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Ali Kazmi

  • Sep 04, 2020


E-Commerce Website Development is no fun and games. Every business, small, mid-sized, or top-notch, needs the back of a partner agency that can work on their Magneto Website Design and ensure that the Web Store is error-free, responsive, and ready to be rolled over the face of the internet. 

Being a Web Development Agency, we always suggest building an online web store that is one of a kind, easy to access, and provides your customers with an exceptional customer experience. And for that, we suggest, leaving it all to professional Magento Commerce Developers while you focus on other aspects of your business. 

Plus, considering that holding on to a strong customer base is dependent on your online web store’s responsiveness and user-friendliness, partnering with the Best Magento Development Company is a bet you surely need to take in 2020. Though by now, we know several questions must be crossing your mind about how to launch an online web store and who can help you throughout the process. 

Counting on our years of experience in developing online web stores, we’ll be digging deeper into the details of how Xcentric can help you with Magento E-Commerce Website Development, along with Digital Marketing in Pakistan and E-Commerce Platform Integration Services

Why should you choose our E-Commerce Website Development Services?

Being one of the best providers of Web Design Services in Pakistan, Xcentric makes sure that the quality of every online web store we launch hits the roof, and the cost remains bearable. We know you must be thinking about how we manage to provide the BEST every time. Well, we believe that you deserve to know what we provide before you get into business with us. So let’s go through everything we’ll cover for you under our E-Commerce Website Development Services; 

· Hosted Solutions

When you partner with us to build your dream online web store, we make sure that you get everything needed. And that includes providing you with a hosted E-Commerce Website.

Leave your worries about finding a reliable web hosting services provider in Pakistan because we’ll surely get you the best. And there’s nothing better than getting everything sorted out under one roof.

· Responsive Themes

Whether it is a small business or mid-sized, every online retailer wants its online web store to be eye candy for its online customers; in terms of design, theme, and responsiveness. As a Magento 2 Development Company, we understand this very well.

Hence, no matter which Magento Theme you choose for your online web store, we make sure that it is responsive, user-friendly, and attractive at the same time. Thus, providing the savvy online customers of today an engaging experience.

·         Inventory Management

Inventory and Supply Chain Management has been a hassle, regardless of if you are retailing in-store or on an online web store. However, when you choose Xcentric for Magento 2 Development Services, we ensure that keeping a record is no more an overwhelming task, and it is more manageable for you to keep a record of the in-stock and non-capitalized products.

  • Banners and Promos

Online web stores, banners, and promo codes go together like the best friend trio. Plus, considering that online buyers are now savvier than ever, most of them do not proceed with a purchase until and unless there is a discount offered, or they have a promo code that gets them something for free. Couple this up with banners that speak – NOW ON SALE and create a FOMO. We know what you are thinking – Who will help you with these tweaks? WE! 

At Xcentric, we have professional Magento E-Commerce Designers and developers that assist our clients with adding additional offers, promo codes, and banners to make sure that you leave behind no chance to attract a visitor to your Online web store. 

·         Bulk Product Importing

If you are about to launch a big online web store that will serve a broader collection of products and services, importing them might sound like too much work. However, to make your process hassle-free, we also provide our clients with a bulk importing option, besides building the E-Store.

·         Social Media Connectivity

Every business has its official social media accounts, and so would you. While you might be worried about the convenience of your customers and your Online Marketing in Pakistan campaigns, let us ensure that we will connect each of your Social Media Platform accounts seamlessly to your online web store. 

And additionally, if you are skeptical of nailing your Digital Marketing in Pakistan campaigns, let us tell you that along with being a Web Development Company in Lahore, we are also a full-service Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan. So whether you need help with Facebook Marketing PakistanInstagram Marketing Services, or any of your Online Advertising in Pakistan campaign, we’re here to help with our Social Media Management Services

Our E-Commerce Website Development Process

Want to know more about what goes behind building up an online web store at Xcentric? Here’s a 4-step process flow that we follow for every client;

1.      Analyzing

Initially, we begin by analyzing your brand, products, and service that you offering. And as always, we never compromise on our client’s vision of the E-Commerce website. Next, based on what we have analyzed, we research your competitors and Google’s requirements.

2.      Planning

Once we get to know all the nitty-gritty and have the design in front of us, our Magento Web Developers will plan out the development procedure of your Online web store effectively. All while ensuring that it will be ideal, in terms of design, functionalities, and features.

3.      Creating

Once our developers are done with analyzing and planning, they get on to work and provide you with state-of-the-art web development solutions. Next, when you approve the plan and give us a go-ahead, we implement the plan and achieve the results which we aimed at in the first place to build you the dream online web store for your brand.

4.      Delivering

Even though at this step, some might think that the Web Store is all set to take the internet by storm. However, that’s not what our agency brain says. Hence, before we deliver the project, we make sure that it passes the quality assurance test. All in all, we put in our 100% to fix every issue before your online web store goes Live.

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Need help launching your dream Online Web Store? Xcentric can help!

Are you looking for a reliable Magento 2 Development Agency to shortlist for getting Magento E-Commerce Development Services that can help you get into the world of Online Marketing Websites in Pakistan? Get in touch with us at Xcentric Services. We have been serving in the Pakistan Selling Sites industry for years. And have provided dynamic E-Commerce solutions to many brands. 

We guarantee you an up-and-running E-Commerce website that is seamless, mobile-optimized, customer-friendly, and most importantly, ranks well when it comes to SEO Services in Pakistan. Rest assured, when you partner up with us, you will surely get the best outcome at the most affordable prices. All while the quality hits high! 







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