Build Brand Awareness Through YouTube Advertising

Ali Kazmi

  • Dec 19, 2019

If TV or internet has taught promoters, marketers, and advertisers anything, it’s that video is KING when it comes to building brand awareness, through YouTube Advertising.

But as we all know, getting too comfortable with one platform is never the best idea.

Seeing the fact that Internet and social media users watch more than a billion hours of video per day on YouTube, and that television viewership is declining, it is very well-defined that advertisers must adjust to modern-day consumer preferences. Marketers must embrace YouTube Marketing as a Digital Marketing in Pakistan platform, just as they have done with past advertising mediums.

Why advertise on YouTube?

While YouTube and TV are both visual mediums, we being a Social Media Marketing Company believe that YouTube is  far more influential and dominant to you as an advertiser.

Unlike TV, YouTube is available as a persistent resource to consumers. YouTube reaches your customers while they are looking at their cell phones during their morning travels to schools or offices, on their tablets as they are hanging out with friends, and on their laptops and computers while they are doing research at work.

The benefits of advertising on YouTube are not regulated to reach, either. YouTube Advertising is ultimately about building engagement and motivating action with your YouTube audience, and that is where YouTube as a platform really stands out.

YouTube Advertising

Here are a few reasons why YouTube tops at customer engagement:

  • YouTube Advertisements are highly targeted. Do you know you can reach customers who are searching for specific topics or products or services from specific locations – at specific times of the day?
  • YouTube creators can bring sponsored content to their customers, subscribers, and fans, who are already engaged.
  • YouTube has options for posting clickable calls-to-action (CTAs) with ads, such as “Buy Now”, “Call for Price”, “learn more” which leads customers straight to your chosen online store or your website.
  • With YouTube Analytics and Google Analytics, you can get almost instant feedback on whether your campaign is working or super-working. This eventually means you can react quickly to save your campaign and money, and increase engagement where you are getting a good response from.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising Options

The convenience and flexibility of YouTube ads make it ideal for creative content control.

You can purchase a commercial spot as short as 6 seconds long, or you can push the boundaries by posting a video that is actually several minutes long. Do you know YouTube Marketing has no time limit for skippable ads? Amid so many options available, how do you pick the “right” one?

Like any digital marketing initiative, YouTube Ads is a goal-based solution – you will need to decide what business objective you are looking forward to reaching when choosing an ad format. You will definitely need to consider audience behavior, too as an important factor. Some formats are only available on specific tablets or devices.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube currently has 6 options for Ads

1. Display Ads appear to the right of videos that are viewable to only desktop users.

2. Overlay Ads are an image or text-based ads that are displayed on the lower 20% of your video. They are semi-transparent so viewers can still watch the rest of your ad. They are available for desktop users.

3. Bumper Ads are non-skippable videos up to 6 seconds in length. Bumper ads appear on both desktop and mobile devices, including tablets.

4. Non-skippable Video Ads can run from 15 to 20 seconds long. Bumper ads, depending on standards for your targeted region, appear on desktop and mobile devices, including tablets.

5. Skippable Video Ads give viewers the option of skipping them after say 5 seconds. These ads appear on mobile, desktop, TV, and game consoles.

6. Sponsored Cards appear as teasers alongside your video. Sponsored cards can appear on desktop and mobile devices.

In addition to these 6 options, YouTube advertisers can reserve YouTube’s homepage masthead through a Google sales representative. The masthead provides the most visibility for brand awareness, though less targeted than other ad formats.

So, start your YouTube Advertising campaign with the help of Digital Marketing experts at Xcentric ServicesWe are a Social Media Marketing Agency providing Social Media Marketing Services for years to businesses in Pakistan and globally. Hence, you can trust us with your YouTube channel. 







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