Snapchat Marketing: 8 Ways To Boost Your Business With It

Mahum Khalid

  • Oct 29, 2019

Snapchat is a digital platform, providing brands an opportunity to engage with their audience. It was initially released in 2011, but back then it was considered as damage to the risqué teen behavior. But now, you cannot afford to ignore this platform because the ’20s are all about Gen Z, who use Snapchat as a part of their daily routine. By the end of 2019, Snapchat’s market penetration has also hit the Millennials and the older generations.

Now that you have another digital marketing channel to engage your audience, you might get confused if you’ve never used Snapchat Marketing before for your business. We’ve got you covered, follow these steps to boost your business using Snapchat.

1. Post Stories more often

The best way to approach your audience through Snapchat is to post stories more often. Snapchat stories disappear after 24 hours, making it essential for you to be more active. But going overboard by posting 10 times in a day is a No-No!

Snaplytics can help you choose the best approach. Their study shows that engagement rate drops by 36% when your audience has viewed your fourth story of the day. To get the best results, post only three stories in a day.

2. Use Other Marketing Channels to Promote your Snapchat Account

To be successful on Snapchat, you need to have more followers. As a business, you must’ve been using different marketing channels to promote your business, use them to get more followers rather than trying to get followers from thin air. If your brand is new on Snapchat, increase your chances of getting more followers by sharing your account as much as you can on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Ask your email subscribers to follow your account on Snapchat, and pitch it on your website as an Optin.

3. Create Sponsored Filters

In today’s world, everyone loves taking pictures within filters. The mind-blowing Snapchat filters can change the pitch of your voice too.  Sounds interesting right? But there’s so much more about it that you’d love to experiment. To get more engagement, businesses can create sponsored filters. For example, Huda Beauty ran an International Snapchat Marketing Campaign to promote her new makeup palette.

Creating a sponsored filter can be expensive, but if you afford to do this once, the return on your investment can be huge.

4. Allow Influencers to Take Over your Account

As a brand, you need to reach as much audience as you can, to get more engagement. Allowing social media influencers to take over your account can help you give social proof that you exist. Social media influencers and celebrities have a huge fan following, take them as an advantage for your brand.  To reach a much wider audience, let the influencer talk about your brand by taking over your Snapchat account.

5. Offer Promo Codes over your Stories

There are some days when you are not sure about what to post on your stories. On those days, to kill the monotony, share promo codes and discounts. Offering promo codes over your stories increases follower engagement and also drives sales. While posting stories, keep your overall goal in mind, you’ll surely get success.

6. Promote New Product Launches and Milestones

A new product launch is worth mentioning to create hype among your followers. As a brand, it is your responsibility to keep your audience updated about your new launches and your milestones. By doing so, your followers will be your customers, by the time you launch the product.

Furthermore, treat your followers as family, share your milestones and achievements with them. Keep your audience informed about your Businesses’ Anniversary or your CEO’s Birthday. Posting such stories give you an excuse to take a break from posting boring stuff daily.

7. Share BTS Stories

Followers are curious enough to know what happens Behind the Scenes (BTS). But can you allow them inside your office? Sounds unreasonable? If you want to engage your followers, you surely need to treat them as a VIP. Share your BTS stories on Snapchat, this will give them an exclusive feeling of being treated like a VIP.

8. Reply your Followers

Posting stories consistently is not the only way to engage with your audience. You must treasure your followers, make them feel that you care about them. Avoid ignoring your followers approaching, make an effort to reply to them. According to a survey, 68% of people unfollow a brand because they feel like the brand doesn’t care about them. Happy customers lead happy brands, so focus on replying them whenever they have a query.

Using Snapchat to boost your business when many other Digital Marketing platforms exist, can be overwhelming. But there’s nothing to worry about. There are Digital Marketing Agencies out there who have talented professionals to help. Hire them to help you boost your business.







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