Branding & Design: How Does It Help In Making A Brand Known?

Mahum Khalid

  • Apr 08, 2022

A product is not just a product, right? Coca-Cola is more than only soda. Starbucks is more than just a cup of coffee. Ray-Ban is not only a pair of sunglasses. Interacting with all these products is an experience – thanks to their Branding & Design. People buy these products keeping in mind the experience they provide. Better than that, the brand creating and marketing the products knows what experience they exactly want the customer to have when they make a purchase. It is how they promote their brands.

From the language used in the Instagram captions to the colour palette on the billboard and down to the material used for packing products. Businesses who want to create a strong brand know that they have to live EVERYWHERE. They know that their name extends far from the label and can attract customers to shop their products from a lineup of options.

Now, who does not want that? We know everyone does, even all our clients. Hence, we have covered this guide on creating and managing a strong brand that will help you be remembered, admired, and preferred over other brands.

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Benefits of Branding

First Of All – What Is Branding?

Branding is a process that involves research, development, and application of a distinctive feature or set of features to your business. The features help the customers in associating your brand with the products or services you offer.

For instance, the brand Coca-Cola has one of the most recognizable colour schemes and logos around the globe. The very classic white and red lettering, distinctive font, and vibrant artwork have lasted for more than a century.

Standing through the tests of time, the brand Coca-Cola is evidence of the power of consistency and successful Business Branding that the consumers love. With that being said, branding is a repetitive process that requires getting to the heart of your business and the customers. It can be done in a variety of ways – and we will take you through it all below.

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How Can You Create A Brand – THE FIVE STEPS

There is A LOT that goes into creating a brand and there are even more things that you need to consider when you want to build a strong one. Go, grab your notebook and start jotting down the ideas as you read through this section.

We have given an insight into creating a brand – or simply beginning the process of rebranding the current one. Also, as we have mentioned before that branding is a repetitive process, you might need to repeat some of the steps while you are brainstorming and building your brand.

Business Branding

1. Determine Target Audience

Branding a business leads to recognition, awareness, trust, and an increase in revenues. We have talked about that already, so let’s step back and understand where they stem from. It is the consumers and not any consumers – your customers and target audience.

If your Branding & Design do not resonate with the target audience, it will not lead to awareness, trust, recognition, and revenues. That is exactly where target market research jumps in. So, before pressing the pen on paper or your cursor on a digital document, understand who you will be speaking to with your branding.

Who are your products serving? Do you know who are the ideal customers? What led you to create a business in the first place? Whatever you learn about your buyer personas and target market will influence the branding decisions down the line, so prioritize this step.

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2. Establish Mission Statement

Returning to a question that we asked previously – why did you create a business? Answering this question will help in building a mission statement, which defines your passion and purpose as a business.

Before you get to crafting a brand that is recognized, trusted, and valued by your target audience, communicate the purpose provided by your business. Ensure that all the parts of your brand – logo, imagery, personality, voice, and tagline reflect the vision and mission.

Branding your Business

3. Create Visual Assets

At this point, you need to have a complete understanding of your mission statement, target audience, and the unique qualities making up your business. If you can confidently say that all these steps are mastered, move on to the next and most exciting step of branding – visual design.

We are talking about your colour palette, logo, iconography, fonts, and other visual components. As you create all these elements, also build some brand guidelines for governing the use and composition of the visual assets. It will endure that whoever is using the new branding will do so consistently and accurately.

Note: Design can be equally daunting and exciting. Hence, consider hiring a professional for Branding your Business. We have a team with years of experience in identity and logo design. So, you can count on Xcentric Services for creating visual assets.

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4. Find Brand Voice

Next, focus on the auditory components. What would your brand sound like when a customer had a conversation with it over call or text? The way you communicate with the target market is also a part of Branding & Design.

Hence, define a brand voice that resonates and connects with the target audience. Otherwise, they are probably not going to pay attention. Because of that, do not hesitate to return to the first step – getting familiar with who you are speaking to.

From the social media captions to advertising campaigns and blog posts, make sure that you maintain a consistent tone throughout. Give the target audience the chance of getting familiar with your brand and recognize it.

Better than everything, master an entertaining voice. We take the bet – the customers will keep looking forward to your email updates, social media posts, and even blogs. Isn’t that a win-win given the competition in this digital era? It surely is, so do not miss out on the opportunity.

Find Brand Voice

5. Put Branding To Work

A brand only works if the owner does. So, once you have finished creating and designing your new brand – or rebranded one, integrate it into every inch of the business. Pay extra attention to ensuring that it is displayed everywhere the customers touch your business. Here are some Brand Marketing Tips that you can apply for branding your business across platforms:

  • Website – splash colour palette, logo, and typography across the website. DO not use anything but the assets you have defined in the brand guidelines. A website is a major part of a business’s identity, so it should reflect your brand.
  • Social Media – profile photo, branded imagery, and cover photo, all should be reflective of your brand. In fact, you can put the logo on the profile photo as it will make it easier for the customers to recognize your brand.
  • Advertising – because digital and print advertisements are used for establishing brand awareness and introducing customers to a brand, make sure they also reflect your brand. Use colours from your palette in the Ad copy and play around creatively.

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    Ready? Set? BRAND!

    Branding is not only a business’s logo, name, voice, imagery, and colour palette. It is an intangible feeling that the customers have when interacting with a brand. Yes, the experience that we talked about right in the beginning. That is how powerhouse brands stand apart from all others in the same industry.

    Tangible components contribute to this – a creative tagline, attractive logo, and clear brand voice. However, strong brands focus on the bigger picture when it comes to the Benefits of Branding, and now is the time that you do the same.

    Are you also ready to reach out your target audience so that a successful BRAND follows? The branding and design experts at Xcentric Services can help. Contact us today at 0300-800-2094 or connect@xcentricservices.com to get started.








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