Best Social Media Marketing Tactics To Raise Brand Awareness

Mahum Khalid

  • Jan 26, 2023

Before diving straight into the Best Social Media Marketing tactics, first, let’s have an overview of what exactly is social media marketing and how businesses are getting more prospects from it. Social Media Marketing is a type of internet marketing that uses social networks – like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok,  as a marketing tool to promote brands to new customers and sell products.

You must’ve noticed that the social media world is ever-changing, meaning that the one trend that worked in the past years is now just an old story. Keeping up with trends and maintaining a strong presence seems overwhelming right?  That’s where we come in as one of the Top Advertising Agencies in Pakistan. The marketing experts at Xcentric don’t beat around the bush and present to brands only those trends that will go with their goals.  Instead, they apply the right marketing tactics and bring them conversions.


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It seems difficult to stand out in a market where brands are already using the Best Social Media Marketing strategies. You must be thinking that how your brand will be recognized among all the competition? No need to be stressed out as we are here to help. With some foolproof tactics, let our marketing experts get your brand the much-needed attention. But before that, let’s look into the social media tactics we use in campaigns when marketing businesses on social media.

4 Social Media Marketing Tactics We Use To Boost Brand Awareness

Ever wondered why you recognize a certain brand easily? Nike’s famous Tick logo, and the “M” of Mcdonald’s. That’s because these brands have successfully maintained their brand awareness on social media platforms. To put it in simple words, brand awareness means making people aware of your brand. Having a strong brand awareness is an indication of having the Best Social Media Marketing strategy. It places your brand on top of mind when people think of a particular category of product.

If you are looking of hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency that can help you get the same brand recognition, then you have come to the right spot. We at Xcentric help brands create and target social media marketing strategies that go with their niche and grab customers’ attention. Listed below are some tactics that we use to put businesses in the minds of their customers.

1. Choose Your Social Media Channel

Every month new social media platforms with new algorithms pop up on the internet. As tempting as they may look, DON’T waste your budget on all of them without researching their niche. In order to satisfy customers with your Best Social Media Marketing make sure you know which platform would be best to reach your audience. For instance, Linkedin is a platform where professionals and businesses connect. In comparison, TikTok users are more inclined to see short videos and entertaining content.

By opting for Social Media Marketing Services that we provide that Xcentric. Our marketers understand each social platform, its nuances, target audience, goals, and KPIs. Before constantly posting things on every social network, they run tests to check whether the business is aligning with the platform’s offering and then target campaigns. So yes, get on board with us, and BAM,   you are in the perfect place to create awareness.


Pro Tip: Always remember that creating content is FREE, but maintaining your brand’s presence on any social platform takes away a huge chunk of your marketing budget. INVEST WISELY!

Social Media Marketing Services - Xcentric

2. Social Media Contest

Who doesn’t enjoy a fun contest to win prizes? Social Media Advertising Services can be entertaining, making them a great deal to grow customer engagement. Many kinds of research show that contest CTA’s have more conversion rate. But hey, you don’t have to make everything into a contest.

Initially, when leveraging a social media contest to increase engagement, marketers at Xcentric research what intrigues a business’s customers. Second, they select a prize that can trigger the customers to participate – a gift hamper or maybe a shopping voucher. Lastly, when the day of the contest approaches, they provide rules and guidelines to the customers.

Brands are using these contests more than ever, as they are one of the Best Social Media Marketing practices. They don’t bore the customers, and in fact, your customers will keep coming back to win exciting prizes. If you are looking for an agency that can plan such fun contests, Xcentric is here to make your next social marketing campaign exciting. Just tell us your goals and we will plan your next social media contest.

3. Storytelling

The one thing most brands are doing wrong is sounding too salesy. They don’t care about their customer’s feelings as much as they should. If you want to stand out by using the Best Social Media Marketing techniques you should avoid going down the same path.

By now, you should know that customers these days want entertaining content on social media. Storytelling is a concept that involves generating and sharing content that captures the audience’s attention. We at Xcentric provide the Best Social Media Marketing services that can help you boost awareness by featuring photos and stories of your brand and your customers on social media channels. By us doing so, you as a brand will be connected emotionally with the customers.

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4. Use Videos

Video content has gained more attention than expected.  If you are planning to make your brand visible on social media you must look into video content. Want to know why? Because your customers may not want to read a whole article or description about your brand. Brands opting for the Best Social Media Marketing tactics engage with customers through video content.

Video content can include influencer marketing where influencers make short videos when testing out products from different brands and rank which was better and which product needed alteration. Looking for an agency that can help you create engaging video content for social media? Xcentric provides video-making services in their Social Media Marketing Packages that can help put your brand out there on social media.

Social Media Marketing Packages - Xcentric

Want to hire a Social Media Marketing Agency offering affordable packages? Xcentric provides end-to-end social media marketing services. For more details call us at 0300-800-2094 or email us at connect@xcentricservices.com.


Best Social Media Marketing tactics involve reaching out to your customers and boosting brand awareness. Furthermore, it is also important to update your social media content by making seasonal changes to your marketing strategies. You won’t want to post about summer sales on your social media during winter, right? So, end your search for Social Media Marketing Agencies Near Me and get on board with Xcentric. We are a team of marketing experts that have mastered social media techniques using the above-mentioned tactics. Give us a call today and let’s discuss your next social media marketing campaign!







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