How B2B E-Commerce Platforms Grow Businesses?

Mahum Khalid

  • Feb 08, 2023

Stepping into 2023 has made every B2B retailer realize that B2B E-Commerce Platforms are the new popular guys around the block. The main advantage that businesses using these platforms get is that they enable selling products and services without any time or geographic limits. With the advancement in B2B, many known platforms like Shopify, ReactJS, Magento, and WooCommerce have become retailer-favorite. All these platforms help businesses sell online and generate more revenues – even more than what their physical presence brings in.

Technically speaking, although these platforms have pre-made themes for businesses, it is always a better option to ask for help from an E-Commerce Specialist. We have a team of E-Commerce experts at Xcentric who have what it takes to help business set up their B2B web stores and make sales out of them. However, before you get on board with us, it is important to learn how these platforms work and the marketing tactics we use to make the most out of them. So, let’s get through the blog to know it all!


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How Do B2B E-Commerce Platforms Work?

B2B E-commerce is referred to a business selling its products or services to other businesses.  Mainly, it involves online transactions between a manufacturer, a wholesaler, and a retailer. Before the B2B E-Commerce Platforms came into the picture, the B2B selling and marketing process was labor-intensive and businesses had to do everything manually. Be it marketing or selling the product or service, it took a lot of resources, investment, and time. However, with the rise of innovations in the B2B E-Commerce world, the process has become quite an easy breeze.

Now, B2B retailers can sell through a digital platform, manage orders and increase sales – by just launching a website on a B2B E-Commerce platform. Even though businesses can build and launch web stores on their own, it is a bit technical and time-consuming. Hence, the best way out is to hire a Web Development Company in Lahore like Xcentric. Our development experts analyze B2B businesses, build their customized web stores and launch them in no time. Once the web stores are launched, our marketing team takes over them to drive traffic and sales. Want to find out how? Keep on reading the blog to find out which marketing tactics we use to manage B2B online stores.

E-Commerce Growth Agency - Xcentric

4 No-Fail B2B E-Commerce Marketing Strategies

Have you successfully built an online store but struggling with traffic generation? This is because your B2B store lacks a strategy. However, you don’t need to worry because the experts at Xcentric are here to help you. When promoting B2B businesses, no matter which of the popular B2B E-Commerce Platforms they have a web store on, we apply the following strategies to grow their sales:

1. Targeted Ads

In digital marketing, a specific audience is targeted on B2B E-Commerce Platforms, they can be a particular geographic location, age, or gender. Hence, after a B2B web store is launched, we at Xcentric run paid Ads for it, targeting the relevant audience. In return, these ads help grow their customer base rapidly.

Retailers that sell through their presence on B2B E-Commerce Platforms are enabled to sell on social media platforms too by our marketers. In simpler words, through paid advertising and marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, we drive brand awareness for B2B retailers. Therefore, helping them successfully sell to other businesses and meet their B2B sales goals.

2. Fast Service

Every business should have a unique selling point. It can be related to either their product or the services they are providing. However, keeping in view that in B2B, the customers are mostly other businesses, and the bookings are in bulk. Hence, no matter which of the B2B E-Commerce Platforms our client chooses, we make sure that their delivery service is fast. It is one of the best options that make a business stand out in the market competition.

Another fast service that we count on involves categorizing products so that customers can easily access the product they need. Being an E-Commerce Growth Agency, we at Xcentric the business’s inventory in such a way that allows customers to search for the required product without wasting any time.


Myth: B2B digital marketplaces are not necessary for business success is just a myth truth. The bottom line is if you want to gain more prospects, B2B is the right choice for you.

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3. Remove Order Minimums

Flexibility in order placement enables business growth and deepens the customer-buyer relationship. Therefore, by eliminating the order minimum option from B2B E-Commerce Platforms, we grab the opportunity to attract smaller businesses and start-ups – with a limited budget.

Being a B2B E-Commerce Development Agency, whenever we develop and promote a web store, the same strategy is leveraged. However, when doing so, we do take the opinions and requirements of our clients into consideration. The decision of removing or keeping a minimum order limit is only made by the client.

4. Time-Saving Checkout Process

With the constant development in the digital world, online transactions and data autofill has taken over. So if your checkout process has several steps, it is time to simplify because no one has that much time to fill out every detail every time. Hence, before launching an online store on B2B E-Commerce Platforms, we make sure to write down the details the business wants to gain from its customer. These details can be the customer’s name, address, and cell number.

Xcentric is a team of B2B E-Commerce Website Development experts who make sure that when clients have a website to launch, all their checkout requirements are fulfilled. So, every web store, they design and promote has a time-saving checkout process. This way, the B2B customers find it easy to provide their information and get the products or services.

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In Conclusion

Businesses often find themselves on complicated platforms with unnecessary features, even though B2B E-Commerce Platforms were developed to help businesses reach out to their clients easily. However, when you have the back of an agency like Xcentric, you’ll be on the right platform and generate quality leads. Hence, end your search for the best E-Commerce Agency Near Me and let us handle your B2B E-Commerce project.







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