Best Microsoft Office 2019 Tips

John Smith

  • May 20, 2019

Microsoft released Office 2019 in 2018 and it is now available for Mac and Windows 10 users to buy Microsoft Office in Pakistan and all other countries.

Microsoft Office 2019 brings a number of small twists and additional features so we thought we would highlight all of the awesome changes in this blog.

What Is In Office 2019?

Microsoft Office 2019 is actually the latest standalone version of Microsoft’s Office software. Office 2019 includes all the applications that were provided built-in to the users. Office 2019 is also useful for those users who like to save and access their files offline without.

New Changes In Microsoft Office 2019

Here are the top new changes in Office 2019. Keep in mind that all of these changes will also be made available for Office 365. If you already have an active 365 subscription, you will be able to take advantage of these changes immediately.

  • Scalable Vector Graphics for Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Translator in Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Create Math Equations with LaTeX equation in Word
  • Create smoother animations and movements with Morph in PowerPoint
  • New navigation feature called Zoom for PowerPoint
  • Use Surface Pen to navigate slides in PowerPoint
  • Exciting new functions in Excel


Scalable Vector Graphics

You can now add Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) in Microsoft Office 2019 now. This type of graphic can be easily rotated, moved, colored, and resized without any degradation to the quality of the image. You can also find a number of icons in the Insert tab.

There will be a new Icon button here that can be used to access a variety of popularly used SVG icons. These icons may serve as an easy way to fancy up your emails or presentations, or just as a way to add some life to an otherwise dull document.


Microsoft Translator Built-in Support

Microsoft Translator is a new feature added to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. To access it, open the Review tab in your document and then click the new Translate and Language buttons. From here, you will have the opportunity to translate the entire document or translate a selected portion of text. Translation services like Microsoft Translator aren’t perfect, but over time they are becoming more accurate.


LaTeX Equations in Word

With LaTeX equations in Word, you can now type math using the LaTeX syntax. Full details on how to use this new system in Microsoft Word has been explained by Microsoft here.

You will find the LaTeX option under the Design tab. Alternatively, you can press ‘ALT’ + ‘=’ on your keyboard.


Morph in PowerPoint Adds Better Animation and Motion

The latest change Morph is added to the PowerPoint. This powerful transition will allow you to add smooth movement between one slide to the next in a presentation. It’s essentially a straightforward way to get any animation created within seconds. PowerPoint will do the heavy lifting for you.

To use Morph, you must first duplicate a slide, then move, resize, or edit the objects on the duplicated slide, and then click Transitions and morph. Doing this will automatically create a smooth animation from the original slide to the duplicated one.


New PowerPoint Zoom Navigation

Zoom adds a new dynamic navigation option for presenting your PowerPoint slides. With Zoom, you will have thumbnails for all of your slides on one single page. You can then click each slide individually and a small transition animation will take you into that slide.

Zoom proves to be a fun, engaging way to bounce between slides during a presentation and it allows for a more free-flowing approach to a presentation as opposed to the typical slide-by-slide default.


These were some of the features that were added newly in Office 2019 by Microsoft. If you wish to experience these latest features do visit Xcentric Store to buy Microsoft Office in Pakistan.








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