Brief Comparison Among Different Operating Systems

John Smith

  • Mar 11, 2019

This blog will give you a glimpse of operating systems that are working around the world. A brief comparison will help our users to select a good OS themselves.

Before starting the comparison let me tell you about the term Operating System OS. The operating system is the basic and most important part of the computer. Its duty is to manage the activities such as execution of programs and handle the resources on the computer. Operating systems are categorized as host software and it has to maintain a balance among the hardware and the software applications so that all the functions can work properly. Any type of computer machine either desktop, laptop, supercomputer, handheld device, and video game console work after an OS is installed in the system.

Right now Microsoft windows 10 is said to be the most appreciated operating system among the competitors. So if you are willing to upgrade to Windows 10 you can visit the Xcentric Services store to get windows 10 prices in Pakistan. Right now I will give you a brief comparison of DOS, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows 10.


DOS stands for Disk Operating System got famous when Microsoft and IBM two technology giants created the operating system. Disk operating system was in the market by the companies until the support for Windows ME was ended. The operating system was not so complicated as compared to the modern-day operating systems.

Many benefits were given to the users by DOS such as OS stability and very fewer chances of crashes. One more advantage of the operating system is that it was capable to display the content on an arcade monitor without the help or connection of any hardware. The system is still used by professionals in some fields and it has become tougher to manage with limited support available.


The operating systems by Linus are created on a kernel. The kernel is based on Unix. Linux operating systems are said to be the most secure operating systems and with the most security, it is one of the most complex operating systems. Linux is the result of an open-source project.

It allows users and developers to check and change the source code free of cost. Linux is talented enough to provide special performance even on the smaller hard disks. Large companies with many employees use this operating system. The updates and improvements make it more reliable. Linux is also good for creating servers for different computers and creating a network.

Mac OS X

Mac OS X is actually developed by Apple and it is their trademark, the operating system is only created for their own series of Macintosh computers. The operating system is based on two parts the Unix and the mimics. The special thing of this operating system is that it has a low level of maintenance and fewer computer worms, spyware, and viruses occur in it. The operating system by Apple is not so compatible.


Windows is the series of operating systems by Microsoft and it is most popular among all the people and Windows has a hold on all the market. From the first windows version 1.0 to the presently running windows 10 the position of Microsoft about windows is pretty clear. The series of windows is serving the users for a long time and proper updates with important improvements are occasionally made for a better user experience.

This was a very brief introduction to different operating systems serving our computers for a long time. Many people like windows 10 and if you want to experience Windows 10 buy your own windows 10. Visit Xcentric Services Store to get the cheapest windows 10 price in Pakistan.







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