What Are The Benefits Of Having An Email Marketing Campaign In Plan?

Ali Kazmi

  • Dec 02, 2020

Deciding where to spend the marketing dollars is a serious decision for every business. Do you plan to generate new leads all while engaging the current customers? For that, you need to make sure that every Digital Marketing tactic you use is cost-effective and result-driven. So, do you know what the solution is? Best Email Marketing Campaign and that too the one planned by our marketing team at Xcentric Services.

Even though Bulk Email Marketing Services have been around for a while, it continues driving significant results for businesses across Pakistan. As a fact, in the past few years, Email Marketing has grown more in-depth. Businesses in Pakistan no longer focus on promotional campaigns only. They now prioritize content and campaigns that matter to their target audience.

In 2021, it has been forecasted that more than 4.5 billion people around the world will be using emails. And even with other social media platforms rising in popularity, Email Marketing will still be preferred. Hence, being an Email Marketing Agency, we will remain focused on providing Best Email Marketing Service for E-Commerce. Do you want to leverage on our services, but before that, you would prefer knowing its benefits and how they can help your business? Below, we’ve covered some major benefits our Email Marketing services provide. Keep on reading the blog to know how we can help you improve lead generation and online conversion rates.

More Conversions With Email Marketing Campaign

One of the major benefits of having our Best Email Marketing Campaign in your marketing plan is that it provides higher online conversion rates. Our marketing team reports that the average order value of emails is 3x higher than the order value of other social media posts.

Hence, our team develops effective communication strategies to help businesses in driving more online conversions through Email Marketing. By drafting well-written emails that end with a CTA, we encourage the target audience of our clients to step ahead in the buying journey. Thus, moving them closer to conversion.

Customers Check Emails Every Day

Count on how many times you open up your email every day? Whether it is personal or work-related, you do check it twice or thrice a day to see what new messages you have received.  And more than half of them open up marketing messages on their mobile phone every day. This means that our Best Email Marketing Service for Small Business is very beneficial; to get a business in front of the target audience. All in all, the fact that customers check their emails daily, one important benefit of getting our services.

Email Marketing Campaign in Pakistan

Automated Sales Cycle

By using Email Marketing automation tools, we enable our clients with automated sales cycles. Using these campaigns, you can automatically send emails to your target audience on a set schedule. This helps in creating automated touchpoints with customers.

Moreover, we can also set up automated campaigns for you that trigger messages when your customers take an action on your website. For example, a customer is viewing a product’s price on your website but then leaves. We reach out to them with an automated email to clear out their query. So yes, all it takes is an email to drive that lost customer back in the sales funnel!

Increased Traffic Volumes

Another benefit our clients get out of our Email Marketing services is increased traffic volumes on their website. By linking their website’s content in the email we draft along with a CTA, we ask the reader, aka customer to head to the website and take an action. And you know what the action is – Making a purchase. Also, our major focus remains on making the CTA stand out to make sure that the reader of the email notices it.

Building Credibility

The savvy consumers of today prefer buying from brands who they trust. Our result-driven Best Email Marketing Campaign can provide you this opportunity to build credibility. Usually, to build credibility, we develop a monthly newsletter for our clients that delivers valuable content to their target audience. This establishes them as thought leaders in their industry and the audience trusts them more.

Email Marketing and campaign

Excitement For Promotions

One of the ways we use to get the most promising results is using Email Marketing for creating excitement and FOMO. Whether our client has a season end sale going on or a last-minute promotion, we reach out to our client’s customers and leads with Email Marketing. And we all know, no one wants to leave an opportunity to save money when there’s a sale going on!

Real-Time Communication

Email Marketing works contrary to traditional marketing channels like billboard Ads and TV commercials. Leveraging it, we enable our clients to communicate with their target audience in real-time. Therefore, making it a perfect digital channel to send out timely notifications to your subscribers, aka customers.


By now, you must have realized that list of benefits our Email Marketing services promise is never-ending. Whether you are a small business or a mid-size, this influential marketing channel will enable you to reach out and engage with your target audience anywhere. Are you ready to get these benefits? Drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com to get on board with us. We would love to help you grow big!







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