5 Best E-Commerce Platforms For Small Businesses In 2022

Mahum Khalid

  • Mar 31, 2022

Reaching out to the most valuable leads of your small business in 2022 is your ultimate goal? Well then, you need to invest in building a strong online presence. Millions of people are already searching for your products and E-Commerce businesses. By investing in an E-Commerce platform and launching a website on it, you can generate valuable leads and increase the conversions for your business. But the real task here is to choose between the Best E-Commerce Platforms because the options are limitless.

In this blog, we at Xcentric Services will provide you with the top 5 E-Commerce platforms you can count on as a small business in 2022. Also, if you want to know how to drive revenues from an E-Commerce website, keep reading till the end as we have that covered too.

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1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular and biggest E-Commerce platforms used by businesses of every size. Especially, when it comes to small businesses, this platform is one of the BEST because of its easy-to-use interface.

In simpler words, to launch a web store on Shopify, you do not need to be a tech person or have coding skills. Many retailers prefer Shopify over other platforms because they get to easily build a customized E-Commerce Website on the platform without having to learn design or coding.

As an E-Commerce platform, Shopify also caters to mid-sized and large E-Commerce businesses, which is a win-win. So, when your business grows from a small business into a large business and expands beyond the limits, there will be no stress about switching to a new platform. You can simply upgrade to a bigger and better plan that suits your business’s requirements and even grow further by investing in Shopify App Development.

Shopify Website Development Services

Now, talking about the design, there are hundreds of themes options available in Shopify fitting all types of businesses. Retailers get to pick a theme that best first the aesthetics of their business and launch an online web store using it.

The best thing about it all is that all the options include fully-responsive designs. Their designs ensure that a website adapts to the shape and size of the device the web store visitor is using. Hence, regardless of the design, you choose for implementing into your Shopify store, you will not have to worry about adjusting it for different devices.

Moreover, if the retailers face any issues with designing and launching their website, Shopify provides 24/7 customer support for helping them with the problems. Retailers can reach out to them with every concern, question, and even for directions on how they can manage the features on their website.

As far as the financial aspect of a website is concerned, Shopify does not charge any transaction fee when people purchase a product from a website. It also offers fraud analysis for keeping the customers safe.

On the whole, getting Shopify Development Services is a great option for those retailers looking for an easy to develop and user-friendly E-Commerce platform. In fact, optimizing a Shopify web store for search engine optimization is also easy with the help of SEO experts at Xcentric Services.

Convinced to launch your E-Commerce web store on Shopify? Let us help you get through the development and designing process. We are a leading Shopify Web Development Company having all it takes to help businesses sell online successfully.

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2. Magento

Another popular platform in the E-Commerce world is Magento. The open-source platform is great for large and small businesses to create their online web stores – thanks to its tools and features. Retailers on the platform also get the opportunity of integrating it with their ERP solutions like SAP A1 or B1 and Dynamics 365.

Also, the E-Commerce platform is integrable with social media platforms and enables selling products with those channels. It makes it easy for online retailers to brand out and sell their products through different mediums.

As a retailer on Magento, you can use your web store to integrate and build multiple storefronts on websites like eBay, Amazon, and Daraz. It is quite a practical way to expand the reach of a business while consistently creating brand identity across different platforms.

Similar to Shopify, Magento also offers 24/7 customer support to meet the needs of online retailers. So yes, while being on the platform, you can always turn to them for getting expert help while composing a website.

Besides it all, Magento E-Commerce Website Development also helps with managing payments and shipping the products ordered by customers. Generally, the open-source platform is flexible, making it easy to create, design, and monitor your online web store.
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3. Selz

As one of the cheapest E-Commerce platforms, Selz works effectively to deliver valuable results. The website builder offers pro and standard plans. If you are a small business, what suits your best is the standard plan as it offers everything that you might require for selling online.

Retailers get many theme options to choose between when designing their web store. Also, with the 24/7 customer support the platform provides, they get access to set up sessions too which helps with getting started on designing the web store.

Selz is an E-Commerce platform that also makes it easy for retailers to choose the themes that work BEST for their business and implement it into the web store. And, even if they do not have the design or coding experience, the platform is easy to use for everyone.

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    With its user-friendly tools and features, Selz makes it for online retailers to build and launch their online web store. In addition, there are many customization options available for creating a web store that works for a retailer. For example, the drag and drop feature in Selz makes creating product pages easy and fast. So, if you are watching out for an easy-to-use and affordable website builder, Selz is the answer.

