Benefits of Getting Magento 2 Development Services for Launching a Multi-Vendor Online Store

Ali Kazmi

  • Nov 11, 2020


Always been dreaming of launching your very own version of Amazon, Ali Express, and Daraz? Getting our Magento 2 Development Services can make it a reality. Though not to forget, Magento marketplace extensions will play a vital role in it. They are the knight in shining armor that can convert a typical online web store into a multi-vendor store. Precisely, using them means having power in hand, which creates a full-fledged marketplace and helps boost the online shopping experience.

Being Magento Partners in Pakistan, there’s one fact we swear on – Magento 2 has A LOT to offer to multi-vendor web store owners. On top of that, when you ask our team to build you a web store on Magento 2 using these multi-vendor extensions, seamless operations are guaranteed. Do you want to know more about Magento marketplace extensions? We hear a YES – So let’s dive further into this article then!

Why get Magento 2 Development Services to Build a Multi-vendor Store?

Before anything else, for all those who aren’t familiar with what is a multi-vendor online web store, we have an explanation. You must’ve shopped once in your life from Amazon, Daraz, eBay, or Ali Express? They are the perfect examples of a multi-vendor online web store. And there’s no denying that these platforms are immensely popular for selling products of multiple sellers.

Need some more reasons why you should consider choosing Magento 2 as your marketplace platform and partner with Xcentric Services as your Magento 2 Development Agency? We’ve highlights some important ones below!

  • Magento 2 enables online retailers to invite multiple vendors for selling their products on their E-Commerce web store. This way, the marketplace drives in more traffic, as compared to a traditional online web store.
  • The customer database of Magneto 2 is extensive, which makes it perfectly fitting for developing and fine-tuning Digital Marketing strategies.
  • Online retailers who own a Magento Marketplace receive commissions on the products that every vendor sells on their multi-vendor online web store.
  • Magento 2 doubles profit exponentially as the count of vendors and products rises, and vendors also benefit from selling on a marketplace.
  • When it comes to payment, Magento 2 offers 50+ payment gateways to ensure customer convenience.

We have you convinced enough of why choosing Magento 2 as a multi-vendor platform is the best decision? It’s time for you to take notes now on the jaw-dropping features of Magento 2 marketplace extensions that we integrate for our clients. Rest assured, till you reach the end of this article, you will know which extension suits your prospect the best.

magento ecommerce website development, Multi-vendor Store

CED Commerce – Marketplace Platinum Package

This Magento 2 marketplace extension is packed with mind-blowing features, making it one of the finest. It has a lot stored for its users – From a dedicated dashboard to sales reports and much more. Every client of ours who chose this extension was enabled with features that made product order management, creating invoices, and shipping management easier.

LandOfCoder – Magento 2 Marketplace Extension

LandOfCoder is one of the most agile and manageable Magento 2 marketplace extension that we recommend to most of our clients. The reason? It is seamlessly responsive and compatible with every kind of device. Hence, a better response is guaranteed.

Besides, this extension also enables automation, allows our client to take full charge of product sales, invoice creation, and shipment management via C-Panel. Rest assured, once our team sets up your online web store using this extension, you won’t have to worry about anything. Either it’s the theme, payment gateways, or any other feature – Our Magento 2 Website Development services will have you covered with all!

magento ecommerce website development, magento ecommerce company

Webkul – Magento 2 Marketplace Multi-vendor Module

Inventory and Supply Chain Management is one of the highlighted features of this extension. It is one of the top extensions that most of our clients of 2019 chose. The extension allowed them to add multiple products according to a variety, such as; easy configuration, downloadable, and virtual. Furthermore, the extension is also compatible with every Magento 2 theme, design, and template – Another concern off your shoulders!

Rest assured, considering that the extension is developed using Magento 2 codebase application programming, your E-Commerce web store won’t be disturbed. Besides it all, by using this extension, our team can also build you several vendor stores and product stores.

Magenest – Magento 2 Multiple Vendors Extension

When it comes to converting a Magento 2 web store into a seamless marketplace, the Magenest extension proves to be highly compatible. It offers every feature that helps maintain a comprehensive marketplace where the quality of products is assured, and customer satisfaction is a priority.

As a retail store owner, our clients don’t have to worry about the long lists of the vendors and their products. Using this marketplace extension, our team will sort all of it. Thus, enabling retailers to deal with a variety of products easily and attract online customers.

Summarizing It All

Building a Magento 2 marketplace without any extension can be difficult and time-consuming at the same time. On top of that, if you plan on handling it all on your own, things might go wrong. However, if you hire our team of Magento experts at Xcentric Services to build you a multi-vendor Magento 2 web store, promising results are guaranteed. Being a Magento 2 Development Company, we have years of experience in Magento marketplace development. Hence, without any second thoughts, let us take charge!







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