Benefits of having an E-Commerce online web store

Ali Kazmi

  • Sep 11, 2020

Are you a budding entrepreneur dreaming of being your own boss by launching an E-Commerce online web store? Let Xcentric help you step ahead in the journey if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Plus, considering the recent times of COVID-19, E-Commerce Store Website Development sounds like a limitless and profitable business you should tap in to try your luck.

E-Commerce is the buying and selling of products and services online. So whether you sell to other businesses or consumers, if a transaction happens online, it is counted as E-Commerce. Are you still not convinced that you should have your E-Commerce business? Just recall everything you purchased from an online web store. You’ll know how broad this category is and why it is growing popular.

On the whole, there’s no doubt that the future of Pakistan Selling Sites is bright, and it will benefit both; Online Retailers and Consumers. However, we understand, taking the plunge of building an online web store when you are just a newbie entrepreneur is not easy.

But what if we tell you that there are countless E-Commerce Development Companies in Pakistan out there ready to help you with end-to-end Magento E-Commerce Website Development Services and we, Xcentric Services, are one of them? We know you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot right now. However, there’s still an important question that needs an answer. Why should you get our help for starting off on an online web store? 

To answer your concerns, we’ve covered every benefit our clients get when they opt for having an E-Commerce business and choose us to build a dream E-Commerce web store.

Low Upfront Costs

Usually, the biggest issue online retailers face while entering the E-Commerce industry is COST. Whether you are starting off as a small, mid-sized, or large business, you need to have the capital to invest. And on top of it, if you are setting up a brick-and-mortar store, the investment is high. You have to rent a storefront, stock it up, and hire staff to manage it.

However, even though Magento E-Commerce Development is also far less than free, the amount you risk on it is a lot less. So if you kept aside some savings while you were studying, make things work by investing in hosting services, Dynamics E-Commerce software, and a domain name with the help of our experienced Magento E-Commerce Developers.

 Plus, along with the basics of getting you the best hosting services in Pakistan and a perfectly fitting domain name at the lowest upfront cost, our team will also help you fly off the ground with Branding and Graphic Design ServicesSEO Services Pakistan, and other Digital Marketing in Pakistan tactics. 

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You Work from Home

In Pakistan, an average daily worker spends over 30 minutes commuting to their workplace – each way. That totals up to a full hour every day. However, when you take the plunge of running your own business, especially an online web store, Xcentric Services make sure that you get the freedom in every possible way.

Hence, when our clients hire us for Magento 2 Development Services, we make sure that they work from the comfort of their cough, while our E-Commerce team takes care of every possible task. Plus, our clients also save on the cost of having an office space. And are not bound to meet the office hour expectations.

You can sell Anything and Everything

In the past years, the retail industry has experienced a significant impact because of E-Commerce. And now, in 2020, it has grown into a category that covers countless business types. Because most things savvy consumers of today buy are from an online web store.

However, if you are still figuring out what kind of E-Commerce business you should have? We’re sharing a few of the E-Commerce businesses that we’ve had on board with us for Magento 2 E-Commerce Development and were a success;

  • Online Services such as immigration consultancy, copywriting, or telemedicine if you are a doctor.
  • Selling products on online web stores that are sourced by manufacturing companies.
  • Utilizing drop shipping for selling without bearing the work shortage cost.
  • Building a website that sells informational products like courses and tutorials.
  • Mobile Application Development to sell as a product.

All in all, for building every type of E-Commerce online store, we involve a different Magento Website Design and features to meet our client’s needs. So, are you ready for opening up an E-Commerce store? Just figure out which type of business you want to run, have a plan in mind, and then leave the tech and development part to us! 

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Huge Customer Base

The customer base of a brick-and-mortar store is limited to the geographic area it is located in. However, if you have an E-Commerce business, you can sell to your target audience anywhere around the globe; where you can easily ship.

