How Can Fashion Brands Benefit By Launching A Shopify Store?

kashif ali

  • Feb 16, 2022

Some big names of the fashion industry have turned towards hosting their online web stores on Shopify Plus. Thanks to the reliable and robust infrastructure of the website, brands are thriving in the highly competitive E-Commerce market with a Shopify Store. It is home to plenty of exciting and successful brands in the fashion industry, and there are good reasons behind it. Being a full-service agency, we believe it is a worthwhile platform for launching fashion stores.

Flexibility, powerful features, easy-to-use dashboard, and the list is never-ending of everything the platform provides to put forward fashion stores on the internet. On top of it, when you get on board with the team of developers at Xcentric Services, you will be working with smart people having a deep understanding of Fashion, E-Commerce, and technology. We have built countless websites on Shopify, ranging from emerging fashion brands to startups. Are you ready to launch an online web store on the platform for your fashion brand with our help? Keep reading the blog to find out what you can expect in return.

Why Trust Your Fashion Brand With Shopify Plus?

By launching an E-Commerce website on Shopify Plus, businesses get the opportunity to expand and elevate their fashion brand. All along, they can also compete with the market growing continuously, retain their investment, and increase sales. As a fashion brand, if you are confused about choosing Shopify Plus for E-Commerce Website Design – here is what it allows doing:

  • Adding, updating, and managing the products with an in-built friendly interface that is easy to interact with for the team
  • Automating product drops and marketing campaigns
  • Streamlining IT tasks line maintenance and monitoring
  • Integrating web store with social media channels, mobile, and other marketing channels
  • Customizing the customer experience with a dedicated storefront for selling internationally
  • Giving customers access to wholesaling channels and personalizing their interactions

E-Commerce Website Design

Is Shopify Plus Just The Right Choice To Take Your Fashion Brand Online?

Launching a Shopify Store is everything a fashion brand needs to join the E-Commerce world, compete with its speed and grow scalable enough to elevate the brand name online. By providing dedicated one-to-one support 24/7, we can help you launch a web store on Shopify Plus. You will be able to see its success in the following ways:

1. Simple Administration Features

Web stores on Shopify Plus are easy to use from the backend. The admin panel of the platform also comes with easily understandable instructions. Therefore, making it hassle-free to manage the E-Commerce operations and online presence of a fashion brand on Shopify. If you were previously worried about how your team would be able to manage the web store post our team launching it, you have your concerns sorted now.

2. Customizable Themes

Apparel and fashion brands admire visuals with appealing front-end designs and themes achievable on Shopify Plus. Most of the themes that the E-Commerce platform offers are customization. So, no matter what the requirements are, by leveraging the customization options provided by the platform, experts at Xcentric Services will develop your dream web store. Just minor tweaks to the themes, and there you have it – a web store for your fashion enterprise.

E-Commerce Website Development

3. Scheduling Content

There is a feature in Shopify Plus named Launchpad. It allows scheduling the updates in content long before the publishing time. As a fashion brand, you can understand that trends keep changing, which requires updating the content and banners regularly. When you hire us for E-Commerce Website Development, our team will apply this feature during promotions, influencing campaigns, and product launches on the online web store. Another interesting thing is that we will also lock the homepages for the changes and updates before the planned discounts, promotions, and product drops go LIVE.

4. Web Store Automation

Automating an online web store on Shopify Plus is easy because of a feature named Flow. The platform is powered by a visual workflow constructor and pre-built templates. Therefore, enabling quick automation of the E-Commerce store.

Moreover, on Shopify Plus, retailers also get access to segment their customers, marketing, reviews, orders, and inventory. In addition, they get the capabilities for optimizing their web store for providing a better online shopping experience.

So, if your fashion business has a huge customer base and the promotional campaigns are always in action, launching a Shopify Store is the best option. Its automation features will make it easy to manage critical items on the online web store and sell successfully.

Shopify Development

5. Scalability & Growth

Shopify Plus is one of the limited E-Commerce platforms created by keeping in mind the continuous growth of online web stores. On top of it, the whimsical growth that fashion brands go through requires scalable platforms like Shopify Plus to succeed. Its on-cloud streamlined setup means that our developers and you as an online retailer will only have to focus on marketing and retailing. Unlike other E-Commerce platforms, it will not require never-ending configurations, integrations, and updates, which is a win-win given that they are time-taking tasks.

Ready To Launch Your Web Store On Shopify Plus?

If you are convinced of the benefits the E-Commerce platforms provide and interested in working with experienced Shopify Experts, then get in touch with us. We at Xcentric Services are a team of developers, designers, and marketing pros having years of experience in Shopify Development.

After a discussion centred on knowing your requirements in an online web store, our team will join the puzzle pieces. Right from choosing the theme to launching the web store and getting the first sale, we will have your back throughout the project. In between, our experts will also keep discussing the metrics that can help you run an online fashion brand successfully.

Besides, if you are not ready to get on Shopify Plus, know that we also have hands-on experience building web stores on Shopify. To get started on a suitable E-Commerce platform, contact us at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY. After understanding the objectives and goals of your business, we will help you pick a platform, and get the job home – within a budget, ON TIME, and to the BEST standards.







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