B2B Email Marketing – The Best Practices We Follow To Drive Great Results

Ali Kazmi

  • Oct 29, 2020

Email Marketing is a tried and tested way to reach out to both – Individual and Business Customers. Though talking of B2B Email Marketing specifically, did you know that 90% of savvy B2B online retailers use email to boost engagement that converts subscribers into leads and then – CUSTOMERS?

Contrary to B2C customers who react better to engaging content with an emotional element, B2B customers focus on logic and ROI. Essentially, they are asking – How can your business help in growing my business? The only way an online retailer can answer this question is by consistently resonating their business with Email Marketing strategies with business customers and focusing on what matters to them – like money, time, and resources.

This type of Email Marketing is a dominant platform for sharing brand content. According to stats, around 85% of B2B retailers in Pakistan send email newsletters as a part of their Digital Marketing plan. And surprisingly, they are the most critical to their marketing success. Simply put, considering the constant flow of emails flowing into our inboxes every day, the importance of planning a B2B Email Strategy is clear.

However, convincing consumers to make a purchasing decision, and that too with a B2B Email Marketing Strategy is no easy play. But, when done the right way, it can get you a lot of business. We’ve done this in the past for our clients and can do this again for you too by planning well-thought-out strategies. And for that, we follow some best practices which we’ve shared below. Give them a read!

Using Enticing Subject Lines (That’s our favorite part of B2B Email Marketing)

When our marketing team sits together to decide on a subject line, they think of it as a Netflix trailer. Didn’t get what we are talking about? Let’s imagine a scenario – Will you watch a Netflix series with a trailer that didn’t hook you in a two-minute duration? We know you won’t unless it features your favorite characters.

Emails work the same way. Hence, our team spends a fair share of time deciding on an enticing subject line for our client’s B2B Email Marketing campaign that compels the receiver to open it up and read about what is being offered.

b2b email marketing

Sticking to one CTA

Think of the number of emails you receive every day and take a look at the CTAs placed in them. Some might be packed with just two or three and some might be a disaster – with up to ten different CTAs. We might sound rude here, but placing too many CTAs in a B2B email is a big NO.

At Xcentric Services, we focus on avoiding such mistakes that confuse the recipient and make their head spin thinking – Where should I click first? And ultimately click on nothing. That’s the worst-case scenario, and sadly, many online retailers face it.

For most of our clients who come to us for B2B Email Marketing Services, we just use one CTA per email and allow their target audience to focus on the email content, and ultimately take just ONE action. Though this looks like a hit-and-trial scenario, it still helps the target audience in decision-making and drives great results for our clients.

Segmenting Emails to reach Relevant Audiences

Think of sending the same message to every person on your contact list. Sounds pointless, right? In the same way, your subscribers might be at different stages of the purchasing journey or seeking a different solution. They are all on a different page, and you need to reach out to them relevantly. That’s precisely where our team brings segmentation into play.

Not only does segmentation help us reach out to our client’s audience in a better way, but it also adds a personal touch to every B2B email. Precisely, here’s what every email we sent on behalf of our client says – “Hey Business! We know what you need help with”.

Responsive Email Designs

We all know that mobile phones are the show stoppers of 2020 and the digital world revolves around them. You won’t be surprised if we said that around 90% of email users access their mailboxes on their mobile phones. And oftentimes, when emails aren’t responsive enough to show up accurately on a mobile phone, they are deleted within seconds. Scary, no?

The good news here is that you won’t have to worry about such issues when you get on board with Xcentric Services for B2B Email Marketing Services. Our team will draft responsive email designs.

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We never say NO to sending Cold Emails

Many digital agencies consider cold emailing a hard way to communicate with their client’s target audience. However, Xcentric’s marketing team won’t say NO to sending cold emails because as uncomfortable as they get, sending the right ones can win many B2B customers.

The only thing we focus on is converting from a stranger to being a part of the B2B customer’s subscriptions. And for that, here are a few aspects we consider while drafting a cold email for our clients;

  • Personalization – What interests the recipient?
  • Addressing the Pain Point – How do you care about the recipient?
  • Keeping it all Precise and Actionable
  • Appreciating the Recipient


Email Marketing gets no results until and unless online retailers keep the target audience in mind. And speaking of our experience, no audience is as whimsical as business customers. When it comes to B2B-focused Email Marketing, it is essential to communicate how your business can help their business. In case this doesn’t happen, your marketing didn’t work.

But, what are you worrying about when Xcentric Services can manage it all for you? Whether it’s B2B or B2C, our team knows the best of planning effective strategies that help online retailers in reaching their target audience. They can do the same kind of Email Marketing for your B2B business too. All you have to do is drop us an email (yes, there’s no life without an email) at connect@xcentricservices.com, and we’ll get back to you soon with the Best B2B Email Marketing Strategy!







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