Magento Development Services & Facebook Store: An Integration

Ali Kazmi

  • May 13, 2020

Currently, Facebook has higher than 2.44 billion users globally and is verified to be one of the most popular platforms for trading and developing a business digitally, in this tech-driven era. Hence, the reason savvy marketers started noticing this social giant when they get Magento Development Services and want to promote their web store.

There are around 64 million dynamic business pages, and it is assumed that more than 75% of brands are ready to spend on Facebook Marketing Packages to promote their posts. And according to digital stats, by the end of 2020, Facebook will reach more than 5 billion people through ads, considering that there are more than 90 million businesses actively promoting sales through it.

Being a Facebook Marketing Company, as we glance at these stats, we safely conclude that in this era, marketing on the platform is one of the safest and most practical ways to reach more customers. However, to achieve the best results, consider integrating your Magento store with Facebook.

Facebook Integration with Magento 2

Magento 1 doesn’t accommodate any free-of-charge out-of-the-box extension. Hence, you cannot integrate Magento-driven stores seamlessly with Facebook. Besides, for every paid option, you are required to prepare your team of qualified people to search in the marketplace. The equipped team will also have to assist you in administering the integration. Not only would it consume extra effort and time, but also a few extra dollars in Magento Development Services

Contrarily, Magento 2 advances a lot of choices. It will render you various innovative as well as modern extensions. The store integration on Facebook for Magento 2 will help the retailers to advertise and sell their products in a much more stable and practical way. The brand-new solutions that develop with Magento 2 will let the retailers manage their products efficiently and let them sell their products as sponsored products too.

Benefits of Building Facebook Store with Magento Web Store

Magento Social

With Magento 2, businesses acquire an incredible free tool named Magento Social. Magento Social ensures seamless integration with Facebook. Plus, the cherry on top – It works well with Enterprise 2.0 and 2.1.

Technically, when a business installs the Magento Social extension, it works as a gateway connecting their Facebook page and their E-Store. And additionally, it offers them various advertising opportunities, along with a noticeable social media presence.

Assuring that Magento Social is easy to install, here’s a step-by-step procedure for the newbies;

  1. Install the Magento Social module
  2. Look out for a clickable button appearing in the Marketing section; In the Admin Panel, it is the term – Connect to Facebook. 
  3. Hit the Click as soon as you see the button! 
  4. Launch the Magento installation
  5. Set up the Facebook store

As soon as you accomplish the revealed steps, you will view a tab termed – Shop, on the page you have picked. That tab will begin copying your E-Store and supplement every single product there.

E-Commerce Platform Integration Services in Pakistan

The Integration Benefits

  • Businesses can customize the layout of their E-Store readily
  • All the traffic that businesses experience on their Facebook page will be diverted directly to the website
  • Every tweak that a business makes to its Magento Catalog will apply to its Facebook Page automatically and instantly
  • Businesses can create better Facebook Ads effortlessly and quickly
  • Stress-free installation
  • Time-saving

Drive Traffic to your E-Store

Have you ever noticed that countless businesses do not have a website and are still driving a successful business by only targeting Facebook users? The idea of social selling is presently a trend that is growing popular and trusted by numerous businesses. Hence, even if your E-Store is performing particularly well, you can regularly increase your sales and digital visibility through Facebook.

When businesses integrate their E-Store with Facebook, it opens up a world of opportunities for them. In this tech-driven era, not only have social media platforms verified themselves as effective sales channels, but also as exceptional advertising channels as well. Hence, there’s no doubt to the fact that integrating your Facebook Store with Magento 2 will provide exciting opportunities. However, if you’re still not convinced, we’ve covered five marketing advantages Facebook provides businesses at every step of their sales funnel after they’ve built a Facebook Store with Magento.

businesses integrate their E-Store with Facebook

Facebook Marketing – The Top 5 Advantages for your Business

With over 2.4 billion global active users, a developing collection of platforms, and societies gathering around every business, it’s doubtful to claim that there’s no power in Facebook as a marketing tool.

