Budget-Friendly Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses

Mahum Khalid

  • Oct 24, 2019

Social Media Marketing is not an option anymore; it’s a necessity. In this technology-driven era, Digital Marketing is the most dominant weapon. Reality Check: If you’re a small business, looking forward to grow big in the industry, planning an effective social media strategy is your only way to win the war. But are you on a budget? Can’t allocate much to your social media strategy? The ultimate answer you get is, you don’t need a big budget to run a successful strategy. Focus on doing more and spending less, that’s the only way you can win.

Let’s see some tricky ways to plan a budget-friendly social media strategy.

1. Don’t talk to Strangers

When you were a kid, did you talk to every other person coming your way? Things work the same way in the world of Marketing.

If you’re a small business, and on a budget, don’t talk to everyone. Defined Target Audience is the core of an effective Social Media Marketing strategy. Ask yourself who you want to engage because it’s all about relationships, which turn into an engagement. If sales are your priority, you’re going the wrong way.  Building relationships and trust gives you an edge, the ethos of a great strategy. If you and your audience share a great relationship, they will buy your products again and the cherry on top, they’ll tell others about your brand.

2. Dominate one Social Media Platform

Social Media Networks have evolved over the years, but there is still no universal “best platform” yet. Aren’t they too cool to be chosen over each other? The mind-boggling fact is that every platform has its own culture, and there is surely the right one that suits best for your type of business. How can you decide which channel will work best for you?

Using the “less is more marketing tactic,” pick one platform and dominate it. The key is to find out where your target audience spends more time online. Here’s a pro tip, be like the eldest one of the siblings, claim your profiles on every other social media to stay relevant and keep dominating on the one you’ve picked.

3. DIY Infographics

Infographics are awesome; makes the dullest information look incredible. They are an incredible way to generate traffic to your website because people love sharing them. Do you need to create them? Yes!

Infographics are not created to generate sales and leads only. Everything created on social media is not just to increase sales, around more than half of the content is relevant information posted to get engagement. But here’s what the problem is, you’re on a budget! Hiring a designer to create Infographics can be expensive. Do you mind facing a DIY challenge? A little pinch of creativity and inspiration is all you need for this DIY.

Basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator? Check.

Striking Ideas? Check.

Congratulations, you’re all set to create your Budget-Friendly DIY Infographics.

4. Be a Savvy Social Media Networker

Social Media platforms are very diverse. The more you experiment with them, the more skills you develop. But if you can’t afford to experiment, here’s how you can be a savvy social networker.

  • Post Incredible Content – The organic way to get noticed on Social Media
  • Create Thrilling Videos – YouTube is the best platform to publicize your videos
  • Connect with Influencers – They help you build your credibility
  • Host Webinars – They boost your online presence
  • Host Photo-based Competitions – The competition will get you User-Generated Content
  • Use Trending Hashtags – They work great everywhere, be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Follow these tricks, they will bring the budget-friendly social media strategy of your business to the next level.

5. Spruce up Old Stories

A budget-friendly social media tactic – Revamping. If you’re a small business, on a budget, hiring a content writer to create new content is not affordable. The smart way is, find researches and studies that relate to your type of business and reconstruct them. Hiring a content writer is not necessary to do this task, DIY this too by just adding some images and highlighting the targeting points. Follow the tactic and take the back seat; your content will do the rest of talking.


Using Budget-friendly Social Media Strategy is a completely safe way to promote your brand, but you just need to dedicate a decent share of your time to it. Do you have some time for this? Need some consultation? Contact a Digital Marketing Agency.







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