    Self E-Commerce Website Development

    4. Facebook E-Commerce

    Do you have a small product selection? Well then, Facebook Shop is the option for you – even better than many other Best E-Commerce Platforms if you are a small business. It is a platform that enables small and mid-sized businesses with multiple products to create a pre-designed online web store. Technically, it is an easy and simple way to create an effective online web store.

    Amid the pandemic, Facebook carried out a survey on small businesses and found that almost 30% of businesses were not operating well. As a result, the social giant decided to create a way for small businesses to reach out to customers and sell online. Therefore, leading to the creation of Facebook Shops – which many businesses are using in Pakistan and worldwide.

    It is a platform enabling SMBs to set up online retailing shops for their businesses and sell products online – just like on a storefront.

    Users find a shop by visiting a business’s Instagram or Facebook page, as well as through Ads or stories. Moreover, on Facebook Shop, the retailers get to upload categories of products and create customized storefronts that provide an engaging shopping experience to the target audience.

    Facebook Marketing Services

    Using a drag and drop theme, the Facebook Shop can be set up and retailers can add or remove features according to their needs. All of this makes it easy for them to create a customized storefront without actually having to invest in an E-Commerce platform.

    For getting started on creating a Facebook storefront, the shopping feature on a business profile needs to be enabled. Then, following these steps, a store can be set up:

    • Go to the Facebook page and visit the Shop section
    • Set up the shop details
    • Choose the payment options
    • Upload a product catalog
    • Start selling

    Did you see that? setting up a store on Facebook is this simple. Once the store is in place, people can discover a shop by visiting the Facebook or Instagram page of the business. They can share, browse, and save products in the shop as well as place an order.

    When a buyer decides to purchase from a retailer, they can also direct them directly to the website to complete the purchase or have them complete it in-app. It does not even require you to know to code either.

    Set Up Your Small Business Facebook Shop TODAY

    Facebook Shops are an excellent opportunity for small businesses that want to reach out to a pool of customers where they are browsing and shopping. Speaking of Facebook Marketing Services, we at Xcentric Services offer a variety of customized strategies to help businesses like you make the most out of your social media presence. From posting organic and unique content about your shop and what you sell to running Ads for advertising the shop to the target audience, we will help you increase Facebook lead generation. When you hire us, we will create a customized strategy that involves original Facebook posts, compelling Ad copies, and optimizing your business profile to showcase your unique style.

    Want to learn more about how we can help you create a Facebook Shop successfully? Contact us online at connect@xcentricservice.com or call us NOW at 0300-800-2094 to speak with an expert.

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    5. WooCommerce

    Do you write blogs for your business? Take our two cents – use WordPress for hosting your blog because it can also be doubled up as an E-Commerce website. With its plugin WooCommerce, you can easily create a web store that is fully functional as an E-Commerce business.

    WooCommerce enables the creation of fully customized websites for a business. It is open-source and one of the Best E-Commerce Platforms that allows adding E-Commerce functionality to a website. The plugin is quite popular and used by many small businesses in Pakistan that were already using WordPress in some dimensions.

    Using the plugin WooCommerce allows adding E-Commerce functionalities, therefore, making it easy for people to see products and shop them. All in all, it is a user-friendly plugin that can be used for quickly developing a website.

    When you invest in WordPress Website Development Services that we provide, you will have the back of a HUGE community of expert developers who will help you create the BEST website for your retail business.

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    Xcentric can help you launch a beautifully designed E-Commerce website for your small business. To get a project quoteCONTACT US.

    Beautifully designed websites go a long way for an E-Commerce business. If you want to increase your online presence and drive website leads, invest in the design of your website. At Xcentric, we have years of experience in designing and launching engaging websites for businesses worldwide.

    We are a full-service Digital Marketing Agency specializing in web design. Our team of more than 450+ experts brings their expertise and knowledge to every project. Hence, we can help you create and launch a customized website driving valuable results for your business.

    End your search for a company that can drive website traffic, results, and sales – look no further than Xcentric Services. In the past five years alone, we have driven more than $3 billion in sales and millions of leads for our clients who got on board with us for E-Commerce Website Development in Pakistan.

    Do not believe us? You can ask our clients! Check out client testimonials that attest to our oh-so-awesome work. Start building your E-Commerce website with us NOW. Contact us online at connect@xcentricservices.com or call 0300-800-2094. We look forward to speaking to you.

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