People Counting Camera – The Best Way To Count Retail Traffic

John Smith

  • Jun 12, 2019

People Counting Camera is one of the foremost useful tools that is helping the retail industry in numerous ways. So if you’re a growing retailer, utilizing this tool is essential if you want to sail through. However, being a seller of these counting solutions, we understand how tough it can be to see your sales getting on. 

Particularly, on some occasions, when you are getting high footfall traffic, fears similar to economic falls and storefront building leave no control of brands over it. Hence, smart retailers should give attention to things they might be able to control. This is done by guaranteeing to change and maximize every visitor into a potential customer. 

However, this statement might not make proper sense to you at this very moment but continue reading through the blog and you will understand. Although considering the recent customer data, 85% of visitors leave the stores without making any purchases.

Technically, People Counting Solutions provide full analytical and marketing services support which helps the retailers in making better decisions for their business. So, with the support of this data, retail administration is getting cleverer to plan their future performance. In return, people counting camera supports management to present realistic predictions on new sales targets sales per customer and items per sale. Once retailers have the data at hand it is not only about interpreting but also drawing actionable insights from them.

Too Many Options Confuse the Consumer

Customers generally think that they like excessive options too much. But the reality and truth are – The customers experience confusion and forget what they want to buy. According to a study conducted; At table number 1, visitors had only six options for tasting the jam. While on the second table, which is table number 2, there were twenty-four flavors of jam. The results were simple; More visitors stopped by table number 2. But oddly, only 3% walked out after making a purchase. On the other hand, 31% of visitors who visited table number 1 walked out after buying.

Though retailers can choose to limit the flavors, colors, and brand options, offering more means that you are selling less. However, this brings forward another question. How and where do retailers produce the products?

With people counting solutions retailers can properly understand whether conversions are successful with selling changes. And perhaps, retailing decisions based on gut feelings can now be backed with analytical support.

Placing Promotion Items

The in-store layout should complement the shopping mindset of buyers. This shows the fact that once a customer made his mind purchase, there are chances that the customer will feel comfortable to continue his shopping from your retailers. Hence, you should also prefer to perfectly place promotional items at the checkout to activate this spontaneous customer behavior.

Later on, the traffic counter allows management to understand if the promotions have caused any positive effect or not. As the next step, there’s a comparison done between reports by the cross-referencing of customers’ data with the sales to calculate the exchange rate within a particular area. And then, the exchange rate is measured by dividing the number of sales by the store footfall traffic within a mentioned period. Above all, the store owners can also select to set up traffic counter devices to analyze customer dwell time and interaction with different products present to a specific area of the store. All in all, we’ve concluded that with the help of people counting data and analytics, store owners can make their store layouts better and drive the visitors to be consumers. 

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