What Are The Benefits Of Magento Development For Your E-Commerce Business?

Ali Kazmi

  • Dec 17, 2020

The pandemic has had you convinced of launching your very own online web store to gain profits even when there is a lockdown? Well then, it is time that you choose an E-Commerce platform. While searching for one, you might have come across a popular name – Magento. And you might be wondering, what is the reason behind it leading the E-Commerce platform arena. Therefore, being a Magento Development Agency, we at Xcentric Services have covered this blog on the Benefits of Magento Development for E-Commerce businesses in Pakistan. Keep scrolling to know them all!

Magento Development Is Powerful

Whether you plan on selling limited products or want to accommodate several product categories in your online web store, Magento Features and Benefits that our services provide can satisfy all your needs. Also, being an E-Commerce platform that can store and manage countless products without any hassle, Magento is a retailer-favorite in Pakistan.

Moreover, by enabling online web stores with features like product and inventory management, we make it easier for online retailers to manage and organize products. On top of it all, we also set up filters and navigations. Thus, boosting online conversion rates and the overall performance of Magento web stores.

SEO-Friendly Online Web Store

One of the major Benefits of Magento E-Commerce Development services we provide is that we optimize product pages and the descriptions of online web stores that we develop. As the platform itself is built while keeping SEO in mind, it allows online retailers to be visible on search engines like Google.

Moreover, another plus of launching an online web store on Magento is responsiveness. We all know how important it is for a website to be responsive on every device right? And considering that everyone now shops online using their mobile, launching a responsive website is a MUST.

The good news is – when you choose Magento as your E-Commerce platform and hire us for Magento Website Development, we will launch an online web store that is compatible with every kind of device and browser. Hence, along with being SEO-friendly, the Advantages of Magento 2 development will include a fully responsive website and a seamless user experience.


Fast Page Loading

In this fast-paced world, the savvy customers have no time to wait for a product page to load as if a turtle is walking slowly. They want products on their mobile screens as soon as they think about them. Do you know what this demands? Product pages with an incredible loading speed.

By building an online web store on Magento, online retailers in Pakistan claim to have faster loading times on their product pages. The results? No customer will have to wait or click the back button to go and shop from your competitor. All thanks to the Benefits of Magento Development!

Though if you are still not convinced, here is a stats backing the fact – Around 50% of online buyers abandon web stores which take more than 5 seconds to load a product. Being a Magento Development Agency ourselves, we understand the importance of website loading time. Hence, when providing Magento Development Services, we optimize the web store to deliver an optimum loading time. Thus, leading to higher sales and increase online conversion rates.

Highly Customizable

Talking about the other Magento Advantages, it is highly customizable. On top of it, our Magento development team at Xcentric Services also makes sure to customize everything according to the client’s requirements. From the look and feel of the online web store to the product categories and content – we can customize it all.

Moreover, when providing Magento Development Services, we also provide our clients with the option to choose from a variety of payment gateways, shipment carriers, and language. Thus, helping them cater to their target audience in a friendlier manner.

Besides, considering that many plugins and extensions are also available in the Magento marketplace, we also use them to improve the functionality of our client’s online web store.

magento customization

Development With Sales In Mind

Another major one of the Benefits of Magento Development services by Xcentric is that we develop online web stores for clients while keeping sales in mind. This means, if you plan on increasing your online conversion rates, Magento is your best-suited option.

Moreover, post the launch, our marketing team can also help you out with setting up product recommendations and upsell products on checkout pages. All in all, we have you covered from the start line to the end – development to generating online sales.

Wrapping Up

We believe that by reading through all the Magento Features and Benefits that we at Xcentric Services provide, you are convinced to get on board with us. With our Magento Development Services, we aim to bring endless benefits to online retailers in Pakistan. From a secured online shopping experience to hassle-free product management and much more – we promise it all that drives business growth.

Being a reputed Magento Development Company in Pakistan, we have the expertise to build online web stores on Magento that are on pace with the current E-Commerce trends. Hence, without a second thought – CONTACT US!







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