Best Hashtag practices that ensure your success for Instagram Marketing

Mahum Khalid

  • Nov 22, 2019


In this digital era, where you’ve no idea about what’s going to be trending over the internet, the next minute, jumping into the game is very important for brands. The best way to win this game is by using it for your Instagram marketing campaigns.

Even though Hashtags came in from Twitter, they’ve taken to themselves all the Social Media platforms, specifically Instagram. As a brand, to stamp your footsteps on the ground of following the best practices to step in trends. Wait no more and follow these steps to ensure your success.

Get an Edge over your Unique Hashtags

There’s nothing to be surprised, about if we said that every other business, be it small, mid-sized or a big multi-national company, used it. As a brand that’s new to this Hashtag game, you can’t afford to invest in one which is already in use by another business.

The best practice is to make sure by all means that your Hashtag is unique. With this in the notice, when you’ve planned on a Hashtag for your business, search for it on social media platforms and see if yours shows up. Furthermore, can be a great help to you in checking the uniqueness.

Don’t turn your Hashtags into Bashtags

We weren’t wrong when we said this is a game, because work so, you’ve got to be very careful with each move, just like you focus on making pairs while playing candy crush. But hey, don’t worry, Hashtag.org comes to the rescue here too!

Sometimes, you have a very different meaning from what you intended them to be. To be on the safer side, go through the dictionaries on .org to know what your chosen hashtag means, to be sure that they won’t get you any bashing in return. For a living example, go through Mcdonald’s hashtag #McDStories and see how things can go wrong.

Capitalize the right words

Even though is there help for your first steps, here’s where you need to buck up and help yourself. Get your marketing team to work because this is something where searching won’t work. After you’ve chosen the, it is totally your call which words you wish to capitalize on, to make it visible.

For example, #mondaymotivation won’t get you much success because viewers will need a few more seconds to understand it. Contrary to this, if the same hashtag is written as #MondayMotivation, it will do wonders. If your capitalizations go right, voila, you’ve got an edge over others!

Follow the Trends wisely

Sometimes, just like the planets are in alignment, you get to follow that come in the same way as what your business offers. But here’s a twist, although it is a great idea to tweak foreign trending hashtags to your Instagram Marketing strategy, this comes in with its own risks.

Even though this technique works wonders and makes you seem relevant to your audience, things can go wrong if you integrate a hashtag that’s irrelevant to your brand. Prefer jumping into trends wisely, forget it if it’s of no benefit to you, better safe than be sorry, later.

Track your Hashtag Analysis

In the long run, to be sure of how you are performing, it is important to keep track of their analysis. The best part, these analyses can also help you with knowing the worth of trending in the market, which can be of use to you. Here’s a list of tools that can help you keep a track of Hashtags. 

  • RiteTag
  • HashTracking
  • Hashtagify
  • Keyhole
  • Tagboard
  • Talkwalker

No matter which one of these you use, you can monitor your effectiveness through them. Track them to be sure that your hashtags make the most sense for your brand, as they’re used as a representation of your brand.


Putting a # sign is not the only way to ensure the success of your Instagram Marketing strategy. Hashtags, if used the right way, will take your business to new heights but if things go wrong while you practice your hands over it, you may get a fall. We might’ve scared you with this, but don’t worry, hire a Digital Marketing Agency to take a safer step.







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