Why Build A B2B Mobile App Using React JS Admin Framework?

Mahum Khalid

  • Jun 06, 2022


Are you a business owner who has used React JS for developing a website and is now planning to launch a B2B Mobile App Using React JS admin framework? Without any doubt, for this, you need to get React Developers on board who have a good hand on it. Unlike static websites and web applications displaying content with which users interact, ReactJS helps power B2B apps using APIs, which receive and send data. In this article, we have discussed in detail what React Admin is and why is it used by many – let’s dig in!

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Firstly – What Is React Admin?

React Admin is a framework that is used for building B2B mobile apps. With the help of React Router, Redux, and Material UI, it provides a unified admin framework. However, when it comes to the API and database, React Admin acts as a way of interacting. Also, all the APIs make resources accessible for the professional. In simpler words, it is a front-end framework that uses REST – an internet protocol or GraphQL APIs.

Many businesses hire a React Native Development Company for building a B2B mobile application using React JS. By doing so, they get React Mobile App Developers on board for creating front-end admin applications and interacting with the back-end in a standardized manner. Moreover, an adapter approach is used by React Admin, which acts as an interface between the framework and back-end further. With it, businesses mostly focus on building a dashboard.

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3 Reasons To Use React Admin For The Development Of B2B Mobile Apps

One of the first reasons to use ReactJS Admin for developing a mobile application is that it provides the developers with the architecture they desire. In fact, this is not the only reason why you should build and launch a B2B Mobile App Using ReactJS – there are many. Below, we have discussed all the other features of the framework:

React Native Development Company

1.  Easy Integrations

Flexible integration options are provided by React Admin to developers when they are creating business applications with complex data and customized needs.

2.  Open-Source

ReactJS Admin is an open-source framework with a license that enables its users to make changes in the software and distribute it to anyone.

3.  User Interface

The layout and user interface of React Admin are completely out-of-the-box. It consists of many modern components that make the interface appear amazing.

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Why Do Professionals Use React For B2B Mobile App Development?

Not many know that the most important thing in mobile applications is the database. Businesses with no tech knowledge have a hard time handling the database. Hence, for making things easier for such business owners, the React Native Platform has created an intuitive way that streamlines interactions.

Also, because having authorization and authentication is necessary, React Admin also has them as built-in features. All in all, the ReactJS developers and tech professionals prefer its User Interface because it integrates faster and is quite modern.

React Native Platform

What Are The New Factors & UI Elements In React Admin?

The developer community of ReactJS keeps on adding new UI elements and features in React Admin to improve it. Some of the factors and User Interface elements that have been improved in it are:

·  Data Input For One-To-Many Relationships

There are exceptional components in React Admin for adding basic information to complex document objects. Yet, there is no fixed mechanism to link multiple collections in a single entity. For instance, the employees in a company may have an email, address, employee ID, and name. Adding all these entities is acceptable. However, what would happen if there are two emails? Adding a couple of phone numbers for one employee is already simple, but React Admin also makes adding such challenging collections an easy breeze.

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·  Data Manipulation

React Admin depends on its tables and data grids, which is why developers cannot sort a table in it by simply dragging and dropping rows. Hence, they export data tables because of many reasons, including their use in other applications for evaluation.

Technically, the data tables should be exported for review on paper for use in other applications. And, because React Native IAP does not enable exporting data for selected columns, a column configuration feature is added in React Admin. It extends the functionalities of the React dashboard.

React Native IAP

·  User Experience

Noticed that you have to click too many times for adding multiple records? Moreover, adding additional data types call for the users to move away from the records they view and record on another view. After it, they have to navigate to the original records and selected the one created newly to associate them.

However, when it comes to developing Mobile App Using ReactJS, putting this amount of effort is not acceptable. Developers can use the pop-up model components for generating records, associating them in a single step and improving the user experience.

Secondly, the layout of ReactJS Admin is not compatible with the long tables, nested navigation menus, and sub-navigation menus. So, when dealing with large data on the framework, the developers get large data trees flowing from one page or category view to the next.

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