

Precise interlinking helps in decreasing complexity and renders more sales. Even though a visitor might locate your web store  through a Google search, but there’s a possibility that they aren’t looking for YOU. However, with specific interlinking, they’ll be easily able to locate the right products.

For instance, having a Related Products section under your products might lead to additional purchases. Plus, this way, a visitor feels more confident to make a certain purchase, knowing that your store has all the products which they need.

5. Customer Reviews – THE SAVIOURS

The ultimate element of a strong product page is customer reviews. In this era, social proof and trustworthiness are the armor for an online business. The savvy customers of today seek out reviews for making even the tiniest of purchases. Hence, the presence of reviews on a web store is key to most of the online sales.  When making any kind of purchase online, no matter how small, most users will seek out reviews before anything else; considering that it communicates key information to the potential buyer.

Moreover, reviews also contribute information for search engines. And it’s a well-known phenomenon at this point that Google prefers websites and products that have reviews, particularly positive ones. So the more something is accurate and vetted on digital platforms, the more Google will prefer it. Hence, the best practice is to enable reviews on your product pages and engage your buyers to leave them. Though you might have to face some poor reviews too, they are critical to a successful product page; given that how you tackle them.

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How can Xcentric help you compose irresistible Product Pages?

While you might’ve been planning on leaving behind low-resolution images and weak product descriptions. But, to touch on these points and to ensure that each of the elements is placed precisely to boost conversions, you might need to get some professional help from a Web Development Company. Considering that implementing these tactics is not a one-man-show and is admittedly a huge task, let our Web Development in Pakistan professionals at Xcentric Services lift the heavyweight for you.

We being a Web Design Company in Pakistan are capable of composing product pages that convert into online sales; Our team holds on the extensive experience of years in providing Magento E-Commerce Development Services that are user-centered and support Digital Media Marketing campaigns. Get in touch with us today, and let us help you gain the most out of your web store.







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