Best Way To Use People Counting Camera Data

John Smith

  • May 17, 2019

Retailers install people counting camera in their retail venue but are unable to get full advantage of the analytics, keep reading and get knowing new things.

If you are a retailer, it is almost certain to face decreasing sales at some point. Doubts such as economic collapses and storefront structures let brands to have nearly no control over it. Retailers can instead focus on what they can control. This is done by ensuring to convert and maximize every visitor into a purchaser. The statement seems like a no-brainer. Some recent statistics based on customer shows that 85% of store visitor who enters the store makes no purchase inside and return.

People counting devices provide analytical maintenance for making a better decision for your business. With the data collected from the people counters, retail management gets ease to project future performance based on store footfall traffic and make their own predictions. Moreover, people counter supports the store management to set real-time hopes on sales goals, sales per customer and items per transaction.

Once retailers have the data at hand, it is not only about interpreting but also drawing actionable insights from them. Here are some recommendations:

Too Many Alternatives Confuse The Consumer

Buyers usually think that they will like a variety of options. In reality, as human beings, the puzzle of choice is difficult and so is decision-making.

Retailers can choose to limit the flavors, color, and brand options. Offering more may actually mean selling less. However, this brings forth the question. How and where do retailers merchandise the products?

With people counting devices you as a retailer can know whether exchanges are successful with selling changes. Retailing decisions based on emotional feelings can now be supported with analytical support from the people counter.

Placing Promotion Items At The Checkout

Your store intake is often activated by the shopping attitude. This mentions if a purchase decision has already been made at once, customers feel more persuaded to keep going with their shopping. If you are a retailer you can choose to place promotional products at the checkout in order to generate this spontaneous shopping behavior.

People counters allow the store management to understand if the promotions are effective enough after cross-check based on visitor data with sales to calculate the exchange rate within a selected area. The proportion is calculated by dividing the number of sales by the store visitors within a particular time period. But on top of this, retailers might also select to set up customer journey tracking devices to analyze customer stay time and engagement within a specific product as well as displays.

Allocate Your Staff Wisely

People counting data allows managers to analyze and plan staff schedules. Sales team members who can work with multiple customers instantaneously should be placed during projected busier traffic days on the other hand sales team members who are better suitable for more guidance for customers can be placed on slower days like on those days when your store has less footfall count. These steps will surely enhance your store performance and it will also boost up your sales.

These are steps that you can take to use your people counting data efficiently. If you are still missing something or the concept is new for you or if you are willing to buy people counter, you are welcome to visit Xcentric Services’ official website. There you can get the best people counting solutions and our team of professionals will guide you about the best technology which will fit in according to your business requirements. People counting camera is just the new face of retail technology.







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