Finding The Target Audience For Social Media Marketing – How We Do It?

kashif ali

  • Feb 10, 2022

Among uncountable digital marketing channels, social media has proven to be one of the most powerful for bringing together brands and their target audience. It is no secret that platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube help make this work through precise Social Media Marketing strategies. However, here is the catch – with 3.78 billion active users on social platforms, it is not enough to make a profile and take the back seat. So, are you waiting for the users to randomly notice your brand and what you offer on social media? ABORT MISSION and get on board with Xcentric Services instead.

Fully leveraging the social media platforms requires using their available targeting features to find the right target audience. In every effective strategy that involves marketing on social media, an essential step is defining the target audience. So, the next question is – what is the target audience, and how will we define it for you as your partner agency? They are people taking interest in the products or services you offer as a brand.

On social media, the target audience shares some common traits like location, demographics, and behaviour. Using such information, we deliver our clients paid and organic content that provides value to their audience, meets their needs, and builds trust. So, if you are ready to connect with the right audience and achieve high conversions, let us walk you through the process of how we identify a social media audience for our clients.

5 Ways We Find The Target Audience On Social Media

While businesses on social media can sell to anyone and everyone, focusing the efforts on a specific audience is much more affordable and efficient. In simpler words, this means that we being a marketing agency vouch for social media targeting. Also, this blog is all about giving you an insight into how we find the right Target Audience and implement marketing strategies; to increase engagement and conversion rates for our clients. So, let’s dig in!

Target Audience

1. Marketing Personas

Our key to kickstarting targeting on social media is performing an audience analysis at first. Usually, we divide this activity into two parts – the first involves creating social media personas based on the existing personas of buyers.

Next, our team uses the current data they get from the sales, support, and marketing teams to update the persona of the social media target market. By looking into the demographics like gender, age, income, and education, they include the pain points and priorities of the audience in the strategies.

In addition, if the client has access to the customer list, we make sure to analyze it too because they come in handy for including details like the spending power. As a whole, we incorporate everything gathered from persona marketing – without deciding if it is for Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform.

2. Social Media Audience Tools

The next of us finding the right audience to target for our clients on social media involves using tools like Google Analytics that help gather insights. Audience insight tools by native services like Instagram or Facebook also work wonders here.

Usually, we prefer Google Analytics for exploring the social media platforms preferred by the existing customers and the information they search for – products, services, or their benefits. As for the tools provided by native platforms, we plug the data collected in the first step and go ahead with creating a lookalike audience. Throughout our process of planning a Social Media Marketing strategy for a client, this tactic is useful as it defines the audience to be targeted.

Targeting in Marketing

3. Polls Complementing Persona Marketing

By now, you might have in your mind a clear picture of the audience that we will be Targeting in Marketing your business on social media platforms. But, hey, did you know that analyzing the social media audience does not end on just big data. Our marketing team also puts creativity into directly asking the current customers about their sentiments and thoughts through polls and surveys.

Another effective approach that works is embedding surveys in email marketing campaigns. They aim at collecting information from the audience about what kind of content they want to see on social media and the platform they use frequently. The results help in determining the actual needs of the audience, gaps in products or services offered, and the BEST social platform to grow the business.

4. Employing Social Listening

Transitioning from the theoretical part to the practical, our marketing team starts spending time on the social media feed of clients. They get specific there – like finding the audience on Facebook and generally on every social media platform. To achieve a rich persona for targeting Social Media Marketing strategies, they keep an ear on whatever the audience talks about.

In addition, we understand the tones of every social media platform. For example, social listening focused on Twitter involves conversations around trending topics and hashtags. On the other hand, audience insights on Facebook can be collected from comments, likes, and shares. In short, when you get along with Xcentric Services for marketing your business on social media, we will navigate you through everything.

Social Media Management

5. Researching Competition

While everything is fair in love and war, so is checking out what the competitors are up to on social media platforms. Therefore, as your partner agency, we will identify the buyer persona of your competitors and their targeted audience on social media. In addition, we might even get inspired by the type of content performing well on their feed.

In our marketing terms, this is called competitor research, enabling us to compare the social media presence of our clients and their competitors. Looking at it positively, this gives us time and some space to understand why and where your rivals are doing good on social media. Thus, allowing us to tweak the strategies accordingly and come across new ideas too.

Ready To Find Your Target Audience On Social Media?

Spending time and money on finding the target audience is worth it because, after all, no business can keep marketing on social media without it. Also, this blog must have given a hint that to find the right target audience, you have to play quite smartly and put in some real efforts. And above all, accomplishing this task is a MUST for kicking off sustainable Social Media Management and marketing campaigns.

So, even after knowing everything we have shared in this blog, you must be thinking that all these tasks are daunting. Well, this is where you should choose to work with Xcentric Services. As a full-service marketing agency, we will deliver you desired results in terms of conversions and engagement rates. To ensure that you get the maximum ROI, we will also tweak your budget and streamline the strategies. All of these will start with you getting in touch with us. Hence, to leverage our years-long experience, drop us a query at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY!








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