So, since morning, how many times have you checked your Facebook notifications? Though we know that all of us are guilty of this scrolling crime, Facebook experiences this crowd for a reason. And undoubtedly, it has become an ingrained part of everyone’s life. However, while you might be planning on resisting the use of it, Facebook can be of immense benefit to your business. Here’s a list of advantages Facebook Marketing has to offer;

1. Boosted Brand Awareness and Traffic

Indeed, organic page posts in the Facebook Newsfeed aren’t what they used to be. Particularly for reaching considerably less engaged audiences for matters like boosting brand awareness and directing traffic, the tweaks that operated some years ago might be a loss of energy presently. But fortunately, when it comes to Magento Development Services, Facebook extends more than other platforms in terms of alternative approaches to influence the audience.

Sponsored posts reach with high-level targeting capacities and alternatives that support you in reaching distinct audiences for a brand impression or a click. For instance, related audiences can benefit you while influencing brand-new people connected to your business utilizing your current email list, website visitants, or consumer base.

Moreover, businesses can further practice organic methods, such as Facebook Groups and Influencer Marketing. These appearances are reaching hits that brands aren’t in the Newsfeed. Hence, practice them to make your content visible. Rest assured, if you’re making good use of these tactics alongside your marketing funnel, you’ll surely drive traffic and boost your business’s brand awareness, and later convert the audience.

2. Engaged Existing Audience

Considering that Facebook is where your audience is spending most of their time, you need to keep them warmed-up to;

  • Sustain their attention
  • Notify them about the benefits of your solution
  • Develop trust with them
  • Prepare them for a sales pitch

Instead of just utilizing the network to direct traffic and leads and driving people away from the Facebook activity that they’re experiencing, work on initiating discussion with the audience.

Hold your brand at the top of the mind of the audience, and nurture your relationship with them. Need some ideas on how to keep your audience engaged? Here are some options;

  • Engaging Text Posts and Photos
  • Recorded Videos
  • Facebook Lives
  • Messenger Bots
  • Facebook Groups 

The Best Bet? Facebook Lives is a WIN-WIN!

Social Media Marketing Services in Chicago

So which tweak are you going to try your hands on to engage your existing audience? Let us know in the comments!

3. Drive Leads through Sales

So you’ve handled social communities, influencers, and advertisements to grow an audience with appealing live content. And certainly, Facebook can similarly benefit by developing leads throughout the sales process, though with the right setup.

It isn’t even tough to strategize a great converting campaign while providing the leads with what they need at a perfect time. Though not after they’ve led their way out themselves through the marketing funnel

Being a business, you’re required to pinpoint your audience at each step through the marketing funnel and then strategize personalized campaigns according to the end-user. Technically, your campaigns and inventory should be synced to;

  • Track Buyers
  • Illustrate Product-focused Ads
  • Balance Campaigns for several Products

4. Empowering New Customers

Even after converting a visitor into a buyer, Facebook has advantages for your marketing funnel. Considering that it’s a powerful tool to support and retention, you can utilize it as a service channel for customers, so that they won’t hate visiting you, as much as they hate approaching a typical help desk.

Though we agree, customer service demands a very proactive approach, addressing your audiences’ questions, and educating them is a powerful move. Customers need answers to their questions, regardless of them being new or existing from years. Hence, when they know that a brand is addressing them with organic content focused on answering their questions and making them familiar to the brand, they’re likely to develop relationships with the brand; And that’s your ultimate goal.

5. One-On-One Customer Support

Being a business, you’re always required to provide customer support, and when that’s through a one-on-one communication platform, the customer won’t mind communicating with you whenever they have a query. The best practical example of it? Messenger Bots which is a part of Facebook Marketing Services Packages

With Facebook’s Messenger bots, businesses are now benefited from next-level opportunities for communicating with their customers and addressing their problems. Hence, makes Facebook a brand-friendly platform because the customer service bots aggregate information for the customers. Otherwise, they would have to hunt everything on their own.



The Conclusion

Being a Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan and a provider of Magento E-Commerce Website Development services, we’ve seen plenty of businesses not having a Facebook Store, even though it promises a win. And if you’re also one of those, it’s now time to make advertising easier and practical by integrating your Facebook Store with Magento store. Need some help from professionals to ensure success and even nail Facebook Marketing Services? Get in touch with Xcentric today and let the professionals set up your web store on the social giant. 







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