Why Are E-Commerce Website Development Services Important for Your Business?

Ali Kazmi

  • Dec 16, 2020


Online shopping is a term we all hear about all the time. Because who doesn’t want to lay back in their recliner comfortably and shop? We’re all guilty of it. Even the retailers who have their physical stores at Pakistan’s posh locations have started getting E-Commerce Website Development Services. But why? The answer is simple. The savvy consumers of today prefer online shopping over in-store shopping. So, you haven’t opened up an online store yet, and you are losing sales? Xcentric Services is here to the rescue!

You might currently have a brick-and-mortar store and an office overseeing all of the processes, right? It goes the other way around when you hire us to launch your E-Commerce store. From development to the launch and post-launch, our team will handle it all. On top of it, we also ensure quicker sales, less operating costs, and high ROI.

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Low Set-Up and Operational Cost

The cost of building an E-Commerce store is much lower as compared to that of a physical store because everything is automated. You save on the staff cost, electricity, rent, and many other miscellaneous costs. So why not use the money you’d be saving for getting an E-Commerce store developed by Xcentric Services? Our services go beyond just launching an E-Commerce store. We put in our best efforts to automate every process and reduce your operational costs, which isn’t possible when selling in-store. And once we set up your E-Commerce store, you won’t have to hire additional employees to handle it. Precisely speaking, it’s just a one-time investment that keeps on increasing your ROI.

Increased Customer Base

You are brand selling products that are more in-demand outside Pakistan? That’s one of the most influential factors that can affect your business. Because no demand means no customer, and we all know what that means – No sales. However, with E-Commerce taking the world by storm, this isn’t a problem anymore.

Our team won’t step back immediately after your E-Commerce store goes live. Using the right SEO practices, they’ll make sure that you are reaching the customers in every corner of the world. The result? You’ll have a large customer base – All thanks to our E-Commerce Website Development Services.

increase customer base


Online selling isn’t only about putting up products for sale. Online retailers need to determine which products are selling successfully. Moreover, they also need to manage stock levels. Imagine a customer orders a product that isn’t in stock and you didn’t even know? You lost a customer too there and then.

At Xcentric Services, we make sure that none of our clients goes through this misery of losing a customer. But how? By dedicating a team to monitor the product stock, scale the product categories, and keep an eye on the top-selling products. This consequently helps our clients in diversifying their product ranges and managing the stock.

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Measurable Sales Approach

You must be thinking about will your E-Commerce store be successful? And how will you measure the results? E-Commerce stores that we build for our clients can be easily tracked and measured with the help of Google Analytics. We usually have clients coming to us post-launch inquiring;

How many orders were processed in the past month through our online web store?

At regular intervals, what’s the percentage of revenues we’re earning?

What is the cart abandonment rate?

We get them all the answers through Google Analytics. However, in case the results aren’t convincing, we get our SEO team to work. They employ result-driven search engine optimization strategies that help improve ranks on SERPs of Google. Thus, driving more customers to the E-Commerce store.

Restricted Opening Time? No More!

An online web store doesn’t have restricted opening times. Precise enough, they should have a banner up saying – Always Open. That’s a huge relief for your potential customers because they’ll be able to shop at any time of the day. Do you know what this means for an online retailer? Maximizes online sales and huge profits.

However, nothing in this world comes without putting in some extra efforts (and sometimes money too). Considering that your E-Commerce store will be open 24/7, someone needs to be there to assist the customers. The good news? You can leave that too with us. Along with being an E-Commerce Website Development Company, we provide BPO services too.

Next comes the question – How can you further maximise your online sales post-launch? Xcentric Services has a solution for this too– Digital Marketing. The two key marketing initiatives we take to help online retailers increase their sales are; Cross-Selling and Up-Selling.

Up-selling involves marketing products that relate to the products which a customer has added to their cart. Usually, these products complement the purchases that have been made already. For instance, if a customer has purchased a mobile phone, we’ll up-sell a phone cover or a headphone with it. On the other hand, cross-selling refers to encouraging customers to buy additional products. And for this, we prefer sending emails or placing pop-ups that say – “New In”, “You Might Like This Too”, or “Check This Out”.

Besides, while designing an E-Commerce store, we prefer adding CTAs too. They encourage customers to take an action and boost online conversion rates. Sounds convincing, right? Then along with E-Commerce Website Development Services, might as well get our Digital Marketing Services?


By now, you must’ve realized how beneficial it is to have an E-Commerce store. So, are you ready to launch your very own E-Commerce store? If your answer is a yes, you might be looking to hire one of the Best E-Commerce Website Development Company in Pakistan. Look no further because we’re right here.

At Xcentric Services, we have a team of experienced E-Commerce developers. They have the expertise to create user-friendly E-Commerce stores that generate high sales. Hence, we assure you, our E-Commerce Web Development Services in Pakistan will be worth the investment!








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