Shopify Plus: What Are The Benefits Of Upgrading To It?

kashif ali

  • May 11, 2022

While you might be thinking that your current Shopify account is giving you everything needs, it can be a tunnel vision – as you have not seen the big picture yet. Without knowing what Shopify Plus offers and how to implement it, you will be limited by what can be done ALWAYS. To make you aware of its power, we have covered this blog on the benefits it has in stores for online retailers. Keep reading!

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5 Benefits Of Upgrading To Shopify Plus

We all know how challenging it is to run an E-Commerce store. So, whether you are struggling with the Shopify theme, matching the checkout style with the whole website, or simply want payment options for every customer, you are sorted with the Plus version. After all, who does not like a perfect website with all the options for its customers? Though if you still need some more convincing before upgrading, here are the benefits that a Shopify Development Store on the Plus version gets:

Shopify Stores

1. New Theme Possibilities

Customer experience is dependent on the theme. While a retailer can think that their website is looking just fine, the customers can have a different view. Themes control the website features, organization, and even the style of an online store. A perfect-looking online web store should fit well with the products and create a seamless flow for all the visitors – leading them to where they have to be and want to be. And, every Shopify Web Developer at Xcentric knows how to customize the themes.

By upgrading to Shopify Plus, you can get access to creating up to hundred themes and make every corner of your online web store your very own. On the whole, the new theme possibilities allow expanding the website layout easily. So, get on the version and create the web store that you used to dream of before. Hire Shopify Web Developer who will handle it all for you, while you manage other in-house tasks.

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2. Customized Checkout

One of the worst things is the checkout of your web store not matching the branding and making the customers feel like they are driven to a different website. According to Shopify Experts, the customers should feel that they are on your website throughout the process – while selecting the products, viewing the cart, and checking out.

The good news is that the Plus version of Shopify offers the solution by allowing Shopify Developers to customize the checkout part. This means that the checkout part will fall in line perfectly with the rest of the E-Commerce web store and blend with the branding.

Shopify Developers

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3. Schedule Events

Managing product launches, flash sales, and marketing campaigns can get stressful, especially when you are doing everything the same day – from design to sending out. This is an unignorable pain point for almost every online retailer – and that’s exactly where a Shopify Partner in Pakistan comes to the rescue.

By launching Shopify Stores in Pakistan on the Plus version of the E-Commerce platform, you can enjoy more checkouts every minute without any hassle. In fact, as a retailer, you will also get automated scheduling and built-in protection. Therefore, enabling you to pre-plan important events, automate scheduling, and simply watch everything roll out through the day.

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4. Automatic Discounts

Rewarding loyal customers is crucial for every business. However, if you are unable to create discounts for them or have to do it all manually, it is a painstaking task to manage and sell on an E-Commerce store. Well, not anymore if you get our Shopify Store Development Services.

Shopify Plus allows offering discounts to customers that are applied at the checkout on their cart automatically – with lots of different options. Retailers can choose from a fixed amount, buy X and get Y for FREE, or a percentage of discount to give customers exactly what they want.

Shopify Website

5. Unlimited Bandwidth

A website that loads slowly can cost you your customers. In the world that we are living in, customers are impatient. If any website takes longer than 5 seconds for loading, they leave right away without giving it a second thought. Given this reason, it is important to Hire Shopify Web Designer and developers who know how to make a user-friendly web store.

Unlike other E-Commerce platforms and the previous versions of Shopify, the Plus version provides unlimited bandwidth to online retailers. Thus, giving the web store enough space to load faster and meet the needs of the customers.

It does not charge based on the count of visitors that went through the store or the products uploaded. Hence, every Shopify Development Company prefers Shopify Plus – to enable retailers to handle up to six thousand checkouts every minute and limitless website traffic.

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