Best Practices To Understand Your Customer Behavior

John Smith

  • Mar 22, 2019

Managing your sales and store performance create a big difference in your revenue, to increase the sales have to understand your customers and demands.

You notice that your store’s revenue is going down and you do not know why this is happening. What exactly is going wrong? Is it because of your store location? Is your staff under performing?

If you have access to people counting data you have the accurate data about how many people visit your store daily. The data will also give you help about how many people who came were customers and how many of them were just visitors. First, you have to get to the problem if you want to fix it.

First of all, you have to get some accurate insights about your customer’s behavior. To gather In-store analytics can be gathered by the most advanced people counters in the market. The latest technology people counters can give you accurate data about your customer behavior and you might get an idea of where you are doing wrong.

Right now the latest v-count 3D Alpha + is the best people counter in the market and in Pakistan Xcentric Services is selling this product to clients who want to improve their retail business. If you want to understand your customers and put their demands on priority visit Xcentric Services store to get the best people counting camera price.

Let me share some steps to measure so you can understand your customer behavior properly.

Bounce Rate

Many of us are familiar with this term but we refer bounce rate as a visitor comes on a website and visit only one page and leaves. Without checking any other page or buying anything. In the online world, we call this bounce rate.

So the first thing to measure as your in-store analytics it is bounce rate of your store, how many people visit your store and how many actually buy products from your store. To get the data of bounce rate of your store simple technology people counters will fail you have to get a Wi-Fi people counter so you can get 100% accurate data of bounce rate.

Track Customer Journey In-Store

The second thing that you have to track is the customer journey, at what points of the store customer engagement is more? Where customers don’t stay much?

Heat maps and ordinary people counters can help you track down the customer journey in your store. The tracking will help you to manage your staff at those places and work on the places where customer engagement is less. Proper divisions of departments in store and products is very important.

Track Loyalty

One of the best thing about installing a Wi-Fi people counter is that the technology is able to recognize returning customers. Returning customers more potential customers there are always chances that they will buy something or maybe they will buy something big. On the other side people who visit the store for the first time not buy things always but if in store management and products are good there are higher chances to make new customers.

Note Down Peak Hours

There are different days and different times in a day when your store is comparatively busy. You have to note these peak hours and check if you have sufficient staff to serve your customers or not. If the calculations are good. The good staff interaction with your customers will bring more sales on your side.

Retailers nowadays are shifting to new technology tools to understand and improve the retail business. The data in this era is priceless no matter which field it concerns. So if you want to manage your store insights with the help of technology tools, Xcentric Services is always keen to serve you. Just visit Xcentric store and check out performance management tools plus you can get people counting camera price of different people counter technologies to understand your customer behavior properly.







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