Hence, when we build an online web store for our clients, we make sure that the E-Commerce Platform Integrations opens up countless opportunities for them. Thus, enabling them to ship wherever their target audience is and grow the audience base.

Being a Web Development Company in Lahore, we also believe that a worthy online web store is the one that targets every term our client’s target audience searches and ranks at the top of SERPs. And so, along with nailing the features and functionalities of every client’s online web store, we also make sure that we’ve optimized their SEO score with our SEO Services in Lahore.

24/7 Online Shopping Service and Support

Brick-and-mortar stores have set opening hours. And if a customer visits for buying a product after you are closed, you lose a sale. However, E-Commerce online stores are accessible 24/7. So, if a customer realizes at midnight that they need something over the weekend, they can still go ahead and place an order on your online web store.

Though let’s not forget the other side of the coin. When your online customers can buy any time of the day and week, you need to make sure that your E-Commerce online store runs seamlessly; to answer every customer query even when you are away.

Hence, to provide our client’s target audience with an exceptional customer experience, we ensure 24/7 Chatbot support. Moreover, we also have a Call Center in Lahore providing BPO Services to our clients; to make sure that the online conversion rates keep on growing higher. And that too regardless of whether the client is available or not.

Accessible and Scalable

Starting an E-Commerce business requires just a website and the support of a Magento 2 Development Company. That’s precisely why new entrepreneurs consider it an accessible and profitable option. However, if you weren’t stepping ahead towards building an E-Commerce store because it seemed like a risk, don’t stop. We are here to help.

Regardless of whether our clients start small or large, we take it as a challenge to generate profits. And once the earnings start coming in, we focus on growing their brand to handle more traffic. All you have to do is scale up and develop further than a physical location. All while we direct your E-Commerce startup with big ideas and ambitions.

Affordable Digital Marketing Packages

You came up with a business idea and formulated a plan. We made it a reality by building an online web store. But did you think about how your target audience will find your website from day one? Well, that depends on Online Marketing in Pakistan.

The good news here is that we can help you tap into every Digital Marketing in Pakistan trend with our very affordable Social Media Marketing Packages in Pakistan and other traditional Marketing Services.

At Xcentric Services, we use SEO, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing for increasing online sales of our clients. Rest assured, when you decide on getting our Social Media Management Services, the results are guaranteed.

Moreover, we also use Online Advertising in Pakistan options like search and Ads that let you stay within budget and spend wisely. However, if you look forward to paying only for actual online visitors, like other Online Marketing Websites in Pakistan, we also offer PPC Marketing models to promote your brand-new online web store.

Though before everything else, there’s one thing we being a Social Media Agency focus on – Being realistic. Hence, regardless of the product, you choose to sell, even if it is competitive, we bid on organic results. 

Measurable and Targeted Online Marketing

After building an online web store, the next important step is to understand who is your target audience. This also pays off when it comes to Digital Media Marketing because that’s where every targeting tactic works on Social Media Platforms.

Hence, when you opt for our Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan after your online web store goes live, we make sure that we offer you Digital Services packages that focus on your target audience and what they care about; be it Facebook Marketing Packages in Karachi, Instagram Marketing, or SEO Services Pakistan.

The rest is up to you, whether you want to target your online customers based on demographics, interests, or hobbies. Add all of this up, and voila – we’ve sorted your way to achieving a higher ROI.

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Summarizing It All

Every to-be entrepreneur needs to figure out a business idea and a strategy moving ahead. For some, everything related to E-Commerce made sense, but for some, everything is a puzzle.

Savvy online retailers claim that is easy to get started on E-Commerce. However, considering the broad array of pathways ahead, being a Magento 2 Development Agency, we believe that you need to approach it technically.

Hence, once you’ve got the business idea and product in place, hire Magento Commerce Developers from one of the Best Magento Development companiesXcentric Services. We’ll help you every step of the way, whether you are a newbie entrepreneur or a retailer who wants to add E-Commerce to their brick-and-mortar store.







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